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Draining the Swamp – Part IV – Hollywood is Dying

Draining the Swamp - Part IV - Hollywood is Dying

As more victims of the Hollywood predators speak out, the cesspool that is Hollywood is reeling. More and more people are saying they will boycott movies made by the producers, directors, screenwriters and actors who have either been a part of the slime, or have known about it but chose to remain silent.

Over the last few months, movie releases by Hollywood producers have not been doing well at the box office. The biggest reason for this is most likely the poor quality of the movies, and the yawning by audiences at the endless sequels, or remakes of tired formulas. Still, audiences who choose to boycott Hollywood are, no doubt, having an effect.

With the poor quality of the movies, coupled with the public outrage over the Weinstein, (and other), allegations, Hollywood is in trouble. It has only itself to blame, but like Hillary Clinton, they will attempt to blame everyone else for their misfortunes.

Heal thyself, Hollywood! Heal thyself! After decades of promoting the “progressive” agenda, and living a life of debauchery, it is time for a cleansing. If no cleansing, then it is time for your demise. There are alternatives to you. Just as we, the public, can do without the NFL, we can do without you.

With the imminent demise of Hollywood, (as I personally don’t see them cleaning up their act), I would suggest the conservatives in Hollywood (actors, actresses, directors, producers and screenwriters), join together and start a new studio that promotes American values, honesty and freedom. The Internet is a great place to promote and sell movies, either through DVD sales, or by downloading or even Direct Streaming.

Now would be a great time to mount a challenge to the dominance of Hollywood and the “progressive agenda”.

Imagine, for a moment, a crime show where the police, the Sheriff and prosecutors all act within the Constitution, yet still manage to catch the criminal by hard work and the assistance of a public that helps them. Or maybe a movie about political corruption, where politicians of both parties are brought down by investigators with integrity. How about a family that homeschools their children, and are not ridiculed by the reporters for doing so? The possibilities are endless. Rather than endless sequels of once good and original ideas, why not promote new ideas by new writers and directors? What a concept!

Most of all, why not treat your audiences with respect, and not preach to them the “progressive dogma” that is dying, as more and more people understand it is a destructive dogma. And treat your fellow workers in your industry with the respect they deserve.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I learned today the the father of George Bush also did the groping thing with an actress in a photo. Where is the outrage like the Trump outrage that was so well documented on the media?

  2. Don’t know about anyone else but i’m donating all VCR’s/CD’s since 1980 to our burn pit with many donations from our CPT to be celebrated this weekend, everyone is invited. Refreshments will be served. I’m told (by a reputable chemist) that the burning after effects (smoke) will break down into simpler chemicals easily, much better than a garbage dump. Send me a PM and let me know, also your favorite drink.

  3. Hollywood has always been run by non-Christian people. As such their attitudes are immoral, wrong and totally destructive.

    1. There was a time long ago when plenty of movies were made with “do the right thing” messages.

      Now, when I think of Hollywood dying, I visualize the scene in the last movie of The Lord of the Rings (made in New Zealand by a native of that country), in which the evil Sauron (who was the Lord of the Rings) is finally destroyed, once and for all.

      Sorry; I just can’t help smiling when I think of it!

    2. Amen DAHL, the Lord warned us what would happen many times to those that disregard Him. And right as rain we as a nation are being cursed. I know their are many that don’t believe and those that do but would rather “do it my way”. God is long suffering,but He did say his patients would run out, the NWO/revived Roman empire would take over for the last time before the Lord Jesus would set up His kingdom.In the mean time the worlds most wicked ruler would set up his kingdom for a short while,until God’s wrath would come fully and knock the whole remaining system out. And He (Jesus( would reign for ever and ever. It is time to get right with God folks.

      1. And isn’t it alarming to think that God has allowed the Muslim butchers to reming for 1,400 years, apparently just so they could murder people of western civilization in the current time.

        According to American Thinker, they have killed 270 million and enslaved another 185 million, since their Illustrious Barbarian Mohammed graced the planet with his presence.

        We can tell that most Americans don’t approve of Hollywood/NYC, etc., because they voice their objections. But most Muslims never voice objections to the head-lopping, child-raping, female-mutilating, civilization-destroying behaviors of other Muslims.

        I’d like to see some lightning strike there!

  4. My new favorite viewing experiences are: 1) Netflix movies with unique story lines and unknown actors; 2) Leah Remini exposing Scientology; 3) fans boycotting the NFL and wreaking havoc on their bottom line; 4) the demise of Kathy Griffin’s career; 5) watching the progressive liberal rats gnaw and writhe in desperation; 6) tracking the declining numbers in viewers of mainstream media; 7) watching useless GOP politicians squirm under pressure; 8) seeing liberal activist actors and liberal media giants turn on their own liberal Hollywood film moguls; 9) the rise of InfoWars and Breitbart; and 10) hearing the voice of true Americans.

    All DVD’s starring the arrogant elite of Hollywood — the likes of Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Barbra Streisand and many more will be donated to Milt’s burn pit. Oh, and a special note to one of the biggest losers: J.K. Rowling. Your books and movies have never been allowed in my home after I watched you on an American talk show years ago. I felt nauseated. Any mother who would leave her baby to nap in a cold flat without heat during winter (because you were poor) and spend hours at the corner cafe drinking warm cocoa while writing a book is a soulless ghoul.

  5. The sad thing is, that in a few months Weinstein is going to appear on all kind of shows and everything will be great again… That is sick. Pretty much every dollar you give Hollywood goes into fuelling for the destruction of America…

  6. Most people might find this very difficult to swallow, but the United States and Western Civilization is now beginning to feel what Germany went through in the 1920’s and early 1930’s with the whole system being in a state of debauchery, slime and vileness. Wholesomeness in their culture was attacked by an element that was identified by the opposition. Their price for their temporary win against the debasers of their native culture was near total destruction by 1945. I’m afraid too many people are suffering from “cognitive dissonance” to handle the real truth. Germany was “demonized” and then destroyed. Why? Because they dared to stand up to the same people who are destroying America and who were the main instigators of death under the Bolsheviks who murdered millions of innocent and humble people in Russia, the Ukraine, the Baltics and Finland. Wake up people!!!

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