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Critical food and medical supplies for Puerto Ricans tied up by FEMA?

Mike Kerr of Hear the Watchmen interviews Billy Simmons, Oath Keepers Board Member. They discuss the difficulties in getting donated disaster relief supplies to the volunteers who are ready and willing to deliver those supplies to Puerto Rican families in need.

Oath Keepers, including Founder Stewart Rhodes, have been on the ground in Puerto Rico since Oct. 2, to assist in the disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Maria. There are supplies, including food, medical, diapers, etc. in warehouses. There are many hungry Puerto Ricans, especially in remote areas, who are in desperate need. We have been ready to deliver food to them since we arrived. Oath Keepers Board Member Billy Simmons explains the difficulties involved in actually getting food to take to the hungry.



To volunteer:

If you can, or know someone who can, donate cargo space on a plane for food/medical supplies, etc. direct to Aguadilla:

Please donate to help us continue our disaster relief mission in Puerto Rico:   DONATE


Critical food and medical supplies for Puerto Ricans tied up by FEMA?





  1. WOW ! Very informative – FEMA and Red Cross actually stealing supplies and warehousing.
    So, what is the plan to get around them ? I Did not hear a plan.
    80,000 lbs. of supplies in Philly and can’t get to PR.
    I am very confused, you ask for donations, but already have supplies and can not deliver.
    This is rather disheartening.

  2. If this is true (and I don’t doubt it, given some of FEMA’s previous actions) this is a crime against humanity. How many of the FEMA leadership are Obama’s holdovers?

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