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Draining The Swamp – Part VI – More Revelations

Draining The Swamp - Part VI - More Revelations

As the Alternative Media continues to expose sleazy psychopaths and sociopaths in Hollywood, there are revelations coming forth about media personalities and politicians,

In a new expose of Hollywood, on Breitbart News, Tinseltown Travelogue, by Patrick Courrielche and Adryana Cortez, the cesspool of political correction that is Hollywood is laid out by a longtime resident of Hollywood. In Part One of the expose, titled Dear Right-Wingers, We Hate You – Love, Hollywood :

I’ve always known Hollywood despises conservatives. It’s hardly a secret. Lena Dunham, Sean Penn, Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, Whoopie, Stephen Colbert, Robert De Niro, Judd Apatow, Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Reiner. The list is a who’s who of pop culture… and endlessly growing. But I recently sensed a major shift in Tinseltown, and started making some phone calls to see if I was right. “It’s never been worse than it is now,” said a Hollywood veteran who asked not to be named. And why the anonymity? “The big mouths” – major Tinseltown producers are telling studios and networks not to work with anyone associated with Trump.

Welcome to the new #war on the right – Hollywood style.

We’ve known for years that Hollywood studios have had their “casting couches”, and have been promoting their Utopian, Dystopic, Globalist, New World Order agenda. Now, thanks to the Alternative Media, the light is shining on the Dark Reaches of their sick, pathetic lives. The Mainstream Media has, of course, rarely pointed a finger at Hollywood’s dark underbelly, as the MSM is in league with them, and has covered up the darkness.

Hollywood has preached to the public, claiming their “political correctness” is the new morality, but they haven’t a clue what morality is. They have their “moral relativism”, that is founded on the belief that there is no truth, only relative truths, which they, of course, decide, based on ….. What? How they FEEL.

Now they are attacking their own, sacrificing Harvey Weinstein, and others, as sacrificial goats, in an effort to protect themselves. They say they are “appalled”, or that they “didn’t know”, or they were “afraid to speak out”, while more lambs were led to the slaughter, all in an effort to protect their precious careers.

Now, from Breitbart:

Mark Halperin Exits NBC News After Multiple Accusations of Sexual Misconduct.

Mark Halperin, a veteran political journalist and NBC News analyst seen most frequently on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, has apologized and taken “a step back from [his] day-to-day” work after reports surfaced that he engaged in sexual misconduct with five women. UPDATE: Halperin out at NBC.

According to three of the women (who spoke off-the-record to left-wing CNN), in the early 2000s, while working in the powerful position of political director at ABC News, Halperin pressed his erect penis up against them. He was fully clothed on all three occasions. One of the women added that “he just kissed me and grabbed my boobs[.]”

Sick behavior. That’s “moral relativism” for you. Now the world will know how sick Mark Halperin is. How do you “feel” now, Mark? How do you suppose those you abused feel? But you don’t care, Mark. You felt entitled to use your power over others for your own depraved power trip.

In the following video, Stefan Molyneux gives a list of most of those who have been accused of sexual misconduct or impropriety in Hollywood. He doesn’t include Mark Halperin, as he came to light after the video was made, and is not a Hollywood swamp creature, but a media swamp creature.

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