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Oath Keepers Disaster Relief mission in Conroe, Texas

Oath Keeper Alex Oakes and his team have been on the ground in the Houston area providing Disaster Relief since Hurricane Harvey flooded southern Texas. There are entire communities in Conroe, Texas that have been overlooked or ignored by major government agencies and organizations. In these trying times, a number of heroes have risen and taken it upon themselves to dig these neighborhoods out of the rubble. Texas is showing the world what it looks like when good men and women do not stand idly by.

That said, we need more good men and women to volunteer their time and resources to these efforts. Go here to learn more about how to help:…

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Following are photos of the devastation in Conroe, Texas. The people who live there have received close to zero help from the usual organizations and agencies. Oath Keepers and other volunteers are doing their best to provide the necessities for this community.

Please donate to help fund our volunteers in Texas and Florida.



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  1. “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”

    What an awesome mission and congrats to everyone who’s supporting it, either by volunteering their time and money or by donating to the cause. Hat’s off to everyone involved.

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