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The NFL Is Happy to Insult America, Until It Impacts Their Bank Accounts — Reality Check

The NFL Is Happy to Insult America, Until It Impacts Their Bank Accounts -- Reality Check

Over the past two seasons, the NFL, and its players, have disrespected the National Anthem, the Flag, the military and the citizens of the USA, (and have not apologized for doing so), by kneeling during the Anthem, or using other gestures inappropriate to respecting the Anthem. Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL, recently stated that ALL players should stand while the Anthem is being played. He did not say they must. Nor did he apologize to the nation for the lack of respect of the Anthem by the players, coaches and, in at least one case, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, who knelt in solidarity with his players.

Now, the NFL is reeling from the boycott against them. Their bottom line is suffering, and they feel the monetary effects of their actions, yet no apology has been forthcoming. In my humble opinion, the NFL and its players should suffer the effects of the boycott until ALL the players, coaches, owners and the Commissioner apologize to the American people.

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Shorty Dawkins



    1. JP, I wrote a while back that the answer is simple, just stop spending money of any form on the NFL, but I also said , that people are addicted to this stuff like heroin. And so they keep showing up. Kind of like the gun and country deal.People will nod and say O.K., but then they will be right back to supporting the enemy.Not trying to sound self righteous, but the fact our the facts.

  1. An apology, ok but its to late. Had enough of these disrespectful tools. Better things to do with my time and spend my money on.

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