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Mass Shooting Outside Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay; 50+ Dead, 406 Sent to Hospital

Mass Shooting Outside Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay; 50+ Dead, 406 Sent to Hospital

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A gunman reportedly opened fire on a country music concert outside the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday evening.
Fifty-plus people are confirmed dead and there are 200-plus reported injured. One suspect named as Stephen Paddock is confirmed dead by Joseph Lombardo, the sheriff of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Las Vegas Police have closed I-15 from Tropicana to Russell Road, and are asking people on the Strip to avoid the area. Reports indicate at least one gunman opened fire on crowds gathered for the Route 91 Harvest country music fest.

Update — 8:25 a.m. PDT: Tremendous response from the community:


Update — 8:24 a.m. PDT: More details and images from eyewitnesses:


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  1. The Lame Stream Media’s claiming Paddock “modified” his weapon(s) to full automatic. [Therefore we must ban ALL such weapons right? ;-}]

    Anyway,iIf that’s true why is he the FIRST to convert a semi-automatic to full and perpertrate a mass casualty event? I mean, back in May ISIS was calling for a “Long Wolf” style attack in Las Vegas. <— why didn't THEY think of this?

    In the video below you can clearly hear full automatic gunfire. Anyone remember the last time a fully automatic weapon was used during a mass murder attack in the U.S.?

    You need a special Class III Federally issued license to own a full auto weapon in the U.S., and they are extremely limited (and they are really REALLY expensive) to own.

    So where did the murderer get his weapon? Did he steal it? Was he issued one of these special licenses? I know Nevada issues them but they are extremely expensive and heavily rregulated/estricted.

    As the gun grabbers go into "full auto BS mode" these are the real questions we need answers to.
    Las Vegas massacre is deadliest shooting in modern US history
    By Yaron Steinbuch
    October 2, 2017

    1. The man was loaded out the butthole. He had a pilot’s license and had two planes. It wouldn’t surprise me if he owned fully automatic weapons legally.

  2. One thing to note is this man has no history of being proactive with guns according to his brother. In addition how do you sneak 10 of these weapons into a Vegas hotel. Vegas has more cameras and hidden security than any other city in the U.S. outside of D.C., he obviously was a puppet to something much larger. How do we Americans stand together to fight these conspirators for government control. I am a U.S. army veteran and enough is enough. I want to help!!!

    1. YOU BET!

      VEGAS: The FACTS alREADY show – This creep was a LIB! He was ORGANIZED. There was POSITIVELY more than ONE of him! HE (THEY) STRUCK @ A CONSERV EVENT! THIS IS CALCULATED!!



      PAY ATTENTION, OATHKEEPRS! {Sometimes the little Hamster goes to sleep on the Wheel}.




  3. One of the most important lessons from my childhood…..if it looks like a snake, moves like a snake, feels like a snake,…….smells like a snake, it ain’t a hot roast beef sandwich smothered in gravy. This entire story smells of shit!

  4. Manchurian Candidate?10 suit cases for one person? powers that be have becoming hasty, their window of opportunity is becoming restrictive.

  5. When did it become legal for organizations to threaten the President of the United States? ANTIFA (so called) is calling for physical violence to remove the Trump/Pence administration. Schumer threatened POTUS on TV. Brennan threatened him at a conference with Clapper and Blitzer agreeing with him.
    Are we going to honor our oaths? Are we going to mobilize and eliminate the threats to our families and country? Or are we just going to sit on our asses and TALK?

  6. Mike Adams over at Natural News brought up some good points.
    A) Where is all the brass? He had tons of 100 round magazines stashed for AR15, mounted on bi-pod. Photos show one bipod-mounted at the mini-bar and one by a window. Well over 500 victims, not counting how many rounds went wild–so the carpet should be covered with spent brass, but images show only a few.
    B) Back to the ARs: If he had one bipod-mounted in each window, add maybe one each as an alternate if one jammed or got too hot…why the other 22 weapons? One person cannot man two firing positions effectively, much less use that many weapons.
    C) Why the ammonium nitrate in his vehicle?
    D) The effective range of .223 55-grain is now 400 meters? Because that’s how far it is from the Mandalay Bay to the concert venue. The bullet fall (according to Mike) would be about 3 feet, should have made the effectiveness of the ammo pretty iffy at best. How was it adequate to kill and wound that many? I know it was a lot of people packed into a small space, and I’m certainly not an expert on weapons or ammo, I’m just repeating questions that were brought up, and seem like legitimate questions to me.
    Also, points of interest: The woman who went through the crowd before the concert began, telling them they were all going to die. She and a male were escorted out by security. Who is this person, where are they, and what did they know?
    Many witnesses reported multiple shooters. Footage from inside the beer tent, you could hear rounds zinging in, hitting objects inside and impacting the pavement. The beer tent was at the back of the venue, the absolute furthest from the window of the Mandalay Bay. Again, IDK the absolute limits of 55 grain ammo, so IDK about this.
    I am not a weapons or ammo expert, so please feel free to answer these questions. I do, however, know a rat when I smell one. 22 or 27 or 19 weapons (pick one) some of which were full auto and some equipped with bump-stocks–ALL of which the government has been trying to find a way to ban or control more tightly. What a coincidence. Sorry to be long-winded, it’s just that none of this makes sense to me.

  7. In the last few days after this shooting, many clips have been posted on the net. There are some featuring his brother who says this was totally out of character for him. Likewise there is one from one of his neighbors who says the same thing. And there are clips where the producers think that he was a Patsy, where the real perps hijacked him and his room and brought in all that equipment. And there are clips that show muzzle flashes coming from the fourth floor and somewhere between the 10th and 14th floors. So, for me the Jury is still out on this one. But I am leaning to the side that says there was more than one “lone nut” here. If you have the time, watch the clips, more and more come up with more info every day.

  8. There was shooting reported by cops at gate 4 and gate 7. They evacuated the Michael Jackson Theater and sent people to Luxor. Other hotels were being shot at.

    I do have several disturbing things I have not seen. Namely where is the coverage of the chaos that must be happening at the hospitals and the airport since I doubt the hospitals can handle 527 patients?

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