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Refusal to Stand for Flag a Manipulated Widening of National Divide Approved by Unprincipled NFL Leadership

Refusal to Stand for Flag a Manipulated Widening of National Divide Approved by Unprincipled NFL Leadership
Note men in background not taking a knee. The big lie here is it’s not about his rights at all.

“Being a man who served in the US Army i salute you and am proud of what you did and are doing I served to defend the constitution and your right to practice them. Thank you for using the rights my brothers and sisters died for. you honer us. Thank you! Hooah!” an unedited statement of support on football player Colin Kaepernick’s Facebook page declares.

He’s wrong that Kaepernick’s use of such events and facilities for personal purposes is a right, or that such actions honor Americans who are grateful for what the flag represents and the sacrifices made to keep it waving. Putting on a team uniform and appearing at an event paid for by others means you’re no longer representing yourself, you’re representing those employing you.

When you accept the responsibility of representing a group, your obligation is to represent the goals and the mission of that group. As I noted in “Who Speaks for Oath Keepers?” I have a right to write about any topic I please – just not wherever I want. This is the Oath Keepers site. If I write anything not in the best interests of this organization, Stewart Rhodes and the board have the right to remove it and to boot me out. The same goes if I conduct myself offsite in a way that could bring discredit to the group, and that’s even codified in the Bylaws:

“Oath Keepers reserves the right in its sole discretion, to withhold, deny, or revoke the membership or associate membership of any person whom Oath Keepers determines will dilute, impair or disrupt Oath Keeper’s mission, dishonor, or in any manner bring ill repute to Oath Keepers.”

Players would not be doing this if the enablers behind them did not find national divisiveness, increased racial agitation and cultural transformation advantageous to their interests. That team owners and the NFL have not shut down players hijacking media attention to promote their own political sentiments – sentiments that are irreconcilable with and deeply offensive to the beliefs of many Americans – speaks to the gutlessness, the lack of principle and/or the insidious motives of those supposedly running the show. If owners and the league had refused to accept such disruption the first time it happened, they would have issued a clear and unequivocal rule that if athletes want to play and keep earning millions of dollars, they’re not going to use the branding they appear under for unauthorized purposes.

Then again, it’s not the first time the league has allowed its symbols to be appropriated to advance a subversive agenda: Remember when Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino were allowed to use Giants and Patriots jerseys with NFL logos and team hats to stump for citizen disarmament?

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

NFL proudly promoted such propaganda on its website.

NFL is also being utterly inconsistent and disingenuous, because they claim the power to control player conduct when it comes to the Second Amendment:

“Discipline may be imposed in any of the following circumstances: …Possession of a gun or other weapon in any workplace setting, including but not limited to stadiums, team facilities, training camp, locker rooms, team planes, buses, parking lots, etc., or unlawful possession of a weapon outside of the workplace…”

Admittedly, it’s not like a good number of those players don’t have problems controlling themselves.

And it’s not just the players NFL doesn’t trust. A couple years back, my wife won some preseason tickets to see the Browns, and while I normally couldn’t care less, she wanted to go. Not only did they not allow our collapsible umbrellas for the walk back to the car in the rain, purses were verboten — they wand you and make women put stuff in a clear plastic bag, claiming “enhanced public safety.”

A year ago I wrote “expect the Kaepernick-inspired protests to continue – he wasn’t forced to apologize or be fired on the spot as an example to others, and once you give up control like that, the momentum is just too big to stop. And expect the phenomenon to grow…”

It was hardly prophetic — anyone with eyes and half as brain could see it, and that brings us to where we are today: Pampered useful idiot millionaire athletes doing an in-your-face to an America they libel as “racist,” and doing it on foreign soil. And it’s being allowed and encouraged to spread to “America’s pastime.”

President Donald Trump is on to something when he notes “If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!”

I’d take it a step further: The last thing Americans (and particularly American men) need is agenda-spreading bread and circuses, either paying for the “privilege” or wasting hours in front of the telescreen. With the accelerated pace the Republic is being internally subverted, and with the enhanced and extended dangers that appears to be making inevitable, I’m sure we could all find more productive uses for our limited time and resources.

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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. They’ll go down in history as fools. Another extension of leftist ideology. The enemy of state is in our face taunting us at every turn. Who will defend them when the cower, begging for help? Not I. Their hell comes.

    1. the kneelers and hiders including the Commissioner, Manager and Coaches violated their very own rule book and the players are subject to fines and other penalties… Their issue is not the problem but they should PROTEST/KNEEL IN FRONT OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS and they also should go into the Black communities and educate the Black population as to our laws and how to present themselves as law abiding American citizens… additionally the youth need MEN of quality to help guide them… FOCUS ON HELPING THE BLACK AMERICANS TO LIVE A USEFUL LIFE… other Blacks have …

      1. “Putting on a team uniform and appearing at an event paid for by others means you’re no longer representing yourself, you’re representing those employing you.”
        Steelers head coach Tomlin said: “Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.” Villanueva has nothing to be embarrassed about other than the disrespect his team so blatantly displayed.
        NFL will not discipline any of those breaking their own policy: The NFL’s operations manual, which, unlike its rule book, is not available to the public, states: “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”
        I am not a huge pro sports fan but I now ban any game involving participants who show such disrespect without any obvious discipline. Just wish there was a listing of the Good or the Bad.

    2. It’s not only going down in history as fools, but rather destroying the NFL and their paychecks as well and this also applies to the owners. These people are so addicted to their fantasy that they overlook the superficiality of their victimhood. It is rather interesting to watch how skillfully Trump has marginalized the Democrats because they have now become the party that gives its blessing to encourage anti Americanism. We are watching real fools dig a deeper whole and most likely it will show up in the midterms.

  2. Middle easterners same blood lines tribes who pretend to be enemies of each other are racist against whites and western culture. The invading cultures are hiding behind color of skin claims.

    1. The Arab Muslims look down their noses at everyone who isn’t Arab (which makes them look silly, since they are semites, just as the people whose ancestors were Jewish). This includes Muslims; the Arab Muslims have no use whatsoever for black Muslims, the possible exception being as suicide bombers.

      The Arab Muslims are probably by far the most racist people living on this planet, in addition to all their other lovely qualities.

      Jeanette (11 years in Saudi Arabia) Rost

  3. The bill of rights vs a nationalist ritual not in the 2017 NFL handbook, or in any law or institution. No matter what you think, the NFL has taken many federal subsidies and the Federal Government has benefited nonetheless due to the constant recruitment tactics and paid for fake patriotism, so in essence the ground he or whomever kneels on is public. There for as Oathkeepers we need to be standing up for the rights of others especially when it isnt politically convenient.

  4. As I have stated elsewhere, the actions by these players has caused me to completely shut off pro sports. My interest had been dwindling for some time anyway because of the drug scandals and other criminal activities by players. To make matters worse, watching a game was becoming no different than watching the news. Sports is nothing more than a part of the entertainment industry. It is supposed to be a venue where the average citizens can turn off the garbage and be distracted for at least a short while. That is no more. I am not going to pay hard earned money to go watch a protest. I am not going to allow it into my living room by way of TV. Period. It’s not a “boycott”, where if they get their act together, I’ll somehow go back to them. It’s a life choice for me. No more sports. Life is too short to put up with that trash.

    1. I completely agree. I quit NFL and NBA several years back because it was getting far to political and the money these clowns make is obscene. The drug and sex crimes got so bad it was clear these fools are well past spoiled children with a racial bent ! I doubt I ever watch any of it again and will never attend a game of any kind unless we see major changes and apologies. I have been telling people to simply shut them off and boycott them which is easily done. But it is important to email the NFL/NBA and your favorite teams and tell them what you are doing and why. Simple google search gets it done for the follow thru blow so they know why !

      To me it is all a serious insult and it has become far too racial/poitical.

      1. Should you gentleman wish to watch exciting sports event, that honors America more than any other has; watch Professional Bullriders,(PBR) and/ or Rodeo. CBS Sports news, Fox Sports South all carry events.You can’t get any more Americana than these. You will never see or hear anything but love and honor for our country and our flag. ” Try it; you’ll like it.”
        Would enjoy seeing comments afterward.
        God bless all that have given their time, energy, and love to all of the Hurricane victims,( two-legged and four-footed!)

        Take care and God bless
        Be safe

    2. I agree Navy Bill, if you are a foot ball fan, go and watch your kids playing their hearts out for the fun of it. When these guys are being moved buy the elite, for the buck, it isn’t fun any more.

  5. These kneeling, subversive, overpaid miscreants, have every right to act as stupid as they do. However, it is not patriotic, nor is it respectful, nor is it the proper venue. There only defense being that they were duped into mass hysteria by the media, is worthless to the thinking man. The picture of them kneeling is worth the thousand forsaken words they have left unread.

  6. Lets’ make a distinction and a shout out to the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs who did it right. We have one team we can support and I don’t want to paint them with the same brush

  7. Many years ago, probably more than 50 years, I grew to realize that sports was not for me, but I didn’t begrudge anyone else for enjoying it. I have the same general problem with organized religion and all of the fanatics that go along with it as well. When one signs on for a job, they represent the boss and the philosophy that goes with it, and should act accordingly.
    These NFL and NBA players represent their owners and managers and their morals and dogma as well. The problem I have with modern “Entertainment” productions like the NFL and NBA is they do what their contributors seem to want them to do because of the support from the contributors. The contributors are mainly big business and their marketers, but unfortunately one of the largest groups of contributors is the sports fans, so I guess most sports fans enjoy disrespecting the USA and her borders, language and culture, else they wouldn’t put up with it and continue to pour money into these sports. I have a big problem with NFL and NBA, not because they exercise, or allow their employees to exercise their Constitutional rights, such as Free Speech, but because they don’t have the morals nor common sense to keep silent until a proper time to spew their venom, which is definitely not while representing their sport as a “shining example” to for the youth of our country! No matter what, one should support the country where one lives or go live in some other country they can support! I rarely watch professional sports live or on Radio/TV, and I usually kill the evening news when the sports news come on. Disrespecting my flag is not something I enjoy observing, wherever it may be, but certainly not on national TV. The Progressives chant many slurs about the USA, and claim that most “Americans” approve of it. Maybe most “Americans” do approve of it, but most “Americans” don’t live in the USA, only about one-third of them live in the USA, and only about half of these vote for a living rather than work for a living. There are 34 “Americas” on our two continents, and the USA is only one of them. I am only concerned with the legal citizens of the USA, not all “Americans,” and could care less what outsiders and Progressives think for the most part, since they seem to hate my Constitutionally limited Republic and all she stands for. The illegal migrants come here for the benefits the Progressives hand out to get their votes, and provide a means to tear down the USA with their financial drain and obstructionism. I thank the Oath Keepers for their service, and they have my highest respect! Sooo, the NFL can go to Hell, and take the NBA with them for company!

  8. The NFL has forgotten their place in society. They simply play a game like children on playground. They make far too much money and contribute little of value. They disrespect America and all Americans when they fail to stand for our National Anthem or salute our flag. In my, Never to be Humble Opinion, the NFL should be banned from The United States of America which they hate and disrespect. Now wouldn’t that be a “game” changer.

  9. Maybe these so called social justice warriors in NFL uniforms should go meet another group of warriors who don’t stand up when the national anthem is played. The reason they don’t stand up is because they were so severely wounded serving this country it’s impossible for them to stand.
    These real warriors I speak of would give everything they own just to be able to stand and salute our flag.

  10. We are the people that pay their million dollar salaries by going to the game and buying overpriced tickets, watching on the TV being subjected to commercials or simply buying a shirt with you favorite team logo. I’m done with anything “NFL” until it stops. Everyone needs to do the same imo. I know it hurts but I’m not going to cave in. There is no agenda stronger then paying respect to those that serve(d) and that is one of the reasons for the national anthem being played. I understand that people want to be heard, but when disrespect of my fallen comrades was committed to be heard I became deaf to their cause.

  11. I’m reading this in my livingroom where 3 folded flags are displayed. My mom and dad both veterans of WW11 and my brother veteran of Vietnam Nam. My husband and I retired law enforcement and 3 sons in law enforcement. I am just beyond sad for this country. Gone are respect, honor, pride, and we are in a death spiral. Heartbroken

  12. I have always been proud to be an Oathkeeper but with this article I’m even more proud !! Good job Dave !!

  13. we can love and care about our Country (people,land,culture) even if we despise its corrupt govt–which it is up to us to fix! I think these footballers falsely think: ” Country (people,land,culture) = government. ” They should stop balling about it and help fix the corrupt govt!

  14. I have heard this is all an orchestrated effort to paint Trump as a racist – since the failing to prove any “Russian collusion” since the election…

  15. I agree with db, sounds like the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs is the “ONLY OWNER” that has the balls to stand up and say what all the other owners, and the NFL Commissioner don’t have. I am a very proud Vietnam Veteran, and Oath Keeper member and I really feel that if the Black Players and their want to Be’s want to “Protest” then do it on their time, NOT OURS. Like the owner of KC says, that football field, locker room, and all else that he owns is his and he will not stand for that kind of actions on it, he goes on to say he is paying them to play football not to protest on it. I think(in my opinion) that all of the other owners should follow what he has put out there, further more the NFL should follow along also. Have you heard what kind of names they(BLACK PEOPLE) call us and they get away with it (and they call us a Racist). Something is really wrong here!!!!!!!

  16. I have to confess that, possibly because I was raised where there wasn’t much access to sports in the US, I failed to catch the football/baseball/basketball bug.

    I always felt a little uneasy that so much importance was being placed on activities that are GAMES, after all, and eventually, that so much importance was placed on the players because they make so much money, and are magical beings called CELEBRITIES. While others around me were saying the equivalent of “Be still, my heart,” the whole setup seemed shallow to me.

    Now these spoiled, rich celebrities are betraying Middle America, seeming to be pushing the leftist agenda of turning America into just another failed socialist/Marxist state.

    Many of the players would scream bloody murder if they found themselves in the countries of their heritages without their multi millions. And yet, they seem to feel those countries are superior to this one.

    Time for IQ tests all around?

  17. A boycott can be much more effective than a bullet. Boycotting ticket sales, and games on TV or Cable, or wherever, will deprive the NFL of BIG dollars, and the change will happen. Even the games on the boob-tube have advertisers, who pay the league based on ratings. If all you guys and gals refuse to even WATCH a game on TV, ratings will crash, advertising dollars will evaporate, and ticket sales will plummet. The only kneeling that will happen after that will be when Goodell begs forgiveness from the American people and asks us all to watch football again.

  18. Count me as one of those that definitely WAS NOT HONORED! As a matter of fact, I am completely dishonored! My 23 years in my U.S. Air Force meant something to me. The players and others associated with the NFL and other sports, and all others who kneel or do other things besides honoring my flag and the National Anthem are unpatriotic IDIOTS who belong in a COMMUNIST country and definitely not in the USA. Need help in your planning of the one way trip or some funds??

  19. A lot of Oathkeepers, no doubt use the services of USAA which has a relationship with the NFL. It’s time to challenge USAA to break off that relationship.

    1. I read it is no longer ran by the original founders who served the people with it coverage and ran by leftist. Also recently they wanted to charge about 800.00 more a year than anyone else, no claims, just great driving and with the same vehicle, someone I know.

    2. I ended ny business with USSA when they denouncef Trump. Their hypocrisy is disgusting. CEO Stuart is no better than the NWO globalist who own them. Their supposed support for vets is a con.

  20. I agree that the free expression of thought and ideas is part of what makes America great…but the liberals are always finding ways to twist that expression so that it belittles the greatness of America.

  21. Haha. Makes me just laugh that these thug millionaires (one of whom I will never be) are biting the hand that feeds them. I’ve written emails expressing my disgust, but now I’m just sitting back watching the NFL die for lack of fans and interest.

    No NFL in my house.

  22. Great article…Thanks

    I have been saying for years “turn it off” as it only serves as a distraction from the things that are truly important.

  23. I stopped watching the NFL quite some time ago. It was the ” turf toe” thing. These guys male millions a year a could not play because of”turf toe”? I remember guys playing with broken arms and such. I lost respect for the players and the game. Now, disrespecting our flag, country, and national anthem? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. They should try the Cuban football league, or maybe the French? In no other country in the world would these ingrates make the money they do here. Shut up and play!

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