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Hammer Defense of NRA Bump Stock Appeasement Repeats Old Assertion that ‘Good, Honest Americans’ Surrender Rights

Hammer Defense of NRA Bump Stock Appeasement Repeats Old Assertion that ‘Good, Honest Americans’ Surrender Rights
You got that right. But so are us “Trojan Horses.”

“Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Wednesday the Trump administration should move quickly to ban ‘bump stocks’– a device used in the Las Vegas mass shooting that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly,” The Hill reported Wednesday. “’We think the regulatory fix is the smartest, quickest fix, and I’d frankly like to know how it happened in the first place,’ Ryan said at a news conference in the Capitol.”

The guy had never even heard of bump stocks a week ago:

“I didn’t even know what they were until this week, and I’m an avid sportsman,” Ryan said of bump stocks. He added: “Fully automatic weapons have been banned for a long time. Apparently, this allows you to take a semiautomatic, turn it into a fully automatic, so clearly that’s something we need to look into.”

This guy’s the Speaker?  And now he’s set to ban them in a way that places arbitrary decision-making in the hands of ATF – an agency that can’t keep its own rules and records straight. Doing it that way gives Ryan the added benefit of maintaining the illusion of “pro-gun” bona fides, and leaves Congress, the people’s representatives, unaccountable for the fallout, or for political payback.

And he’s getting away with it because the National Rifle Association (along with NSSF and SAAMI) gave Republicans the green light to proceed:

“Despite the fact that the Obama administration approved the sale of bump fire stocks on at least two occasions, the National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law.  The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.”

They’ve all been convinced that they have to give up something ever since Newtown  — I know because I was privy to some conversations and correspondence at the time where a few of us let it be known that we would not allow them to scapegoat gun owners and walk away unreported. And they’re all subscribing to the absurd, not-found-in-Nature theory that that you can throw a scrap of flesh to a pack of circling jackals, and sated, they’ll go away and leave you alone. Instead of deciding there’s plenty more where that came from.

“Oh, but you fail to understand the genius move,” I’ve been told by “pragmatic” NRA apologists. Bump stocks aren’t a hill worth dying on. Plus we’ll get suppressors and concealed carry reciprocity. As soon as things cool off.  Well sure, the midterms are coming up but we can trust the Republican leadership. When have they ever let us down?

Besides, if this goes to legislation, the Democrats will come up with something really bad.

They already have, and it’s being co-led by “turncoat Republicans.” But instead of reining them in and reminding everyone why the GOP enjoys a majority in the House and Senate, and the presidency, thanks to gun owners, and that they can turn back any legislation as long as they have the guts and the will, and instead of giving them the information needed to educate and inform their constituents, we see a base political calculation that the problem will go away if only we throw something under the bus.

Make that “someone.” A lot of someones, particularly those whose lives will be destroyed if they’re caught in violation of such “regulations”…

Ah, but “good, law-abiding Americans” wouldn’t do that says former NRA President Marion Hammer, who claims to be “refuting misinformation & distortion of facts.”

In her mind, NRA isn’t calling for new regulation, simply correcting a prior ATF “wink and nod” oversight, and besides, it’s the bump stock manufacturer’s fault anyway for trying to game the system. Just like all those workarounds to “assault weapon” cosmetics NRA has previously defended?  Or will thumbhole stocks and the like be the next expendables?

In her mind, NRA directors questioning the preemptive surrender are doing so to “elevate their own popularity.” Never mind that the proclamation was made without consulting the Board.

Members who question it are “dissidents and ‘Trojan Horse members.” Not the first time I’ve been called that

We’re disloyal. Heretics. NRA bashers. Where have I heard that before?

As for “misinterpreting what the NRA has said,” how you can do that by providing a link to the statement and an exact quote remains unsaid.

Here’s where she goes completely off the rails:

“[L]ike all good, honest, law-abiding Americans, the NRA obeys the law… NRA has called for enforcing existing law.”

So had this been at the time of the Revolution, NRA’s position would have been “Enforce existing Intolerable Acts”?  And if you engage in the time-honored American tradition of civil disobedience against edicts that violate “the supreme Law of the Land,” you’re neither “good” nor “honest”?

Who are the real law-breakers here?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this position—and wording – used by NRA.

“Bill did what any honest, law-abiding American would do…he turned in his SKS Sporter to the police.”

That’s what NRA’s Ginny Simone said about a gun confiscation in California 15 years ago, when NRA’s lawyer provided the escort service for the firearm surrender.

So if Dianne Feinstein succeeds in making “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in” a reality, Hammer and the NRA would consider refusal to do so dishonest and bad?

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Turn ‘em all in, Captain Parker?

In the interests of full disclosure (although the people who actually know me trust me to be good and honest) I fall far short of Hammer’s criteria for being “law-abiding.” I not only illegally carried a gun (on the advice of a concerned cop investigating a death threat against me) in Southern California because I literally couldn‘t get a “permit” to save my life, but I also very publicly refused to register my “assault weapon” even after NRA arranged a surrender-fest.

Think about the orders Oath Keepers will not obey. The very first one:

“We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.”

I’m an American. I will not obey orders to disarm me. It’s not just my birthright, it’s my duty.

As for bump stocks not being a hill to die on, it’s not about bump stocks. Think of those as the MacGuffin, as incidental as the Maltese Falcon, the Pink Panther diamond, or Peewee’s bicycle. It’s about “shall not be infringed.”

It’s about not surrendering and giving an enemy that has made no secret of its ultimate goal of total disarmament a beachhead from which to launch its next incursion. If it’s bump stocks today, what will it be tomorrow that “good, law-abiding Americans” will be told to surrender – and branded “dissidents and ‘Trojan Horses’” by NRA’s “leaders” if we object?

And when it;s too late to “vote to change the law” because NRA showed deliberate indifference to the single biggest threat against the Second Amendment by falling back on the wholly disingenuous “single issue” excuse?

It’s no accident they’ve never signaled which hill is worth dying on, if any.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



    1. The president of my gun club in new mexico just sent out a letter to the club – no bump fires will be allowed at the range. Took it upon himself to fold before anything has been done legally. We as a club were not afforded the benefit of discussion. Knee jerk – jerk.
      Infringement from those that say they support firearms.

      1. These myopic “sporting” Dumb-Fs are too dumb to see they can be thrown under the bus using the same “logic”:

        “Who needs” high capacity magazines, belt fed guns, Class 3 permits, 50 caliber, “arsenals”, > x rounds per month or y rounds total, > x guns per month or y guns total, night vision, “cop killer” bullets, etc?

        Hey, why should *I* give a flying F about belt fed guns, class 3 permits, “arsenals” etc, when I can’t afford any of that and I’m not that into it.

        A ban by regulation is still a ban, still unconstitutional, still gun control. The only thing we get for pushing gun control is more gun control. This is what we get for a half a billion dollar a year budget, multi-million-dollar salary “packages” for $-Dimensional chess players Pepe LaPew & Chris Spox , corrupt deals for useless traitors like closet carpet cleaner Hammer, foot tapper Larry Craig, open-dhimmigration Islamophile & Left “Libertarian” Bloomberg collaborator Grover al Nor’qu’ist and all his corrupt toadies on the board etc. NRA needs to be defunded.

      2. “I’m an American. I will not obey orders to disarm me. It’s not just my birthright, it’s my duty.”
        David, You tell me where and when, and I’ll muster right next to you. With what I’ve seen, and heard, it may become a reality.
        Over the years I’ve been asked the question by too many NRA members, “What do you need that for?” My answer used to be to protect myself from a tyrannical government. Now, I think I will have to answer, “Obviously, from someone like you who’ll flush me down the drain.”

      3. Has the membership told him you’re not only out as president, you’re also out of this club?
        If the supposed pro-2nd community can’t stand up to a petty dictator, what will they do if things really start to go into the toilet?

  1. Everyone be aware that back in the late 1970’s ( not sure exactly what year) the anti-gun crowd said, ” we don’t want a whole loaf of bread, we just want a slice.” AND “once we get this passed we can strengthen and expand it later.” If we give one little inch to these people, they will come back wanting ” Just one more common sense gun law”. Make no mistake, their Holy Grail is the TOTAL disarmament of Americans.

    1. Drake Savage……dead center bulls eye…….they can add, subtract, multiply or divide it into any configuration, and the true bottom line remains “total disarmament”….there are no options… For the Globalist Communists and their ilk, their goals and agenda can never be fully achieved until “We the People” are placed “under control”……We the People know that their goals can not be achieved, at least not in this lifetime. God Bless our Sovereign, Constitutional Republic…..

    2. Any legislation they pass will be hundreds of pages with God knows what buried in side. “If you like your gun you can keep your guns” Just say NO to gun legislation.

  2. Employee Ryan has disregarded and reneged on his verbal contract (oath) to his employers (American citizens). You cannot tax, regulate or marginalize a right. If voting was treated the same way as gun ownership, the masses would be screaming over it. What if you had to pay a $50-200 “fee” each time you went to the voting booth? What if a NICS check had to be initiated each time to see if you are allowed to vote? What if you had to be fingerprinted to vote? What if your voter information popped up each time your drivers license was run through the system during a everyday traffic stop?

    Some people will laugh at this. A vote is just as dangerous as a loaded gun.

    1. Absolutely, yet they allow anyone to vote and if you even attempt to make sure they are citizens the gov, etc. goes hog sh-t wild making sure that we cant even identify voters or if they have deceased decades before. Something is very wrong…

  3. Someone define “Law Abiding Citizen.”

    Then for the scholarly, What’s the difference between “People” and “Law Abiding Citizen.”

  4. This fight is NOT about Bump/Slide-Fire Stocks! It’s about the UNLAWFUL USURPATION OF POWER BY A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT! There is NO ENUMERATED POWER in the Constitution to the government to regulate our “arms” (weapons of military utility). In FACT, the 2A of the BoRs (not “needs”) PROHIBITS/ENJOINS the government from “infringing” upon our Right to Arms, and therefore, ammo, accessories, appurtenances, attachments, and the like; or, even a small bit of the scope of our right, in any way whatsoever. That’s the Supreme Law! FACTS! Any so-called “law” passed that is not “made in pursuance” of the stipulations of the Constitution are NOT “law” at all but Color of Law and unenforceable in any honorable court (which we apparently do not have, I admit) – AND THAT IS ANOTHER BIGGGGG PROBLEM We the People must address real soon.

  5. Give ’em an inch – – they take a mile and demand more. Takers have no limits and are never satisfied. If we who do not own bump stocks have the so-what? attitude because we don”t think we have a dog in the fight we’re no better than the elitists who weren’t concerned when the grabbers were threatening non traditional hunting rifles and duck guns. If one owns a “dog” of any breed one has a “dog” in the fight.

  6. The NRA has been selling out the American gun owner for over 100 years. They actively supported the NFA in 1934, the Gun Control Act in 1968 and the oppositely named Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA) which removed the right of Americans to purchase new automatic or AOW weapons, a clear violation of the Second Amendment.

    All of this was done with the cooperation of the sellout Progressive owned and run Republican Party as well.

  7. The NRA always claims to be the “big dog” fighting for gun rights. But the GOA (Gun Owners of America) are the ones who do the hard work in courts across the country. I’m still an NRA member, but GOA gets the majority of my gun money.

  8. If BUMP STOCKS were effective why didn’t we hear about them before last week.. There are a lot of questions still unanswered about the shooting that happened in Las Vegas… I don’t know if we will ever know the full story… A tragedy that affected some many people .The Healing process will take a long time & for some they may never heal…

  9. Obama’s ATF approved Bump Stocks because they were only an accessory…. How stupid do you have to be not to know what it does… I am in full support of making it ileagal IF outlawing Bump Stocks is the ONLY item on the repeal bill…..

  10. People keep using the statement “you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater” to say your rights are not absolute. I beg to differ. You can yell fire in a crowded theater but there had better be a fire or you will suffer the consequences for the act. It is the misuse of a right not the exercise of it that is not legal and this needs to be the response to the argument when presented!

  11. I watched a you tube channel when I first heard about bump stocks. This channel I happened upon does things to the “Extreme”. With bump stocks they showed how quickly a rifle barrel heats up. They explained that most AR barrels are not made to handle that rate of fire. The few others I glanced at never mentioned this fact just the fun part. Carrying full auto during my several years in the “Nam” I didn’t feel the urge to try bump stocks out.However, I will not give one inch to allow anyone to take away my god given right to do so. How many inches , at a time, are you willing to have cut off your “musket ?”

  12. Well, I recently decided to purchase a nice, quality Bump Stock, just in spite of the Criminals and Traitors running this country. Also, at least with a Bump Stock, we do have a slight equal ground against a growing, evil, tyrannical government, if and when TSHTF scenario, …… just’a say’n. I enjoy the VOID AND NULLIFICATION AND IGNORE stance, when it comes to an evil, tyrannical government passing stupid, insane, commie, marxist “laws and policies and mandates”. Like the traitor ABCs and politicians “really” care about us – SOBs.

  13. Well written David! The thing about “bump stocks” is they make the semi-auto function “NEARLY” as fast as automatic. They do not make the weapon meet the criteria of “automatic”. Regardless, we still have the 2nd Amendment and the restriction on law abiding citizens having a fully automatic weapon is an infringement. An infringement is anything that usurps my right to bear any arms I choose whether it be a a bow and arrow, a tomahawk, a mortar, a tank, a howitzer, a knife, or a sword. Get the picture? An infringement would also be anything that dictates when, where or how I carry that weapon of choice.

  14. The goal is civilian disarmament plain and simple. Just like a trap ratcheting shut. One click here, another click there. Tyranny anyone? Oh it’s not a choice anymore. We’ve got all the guns now. You WILL do as we say (no longer as a citizen with rights) but as a subject (of our (GUN) control)! How’s that appeasement working out for you now?

    1. Amen Cal 762, The people that still love the country and will fight and if need be die for it, need to know this has nothing to do about gun stocks, nor any other regulation that has or would be imposed upon us. It all has to do with gov. control. World gov. control as in Agenda 21. Until they get our equalizers they can not impose full control. At this point in history, any one that gives up his ability to resist is a D^%*& Fool.

  15. This article lets me know that giving to Gun Owners of America is far better than giving my money to the NRA!

  16. Dear NRA…..
    Stop “negotiating” excuses to INFRINGE on OUR RIGHTS.

    If there must be background checks, let’s try this idea…
    Are there any ‘legislators’ that are interested in a Constitutional Background Check?

    Since SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means exactly that..

    Let’s try a “Background Check” that DOES NOT INFRINGE on anybodies RIGHTS…
    A FULL, IN DEPTH background check for ALL Politicians, Bureaucrats, and ALL government employees, and set MINIMAL INTELLIGENCE, JOB SKILLS AND CHARACTER QUALITIES that must be met before they can run for office, be appointed or hired.

    That way, WE, THE PEOPLE, get a much better class of politicians and bureaucrats, as well as EMPLOYEES that can be trained to do the jobs they are being hired for.

    Any bets on how hard the political class will fight to prevent it?

    THAT would be a Background Check that nearly ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS will support and I don’t much care if the illegals and their sycophants don’t like the idea.

  17. ATF wants to Cut Gun Control Regulations – They Should Eliminate Themselves..
    For those who tell me we can’t just eliminate the agency because it would be too tough, and you know it’s an illegal agency, I ask a simple question, would you use the same logic with a common criminal? Would you allow him to stop some crime, but allow him to continue others with respect for his status as a criminal? That is exactly what we are doing with many of these unconstitutional agencies inside our government.

  18. I didn’t know of ” Bump Stocks ” until this Tragedy happened. Back in 1953, when I was drafted and after my Army Basic Training, my choice of a ” Carry Weapon” was an M-1 Garand. When on the Rifle Range, firing at 100 yds, 200 yds, 300 yds, or 500 yds (max) my trigger finger was just as fast as any of these Bump Stocks and did not add any weight to my Rifle. Plus , when standing , firing at the 500 yd Target, I could put 8 rounds in the ” Bull ” doing ” Fast Fire “. A person can’t do much better than that and that was the reason 7th Army wanted me for the 7th Army Sniper Team. Didn’t want to go there so I got out and went into the Air Force and still fired ” Expert Rifleman ” with those ” New ” M-16s. If a Person or Shooter wants a Bump Stock, it should be their ” CHOICE ” , alone, Not Mine , and Especially NOT SOME POLITICIAN that doesn’t even know what it is, what it’s for, and where it goes on the Weapon. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Analyst Retired.

  19. GOA does NOT compromise…NEVER….NRA leadership are the same as the rino scumbag politicians….except YOU as a member PAY them to ‘BOHICA…..YOU must join GOA….and allow the NRA to ‘sunset’ as they have sided with EVIL doers….imho

  20. First of all I’m surprised at the NRA Took the stand that they did….. Second” Bump-Stocks No one knows What they are,or how fast the fire or how they work….There are not as fast as a full auto..I’ve had one for 3 years…to me there are a joke that you will get tired of fast you can’t depend on them…They cause a jam & they will wear your arm out… Mine’s out in the garage in a drawer some where……Let’s say the aszholes get rid of the ALL ‘Bump Stock’ …..What are they going to do when a” Good Ol Boy” show’s you how to “BUMP FIRE” a rifle……Or should I say” Butt Fire”….Are they going to abolish our BUTT’S ??….What about rubber bands…Are they going next?? And there are springs.. or springy hunks of rubber.on and on… Leave the fire arm alone….Its the nuts they should be after……

  21. To me the issue is more …Why don’t you give us the Real Truth about the Vegas Shooting ..???
    There were Multiple Shooters from different directions…’Whole Truth’ NOT being told here , just the usual lets act fast knee jerk reactions by the Dems and some RINO’s….
    Bump Stocks aren’t the Problem ( its an Old Accessory) the ‘Truth’ is the Problem…!!!..
    Another ‘Sandy Hook’…!!!

  22. As we are forced to a ‘Cashless Currency’ the government will control the money and will decide how you are allowed to spend it. They will be able to close your account and seize your money as they see fit…you won’t be buying guns, ammo, or explosives without their permission. Note that the average NRA member is totally incapable of funding a massacre like Los Vegas, we just don’t have the money…rich people need to be out-lawed to curtail future attacks.

  23. So they’re not taking our guns huh? HR3999 is not a bill outlawing “BUMPSTOCKS” – This is a bill that outlaws the manufacture, possession, or transfer of any part or combination of parts of a SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE – not just those evil looking AR15 type rifles – ALL SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES – and not only parts that “increase the rate of fire” – parts that serve “OTHER PURPOSES” as well. This Bill effectively repeals the Second Amendment by transforming it from an uninfringed right to EFFECTIVE ARMS THAT ENABLE THE CAPABILITY OF KEEPING SECURE OUR FREEDOMS AND SAFETY – into a limited “allowance” of low capacity sporting arms.

    H.R.3999 – To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the manufacture, possession, or transfer of any part or combination of parts that is designed and functions to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but does not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun, and for other purposes.
    prohibit the manufacture, possession, or transfer of any part or combination of parts, of a semiautomatic rifle, for ANY AND ALL purposes.
    That’s what this REALLY says.
    and for other purposes. . . . . like building a rifle . . . replacing broken or worn parts of a rifle.
    Increases the rate and/or other PURPOSES.
    This isn’t about bump stocks – this is about outlawing semi-automatic rifles – ALL semi-automatic rifles!
    (If a manufacturer can not manufacture semi-auto parts to increase rate-of-fire or OTHER PURPOSES (LIKE BUILDING A RIFLE TO SELL) – then a manufacturer can’t assemble rifles to sell – see ya – they’re gone.)
    No semi-auto parts – no no semi-auto rifles = no Second Amendment.
    This Bill is a declaration of war on American Freedom

  24. As I recall the lefts socialist arm is pushing to disarm the people, as usual. These idiots are not even looking at Chicago where 100’s of people have died and the strictest gun control laws around. The fact is that bump fire is not an automatic weapon but as the trigger has to reset between cycles, but politicians who have not read our constitution or even honor the oath they took make asinine laws that will only be enforced on the law abiding population while the real killers do what ever they want. I am a retired vet and will stand by our constitution and our amendments. We do not need more gun laws, but laws to control our liberal socialist politicians.

  25. The GOP can’t even repeal Obamacare but are now looking at doing what Obama couldn’t do in 8 years; pass a gun control bill? This fact needs to be shouted at each of the turncoats at every opportunity.

  26. Wow, the comments over at Ammoland on Hammer’s ‘opinion’ (sell-out) are worth reading.

    I see Carlos over there contributed facts. In response, some attacked him. Can’t have facts, huh?

    Carlos echoed some of his comments here.

    Appalling how the NRA evidently does not care to follow the NATO doctrine.

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