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Mexico Shaken By “Most Powerful Earthquake In A Century”, At Least 15 Dead

Mexico Shaken By "Most Powerful Earthquake In A Century", At Least 15 Dead


Texas was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and Florida will be hit by Hurricane Irma on Sunday. Meanwhile, Hurricane Katia will hit Mexico’s east coast. A huge earthquake, which, thankfully, hit offshore, still caused death and destruction in one of the poorest regions of Mexico. It has not been a good Aug-Sept. – Shorty Dawkins

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Southern Mexico was shaken late Thursday by an 8.1-magnitude earthquake that killed at least 15 people, triggered a tsunami warning and was felt as far away as Mexico City . Despite the immense power of the tremor, which Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto described as “the most powerful earthquake in a century,” authorities said it had caused limited damage – but warned residents in affected areas to brace for aftershocks.

According to the Associated Press, the quake caused buildings to sway violently in Mexico’s capital more than 650 miles away from its epicenter. Residents fled buildings in their pajamas and gathered in frightened groups in the street.

While Mexico City avoided the widespread devastation of a 1985 quake that killed thousands, the tremor was strong enough to shatter windows at Mexico City airport and knock out power for one million residents, according to Reuters. For many, access has yet to be restored.

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  1. If you are a leftist tooly, stuck in middle America, and probably surrounded by deplorables, now is a good time to move to a coast, like Kahlifornika. Feel the ground violently rise and fall, challenging your senses; be very scared, as you text your selfies, demand a safe space, then blame someone you hate. It’s called natural selection as you perish for being stupid to begin with. I think this might be relevant. lol

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