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Newsweek Shows Continued Cluelessness with Call for ‘Action Hero” Gun-Grabbers

Newsweek Shows Continued Cluelessness with Call for ‘Action Hero” Gun-Grabbers
And Bill Hader says he knows what to do. It’s just that Newsweek thinks he’s not “action hero” material.

“Hollywood liberals can’t stop the NRA,” Newsweek’s “culture and entertainment reporter”  Emily Gaudette advocates. “We need Taylor Swift, country stars, action heroes.”

Typically, those who write editorials are distinguished from “reporters,” but if truth in labeling were really an issue, the publication would have to change its title to “’Progressive’ Opinionweek.” And if enough Americans valued those opinions, Sidney Harman (the late husband of my former anti-gun Congresswoman Jane) wouldn’t have been able to buy the whole rag for a dollar back in 2010.

What Gaudette is upset about is the lack of anyone “flyover country” Americans will care about featured in the latest Second Amendment hit piece video from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown. The gaggle of virtue-oozing “celebrities” are reading from an ad agency-produced script urging viewers to text “#RejectTheNRA,” claiming that suppressor reform and concealed carry reciprocity would have somehow made Las Vegas more dangerous (Newsweek had to retract Gaudette’s claim that the Vegas killer used a silencer after enough readers screamed “Fake news!”) . What they’re doing is trying to halt any gun owner gains so that they can get back to the business of “slippery slope” rights evisceration.  Watch:

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Is anyone surprised that “Comments are disabled for this video” and that the thumbs up/down counters aren’t working?

The indignant females are joined by a peppering of anti-gun males who, per Gaudette, just don’t satisfy the archetypal expectations of masculinity traditional “Deplorables” hold on to. If you think about it, she just dissed Bill Hader.

And if you think about it some more, she’s also admitting that the whole propaganda effort is based entirely on illusion, and relying on the elitist presumption that people who oppose “progressive” direction are dumb and impressionable enough to not be able to tell the difference between actors and the roles they play.

Does she really think going “country” means that segment of the populace won’t be able to distinguish between, say, Charlie Daniels and the Dixie Chicks? And as for using that as a ploy to appeal to the “Average Joe,” Bloomberg already tried that deception, and the only ones who didn’t see through it were smug urbanites who already agreed with him.

We’ve also had plenty of “action heroes” who have made big names for themselves and millions of dollars starring in shoot ‘em ups reveal themselves to be total frauds when it comes to respecting the rights of the people who pay to see them.

“Until America, door to door, takes every handgun, this is what you’re gonna have,” Sylvester Stallone of “Rambo” fame notoriously said. He’s been joined in citizen disarmament advocacy by a slew of “action heroes” I’ve written about over the years including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Liam Neeson, Matt Damon, Daniel Craig (and a bunch more Bonds), Michael Douglas, Mark Wahlberg and plenty more.

Unlike “progressives” who stoke their own egos pretending they’re more sophisticated than the “red state” Americans they like to call “racist” and “ammosexuals,” most of us know an actor is a professional pretender, and not necessarily the same in prowess, intellect and character as the fictitious persona he assumes for the camera.

That’s not how I determine my heroes.

Movies have been hurting of late, what with the Weinstein scandal, “blockbusters” that tank at the box office, and significantly, from many of us who are unwilling to pay exorbitant prices to enrich people who despise us while putting ourselves at risk in “gun-free” theaters. Calling on more “beloved stars” to publicly advocate for disarmament edicts and further alienate a large segment of the theater-going audience not only won’t work, it will drive even more gun owners away.

And truthfully, that’s fine by me…

Newsweek Shows Continued Cluelessness with Call for ‘Action Hero” Gun-Grabbers
What would happen if you texted ACCEPT? For one thing, you’d still be added to their spam list.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Hollywood’s liberals can’t even stop Hollywood liberals who abuse them. Newsweek sure looks to strange places for moral guidance and support in national politics.

  2. NRA has a great membership/survey drive going on right now. Encourage everyone you know to spread the word. Feed the NRA. Starve Hollywood.

    1. How about a drive to demand that we are allowed to see all the information, and have our own experts examine all the physical evidence.
      This is a nation of popular sovereignty. Where does it say in our founding documents that the government can hide anything from us?
      The NRA, and its affiliates have never been pro-2nd. They are pro-contribution.

  3. Without digging too deep into this site and its issue. Can we, the supporters of 2nd Amendment use their contact information to “Support the Firearms issues” (these would include the relaxing of Rules against Suppressors and increasing the ability to carry more extensively)? Just wondering if this could work or have I missed a crucial part of the ad?

  4. For the first time since the 1920’s conservatives control congress and the white house yet where are all the bills to restore our rights that have been slowly bled from us over the last century by commies masquerading as democrats and rino’s? So time for another evil false flag to make sure our rights stay stolen.

  5. Sadly, even though it is obvious that they are controlling he narrative to support their agenda, it continues to work. OathKeepers and other Patriots will easily see through their despicable strategy but they aren’t playing to that audience. Average Americans have turned their back on their responsibility as citizens to stay engaged in the administration of their government. We are more engaged in Sports and the Kardashians.

    1. You are correct. However, a good deal of it is our own fault. We are always on the defensive, and I think a good part of that is to keep the contributions flowing.
      Tucker Carlson has a very interesting video on the Vegas shooting.
      He asks questions that many in the so-called patriot, and pro-2nd community won’t. For my part, I’d like to know why is it that we can not see or hear the details from these events? Why is it that the FBI released heavily redacted papers from the Newtown shooting? What’s in those papers that we can’t see? What’s classified about these events?
      Are Steven Paddock, and Adam Lanza lone-gunmen? If so, why all the mystery? Just put it out for everyone to see.
      I’ve sent these questions to the NRA, GOA, and the NJ2AS. I’d like to know why they don’t ask the hard questions in these shootings? Are they afraid they’ll be labeled insensitive, or something else? If your fighting for rights, you fight tooth and nail, and you certainly don’t give the government one inch.

  6. Any way that you look at this Second Amendment / gun grabbing issue, along with the racial nightmare that Bozo generated and heavy Communist influence (ANTIFA) out of control, the only thing that one can do is stock up and prepare… is absolutely coming !

  7. This article is very effective at getting views for the anti gun video’s and spreading their message. Why on earth are you featuring their video? Are you working for them now. Idiots!

    1. There is a method to the madness of viewing the other side’s (anti-gun video) propaganda, you learn what they are thinking, how they are thinking, and who is involved on the surface. The more I find out about these anti-American celebs the more I remove their work (DVDs & CDs) and viewing of their movies from my home. The best way to damage them is to hit their pocketbooks. I watched the video which was a who’s who of celebs to not support anymore. Needless to say, I do not watch movies, sports, or liberal backed propaganda, and keep adding to the pile. So, to call anyone an idiot is being a little brash, to understand the enemy you have to get into their head(s) and this is what the author was trying to convey.

  8. I agree with your article. The worst of the anti-gunner actors you specifically mentioned is that POS Liam Neeson. It pisses me off when damned FOREIGNERS come to the USA, make themselves rich off the Hollywood system of “action” films glorifying guns and extreme, stupid violence, then turn around and preach to us Americans about the evils of guns. Neeson needs to keep his mouth shut about ANYTHING in America and leave us alone as do all those ignorant “progressives” who want their filthy, immoral way of life imposed on the rest of us.

  9. If everyone who owns firearms and/or cares about their Second Amendment rights would stop buying, renting or buying movie tickets where Matt Damon, Liam Neeson etc are the “stars”, then Hollywood might notice. I started doing this when one actor did an interview saying America should have an Australian style “buyback.” But I’m just one person. If there was a groundswell boycott, these liberal mouthpieces might change their tune. I even change the channel when “Stargate” comes on TV , because the main character who ALWAYS uses a P90 to defeat the evil aliens is a donor to anti-gun organizations.

  10. Yes, reject. We need to reject every single one of those actors who support those gun grabbing liberals. What happened to real, patriotic, pro-gun actors like John Wayne, Chuck Heston, and the sort? Why do these pathetic actors make movies with guns in them if they hate them so much? Men that we thought we tough guys like Liam Neeson, Ol’ Arnie, and Mark Wahlburg are just cowering sissies who bow down like the rest so they don’t get bitch slapped by the liberals who run Hollywood. Why can’t they pull their balls out of their purses and act like real men and women? You can’t tell me these whining bags of scum don’t like the image of being tough guys and women on the screen. We need to keep a list of all anti-gun liberal actors and say, “I reject you!” Let them hear our words by us not watching their movies, TV shoes, or anything they are affiliated with. Let them feel it where they will notice it, in their bank accounts.

  11. By the way, most of these “Celebrities” are has-beens and are just scratching at the last remnants of their fame. They don’t care about the people who were killed in Vegas or any other victims of gun violence. They are ACTORS, they care about ratings and their public image, they are just playing another role of “the compassionate movie star.” Reject Hollywood! Turn off the boob-tube and read a book instead.

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