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Mainstream – only one more part to go – “Globalist Images”

Progress Report


How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media
Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda.

01 October 2017



Thanks to generous donations from the Oath Keepers Membership, Matrix Entertainment donors and matching funds from an anonymous donor, we are almost done with Part 4 of MAINSTREAM — How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda.  Here’s a summary of the completed Parts and where you can screen them:

PART 1 — “Moving Images”

Moving Images gives us an overview of the Mainstream Media and takes us through a brief history of the Hollywood “Studio System” up to today’s “Star System.”  We discover how the creative “mom and pop” studios run by Jewish movie moguls fell on hard times and eventually were purchased by the “money men” from corporate America.  The New Hollywood is now a ruthless, profit-driven oligopoly that lacks diversity at not only the corporate level, but the executive, talent and crew levels.

PART 2 — “Corrupting Images”

Corrupting Images explores how executives in the New Hollywood, were infected by a European strain of cultural Marxism known as Androgyny, and as a result now produce endless movies that have corrupted the youth, destroyed the traditional family, undermined the American Middle Class and compromised free-market capitalism.  Also, while defaming entire populations, promoting the War of Terror and profiteering from violence, Hollywood now suppresses any movie that fails to align with the interests, values, cultural perspectives and prejudices of the control group that dominates the studios and networks.

PART 3 — “Indoctrinating Images”

Indoctrinating Images explores how the control group of the New York networks — now infected by corporate fascism in addition to cultural Marxism from Hollywood  — uses mass media to push only a narrow spectrum of products, issues and causes.  Drug-pushing pharma, oil-burning cars, poverty-creating debt, sickness-exploiting insurance, brain-killing liquor and butt-kissing Zionists are almost all that’s promoted by the New York Networks and the Hollywood studios.  Marlon Brando, Ben Stein, Abe Foxman and Gary Oldman explain why.

PART 4 — “Globalist Images” when done

Globalist Images reviews the real political spectrum and explains how and why media power is being used to promote totalitarian ideologies from the far Left and the far Right.  Fueled by fiat currency from the debt-peddling, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, the U.S. Mass Media Oligopoly (comprised of the 6 Hollywood studios, the 6 New York networks and the 6 Media Conglomerates) is promoting the Globalist Agenda.  What can WE THE PEOPLE do to neutralize the Marxist and Fascist images the Mainstream Media is using to destroy the U.S. Republic and the Constitutional principles that once made America great?

We now have just three things to complete:

1) Part 4 editing;

2) New DVD discs and box;

3) Large News Release.

When Part 4 is completed, the MAINSTREAM series will be about 3 hours and 30 minutes long.  We will break it up into four Parts.  Parts 1 & 2 will constitute DVD 1 and Parts 3 & 4 will constitute DVD 2.  DVD 1 & 2 will then be labeled with fresh new artwork and placed in a double-set DVD box, also with fresh artwork.  That’s right, the 1-sheet you have been seeing for the past 19 months will be replaced with fresh new artwork.  I guarantee the MAINSTREAM DVD is going to look gorgeous.

If you haven’t been able to watch the entire series yet, don’t feel embarrassed.  Few are able to sit at a small computer screen for three hours.  DVDs will make it possible to watch the entire MAINSTREAM series in the comfort of your living room.  So here’s what I suggest.  Screen the first DVD on a Friday night and the second DVD on a Saturday night.  Watch the entire series in two evenings.  If you want to get fancy, pop some popcorn and invite your family members, neighbors and friends over. Hey, all these people will probably be sitting around watching crap from the Mainstream Media anyway — why not offer them something they will probably never see from the Mainstream Media.

A modest donation will make all of this happen so please go to and donate even $25, $50 or $100.  If you are of means, we still have an Associate Producer and Executive Producer screen credit available on the MAIN titles of the series.  Details at the donation link.

*   *   *

But let’s say you not only want to make all of the above happen, you would also like to help cause a little trouble.  Consider this.  When Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 were released, we spent about $200 at the Christian News Wire to let about 1,500 Christian news, TV and radio outlets know about MAINSTREAM.  This was not a very large allocation, nor was it a very large news release.  But it was all we could afford because we had to get the series through post production – the longest, most tedious and expensive part of most productions.  So we spent what we could.

But, what if we were able to promote MAINSTREAM to the vast number of independent media companies, not only across the nation, but around the world?  Would that not cause some trouble, some good trouble?

Remember, as we cover in MAINSTREAM, media expert Ben Bagdikian wrote that thousands of independent media companies were consolidated into about 50 media companies and now these 50 have been further consolidated into just 6 mega-media conglomerates.  In essence, what has happened is the corporate fascists in New York have used unconstitutional fiat currency printed up by their buddies in the Federal Reserve banking cartel — a partnership between the swamp-infested Congress and the fraud-ridden Fed Member Banks — to cherry-pick the above mentioned independent media companies.

But tell me, which independent media companies do you think the 6 mega-media conglomerates purchased and consolidated with: the media companies espousing Christian, Constitutional, free-enterprise capitalist principles OR the media companies espousing secular, liberal, socialist, if not Marxist, principles?  You can bet it was the later, not the former.  So 6 mega-media conglomerates now dominate 95% of the world’s population with their bigoted, slanted, amoral, biased, propagandizing crap and “fake news”.

Given this, do you think any of the tens of thousands of independent media companies — film producers, local radio/TV stations and on-line media suppliers across the USA and world — are irritated?  Do you think there is any chance these independent media companies might be pissed that SIX mega-media conglomerates are dominating THEM, their NEWS, their FILMS, their TV & RADIO STATIONS, their ARTICLES, their BOOKS, their OPINIONS, their EXISTENCE and worst of all, their RIGHT to free and open speech?  Well I bet some significant portion is quite irritated.

So let’s send them a NEWS RELEASE and invite them to watch the premier of the completed MAINSTREAM series — which will be in a few weeks IF enough donations come in.

Let’s see if any word-of-mouth, grass roots promotion might launch this subject fully into the public consciousness.  Bear in mind, the current “war” Trump is having with the MainStream Media is only the tip of the iceberg.  The MSM has been very careful to suppress the real conversation — so far.

MAINSTREAM has been in production for almost two years, the longest production we have embarked upon.  But just when I feel I need a vacation from writing these Progress Reports (as much as you may need one from reading them), I look over what we have accomplished together.  How great it would be to alert the independent media across America, and possibly the World, about how they have been screwed.  This 4-part series — along with our other 7 documentaries – tell the story, a story that has never come to any movie theater near ANYONE.

The MAINSTREAM series will be out on the public lines for years and decades, maybe even centuries.  Our accomplishment will stand as a clarion call for, not only freedom of speech, but the importance of the power of the sword and the power of the purse: the reasons a nation’s mass communication channels must never come under the domination of any control group whether corporate, government or individual.  So let’s reject the Globalist Agenda being promoted by the totalitarian/socialist Mainstream Media and applaud a Constitutional Agenda through the power of a fair, diversified and independent media.

I hope you agree this is a worthwhile cause and will donate what you can.  Wouldn’t it be a waste of time, effort and money if we were to get 85% of the MAINSTREAM series done and then fail to complete and sufficiently promote it?




P.S.  We are starting to think about our next documentary.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Write and let me know if you like any of these (


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Mainstream - only one more part to go - "Globalist Images"







  1. Interested in buying DVD copies of the series. Where can they be purchased? Please let me know by email. Also like the topic of Keep and Bear and Homeschooling.

  2. Has anyone connected the evil connection of the globalist cabal with the Holy Bible. The Bible states the “beast” is identified by the number 666. There are 6 studios, 6 networks and 6 conglomerates. Kinda scary, No?

  3. The right to bear arms is important. I also think hotels and motels have the right to screen baggage (like the emergency room does here) after what happened in Nevada. I also would like to know how to handle a situation here where I’m at. Ever since my 22 year old died last year (ruled a suicide….I have my doubts, but I can’t prove it)…I noticed that when I’m home alone some of the neighbors and their older young adults are eyeballing the house, the boat, etc like its already theirs. I’ve seen this behavior back in the 1960’s, and I freeze in my steps when I notice it. I have no plans of panicking and bugging out of my house for anything or anyone.

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