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GOODELL FOLDS: NFL Will Not Force Players to Stand During Anthem

GOODELL FOLDS: NFL Will Not Force Players to Stand During Anthem

Reuters reports:

The NFL said on Friday it has no plans to mandate players stand for the U.S. national anthem, but will rather present a possible solution on how to end the controversial protests when it meets with team owners next week.

Let the boycott continue!

Roger Goodell has shown himself to be a spineless wimp, by not taking a stand for respecting the National Anthem, the military, and the countless numbers of patriotic Americans who respect the Anthem, the flag and the millions upon millions of Americans who have served to defend our Republic. So be it. The NFL is now in the process of destroying the goose that laid the golden egg. The spoiled NFL players, who are paid far more than the fans who pay those salaries, and show those fans nothing but contempt, are in the process of destroying the game that has made them rich and famous.

What the players, coaches and owners can’t seem to grasp is that it is only a game! Football is NOT a necessity! Show contempt to your customers and, like any business, you will suffer the consequences.

TV network ratings for football games are plummeting, as well they should be. ESPN and other sports networks are seeing their football ratings plummet. Those sports networks are paying huge sums to the NFL for the rights to broadcast the games. ESPN, in particular, is losing subscribers at a furious pace, and is hemorrhaging red ink, forcing large layoffs. Ticket sales are down for games. Former fans are burning their jerseys, hats and other football paraphernalia and proclaiming their choices to never watch, or go to, another NFL game. Sellers of the sports gear are hurting. The fans are speaking, with a voice that says, Respect our Anthem, our Flag and our Country!

So, go ahead, Roger Goodell, continue on your path to oblivion. We are tired of being treated with contempt. You players can kiss your huge contracts goodbye. No one wants to listen to your childish, contemptible whining, and your disrespect for what the Anthem stands for. Goodbye NFL.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Wait until they are on BOTH knees asking for their jobs back. When the pay checks stop, it will be a different situation. Of course, the fans who decide to spend money some where else will all be accused of being racists. Oh, bother…………..

  2. November 12th a boycott of the NFL is planned. Do not watch, buy tickets for games, etc. Hit them where it hurts….in their all ready, too padded pockets.

    1. All pro-sports have become, my opinion, a national social disgrace. I do not spend any money on anything even relating to pro-sports, nor has the tv been tuned to project any of that crap for over 25 years. A nurse, school teacher, cop, soldier, etc. should earn more than a sports figure. Americans must realign their priorities. I only wish the rest of the family, only a few, along with the Nation, would wake up and understand.

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