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The “Anti-Hate” Group That Is a Hate Group

The vile slanders and smears of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Below is Prager U’s new video on how the SPLC is the “anti-hate” group that is actually the real hate group. To learn more about the SPLC’s fomenting of hatred and lies, see’s SPLC profile. Also join the Freedom Center’s new campaign to oppose the SPLC’s and’s totalitarian blacklists of hate.

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  1. To me they are part of the Communist left whose goal is to destroy America from within and create their Communist utopia. Just look at who funds them with people like Soros, Bezos etc.

  2. SPLC=a who’s who of leftist, hooked nose, racist, anti-white, anti-Christians who have be an “authority” on who gets labeled a hate group.

  3. In my opinion the SPLC is an immense scam that is very lucrative for the lawyers who started the “non-profit” organization. A Web search reveals many folks of all stripes who look askance at the shenanigans those despicable fiends engage in.

  4. It’s simple: everyone who has left SPLC agrees that Morris Dees has more money than God through SPLC…money that should have made it’s way to the people it professes to “help” instead of Morris’s pockets….

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