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URGENT: Disaster Relief Supplies Stranded From California to the East Coast

Food, water, and other essential supplies have been generously donated by people all over the country, coast to coast.

However there is currently no way to get most of those supplies to the people who need them.

In Texas and Florida we have thousands of families devastated by the damage from hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Many of them have absolutely nothing left. They are thirsty, hungry, and need basics like food, water, paper towels, TP, diapers, baby formula, dog food, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, mosquito repellent, blankets, pillows, disposable plates, cups, and utensils, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies, plus many other necessities. There are too many people in areas that have been overlooked by the usual agencies and organizations.

With some of the monetary donations we have received, Oath Keepers has bought huge quantities of beans, rice, other foods, plastic bags, infant supplies, paper goods, etc. However, that won’t last long.

Why can’t we get the supplies to Texas and Florida to distribute? For the most part, there are long haul trucks and drivers available, willing to volunteer. The problem is the cost of fuel for the trucks. If we can get donations for fuel, we can start getting those trucks and disaster relief supplies rolling.

There is a long haul driver in California right now who has delivered disaster relief loads for Patriot Express to the Houston distribution center, which has been our base of operations in Texas. She is ready and able to pick up a load of donated goods in California and bring them wherever they are needed. All she needs is to have the cost of fuel covered. 

The photo above is of this driver’s truck as she delivered to the Houston distribution center, after she was followed by suspected looters for over three hours. (That’s the reason for the police car seen in the photo.)

We have set up a new GoFundMe account to cover the costs of diesel for these volunteer long haul truckers.

Please help us get the donated supplies

to the families who need them.







  1. So with all the millions donated, no organization has the brains to include the cost of shipping. That’s pathetic. Typical Red Cross, et al.

    1. I just did some research on this. The Red Cross does not accept donations of goods from individuals. Only money. Apparently, they will accept bulk donations from corporations, palletised, wrapped, with the freight paid by the corporation.

      There are areas in Texas and Florida that are not getting much help. We are trying to fill that gap with whatever donated supplies we can get to those in need. The donations we are trying to get shipped to the disaster zones were donated by individuals.

  2. So, they only deliver to foreign nations? I don’t donote to Red Cross nor United Way after the news reported those salaries.

  3. Fema never answered their phone when I called them about a hurricane once and the insurance company referred me to them.

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