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Raul Labrador Weighs in on Bunkerville Standoff


by Shari Dovale  September 15, 2017

Earlier this month, nearly a third of the current Idaho Legislature had signed on to a letter in support of the Idaho residents currently being persecuted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Federal government is prosecuting these men for their part in a protest held Bunkerville, NV in 2014.

Spearheaded by Rep. Dorothy Moon, the letter was signed by 33 current state legislators and 5 former legislators. Since then, the number of sponsors to the letter has increased to a reported 53.

The letter was addressed to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, with copies going to President Donald Trump, multiple US elected/appointed officials as well as all the principals in the court.

Though the letter reached the Court prior to the pre-trial hearing, it had already been decided to put Eric Parker and Scott Drexler in with the Tier One defendants. That trial is scheduled to begin on October 10th.

Just this week, Congressman Raul Labrador added his sponsorship with an additional letter to AG Sessions. He includes:

The failure to secure guilty verdicts in two different trials with two different juries should serve as evidence of the weakness of the government’s case and should be taken into account as a third trial is contemplated. There is a strong possibility that a miscarriage of justice is being committed.

This is the latest request of the current administration to look into this personal vendetta of the Federal Court system. Multiple online petitions have been signed with the most prominent being from political strategist Roger Stone, who says:

No more well-defined example of the injustices wrought by the hands of an out-of-control Federal Government can be found than the case of the Bundy Family from the State of Nevada, whose multiple family members rot in a Federal Prison on this very day.

Representative Labrador did ask for a timely response from the Attorney General, so we will wait patiently, albeit a bit anxiously.

Raul Labrador Weighs in on Bunkerville Standoff

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