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Draining The Swamp – Part VII – Keeping The Pressure Up

Draining The Swamp - Part VII - Keeping The Pressure Up

The swamp is wide and deep, and holds many swamp creatures, which will not be drained overnight, but headway is being made on many fronts.

In Harveywood, more allegations of sexual impropriety, of one sort or another, are being made each day against a widening number of characters:

Actor Tyler Cornell Files Police Report Accusing Former Top Talent Agent of Sodomy

Kevin Spacey Comes Out as Gay after Being Accused of Making Sexual Advance on 14-Year-Old Actor

And from the world of politics, we have this:

Tony Podesta Resigns from Podesta Group as Mueller Probe Heats Up

Which is somewhat related to this, as the Podesta Group and Paul Manafort, as they both appear to have lobbied for the same Ukrainian group.

Paul Manafort Surrenders to Federal Authorities

And this:

Twitter Suspends Trump Ally Roger Stone After He Verbally Abuses CNN Anchors

And then there is this: It seems Orrin Hatch, the Neo-Con, globalist Senator from Utah is thinking of retiring (he is 83!) allowing Mitt Romney, the Neo-Con globalist Mormon, who will move anywhere, and do anything, to get elected, to get a head start on the race to fill Hatch’s seat.

A Hatch retirement — and a Romney Senate run — could be inching closer to reality

Finally, I have this video from Anonymous, concerning Miley Cyrus, and other music DIVAs promoting the “progressive” globalist ideology.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

All it takes for “We the People”, to get our country back, is two things: One, expose the darkness of the sleazy ones, whether they are in Hollywood, in Sports, on Network News shows, or in politics, and two: withdraw your financial support, by not buying their products. Starve and/or ignore the beast.


Shorty Dawkins