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UPDATED: National CALL TO ACTION to Deploy to Florida & South Carolina to Help With Disaster Relief

UPDATED: We now have two Oath Keepers disaster relief locations in Florida.

South Central Florida Point of Contact: Scott Dunn   850-693-6166 (voice or text)

Florida Keys Point of Contact: Ivan Chiplinsky   850-209-4019 (voice or text)

Give them your name and brief list of qualifications.    You can also email

Oath Keepers and other dedicated patriots,

Our Florida brothers and sisters need our help with disaster relief work in the wake of Hurricane Irma. We did amazing work in Texas, and now we are needed in Florida (and also South Carolina if we have the manpower). We will start in Florida, where we have teams already on the ground, but we will branch out into South Carolina as needed, if possible.

If you can’t help in person, please donate to help support those who will be boots on the ground.

All skill-sets are welcome, but we are in particular need of medical personal to add to our teams in Florida, and we expect the same need for South Carolina. We need anyone with a medical background for assessment of need as well as rendering assistance when needed. As we did in Texas, we will be coordinating our disaster relief efforts with local first responders, including law enforcement.

We need everyone from former medics, corpsmen, paramedics, EMT’s, acute care nurses, and ER techs. Basically if you can hit the ground running we can use you. Bring what ever first aid supplies you have, however please add Betadine and rubbing alcohol, as much as you can.

While on this op, we will abide by Florida state law regarding concealed carry, so if you want to carry, it is imperative that you make sure that your state concealed carry permit has reciprocity. Long guns,either shotgun or rifle are allowed, however expect to keep them secured in your vehicle unless needed in an emergency or unless we have express permission from private property owners to carry them on their property (and only if the need warrants it). Our intent is to be low-key with a low profile posture regarding weapons, while also keeping people safe.

In addition to medical personnel, we need communications experts (HAM radio operators), those with security, LEO, or applicable military experience for defense against looters (we expect to be escorting medical teams, relief supply trucks and convoys, and also protecting relief centers and aid distribution points, and backing up local first responders as we did extensively in South Texas these past few weeks. Looting, armed robbery/car and truck jacking are an unfortunate reality in the wake of hurricanes. While we are focused on disaster relief, the need for protecting against violence is a reality and is part of what we do. We also need people with search and rescue and practical mechanical/engineering skills.   Fire-fighters, combat engineers, mechanics, etc.  We will put you to work. Truck drivers also will be needed. And anyone else who is willing to help. We will find a job for you to do.

Uniform for this op is Oath Keepers shirts and hats with solid colored pants (khaki, or olive drab).  Absolutely NO camoflauge clothing! We are here for disaster relief.

Bring sleeping gear, and appropriate hygiene gear for field bathing as well. Anti bacterial soap is important. Hygiene is a priority in this environment.

UPDATED: National CALL TO ACTION to Deploy to Florida & South Carolina to Help With Disaster Relief

Recommended gear:
  • Flashlights and weapons lights
  • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) with lifesaving gear such as tourniquets and pressure bandages.
  • Camelback or other hydration system
  • Bug spray
  • Sleeping bag and air mattress
  • Rubber boots
  • Tactical gloves
  • Medical gloves
  • Work gloves
  • Phone charger bank
  • Lysol and other cleaning items
  • Spare socks, spare boots, spare change of clothes
  • Face mask (such as available in hardware stores) and resperator if you can get one.
  • Anything else you need to sustain yourself and stay healthy – plan on living out of your ruck.

UPDATED: We now have two Oath Keepers disaster relief locations in Florida.South Central Florida Point of Contact: Scott Dunn   850-693-6166 (voice or text)

Florida Keys Point of Contact: Ivan Chiplinsky   850-209-4019 (voice or text)

Give them your name and brief list of qualifications.    You can also email
Any questions, ask Scott Dunn or Ivan Chiplinsky. They are our POC’s for this operation.  Oath Keepers from nearby states are already on their way.
Again, if you can’t make it to help, please donate to help support those who can.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

UPDATED: National CALL TO ACTION to Deploy to Florida & South Carolina to Help With Disaster Relief




  1. Son is wildland firefighter for Fish and Wildlife; Baby wipes! Take baby wipes; they work when nothing else will!!

  2. If you’re in a place where you have to wash in salt or brackish water, Dove soap will still lather. Any hygiene products that you think smell nice, the bugs like too. If your overnight or 72 hr. pack doesn’t have a compass and map of the area, get one on the way there (No, battery powered cell phones and GPS devices don’t EVER take their place).

  3. All you guys and gals are incredible and make me proud to be an American. We got hit hard with the eye in Fort Myers but the Everglades, Marco Island, Naples and the Keys got the brunt of it badly.

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