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Little-Known Group Aims to End Private Gun Sales (and More) in Ohio (and Beyond)

Little-Known Group Aims to End Private Gun Sales (and More) in Ohio (and Beyond)
Who are these guys? And how serious of a threat do they represent?

“Proposed Ohio ballot initiative would require background checks for all gun sales,” NBC4i Columbus reported Thursday. “The newly formed group calling itself ‘Ohioans for Gun Safety’ says they want ‘common sense’ background checks to stem the number of gun deaths.” They’re looking at how they can make that happen politically through a ballot intiative.

“Newly formed”?  Who are these guys?

It’s essential to know who you’re up against.

Do they have big backers? Do they have the resources to run a professional PR campaign, buy TV time and become a credible threat?  Can we follow the money, assuming there is any?

Ohioans for Gun Safety is still pretty obscure, so we need to work a bit to find out who’s behind them. I’m going to go through the steps I took in the hope that it may turn some reading this on to things you can do to check out hostiles making noises about going after our rights.

The first thread I pull is to try to see who is behind their website. In this case it’s registered by proxy, so that doesn’t help. And as a new group, they don’t yet appear on the Guidestar nonprofit information resource, so I don’t see anything about officers, revenues, tax filings/financials and the like.

Dead ends are a routine part of the process.

Next, because they are an Ohio group, I go to the Secretary of State’s corporate listing – that’s how Bloomberg’s infiltration of the states was first discovered and reported. Doing that let me find the Articles of Incorporation. They in turn listed an agent and an address, both of which pointed to a Columbus law firm.

So we know they’re setting up professionally, and in earnest.

And the organization’s “Groundbreaker” list provided plenty of names of members who have left internet trails to follow, many of them leading, along with an acknowledgment to the Cleveland chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women. They’re into all things “social justice” with a special place in their hearts for citizen disarmament – what my friend and founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, the late Aaron Zelman, deemed “bagel brained.”

The group’s IRS filing says “NJW is a grassroots org of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideas into action,”  and its 2016 “end of year” assets is just short of $16M.

They can do some damage with that, above and beyond the $31K the NBC4i report says they’ve collected to date via “house parties.” Meaning gun owners had best be aware of their presence and intentions, and prepared to counter the anticipated disinformation campaign that will surely accompany their ballot initiative effort.

Little-Known Group Aims to End Private Gun Sales (and More) in Ohio (and Beyond)
Nothing this group does will prevent future victims like this man’s son.

In this case, going back to the NBC4i report, they offer nothing new and plenty that can be disputed, starting with the chosen face of their effort, a man whose son was murdered, and wants to do something to keep anyone else from suffering as he has.

That’s a noble desire. Every decent person can agree with that goal and sympathize with his loss. That said, the group he’s being exploited by doesn’t stand a chance of achieving that goal with their co-called “background check” bill.

His son’s murderer, with “prior drug convictions,” did not obey existing “gun control” laws ostensibly put in place to prevent people like him from even possessing a gun, let alone carrying one — and let alone then using it to hunt down another human being and execute him. What “law” could possibly compel compliant behavior on the part of monsters?

Besides, no less an authority than the National Institute of Justice concluded:

“Universal background checks … Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring registration…”

So it’s not just “background checks” they want? But they’ll take that beachhead if they can and then use it as the launch point for their next incursion?

Lather, rinse, repeat, and with each gain decry the lack of “common sense gun laws” and accuse “the gun lobby” of refusing to “compromise.” And assure everybody that no one is talking about taking their guns.

Watch this group.  Chances are nothing may come of it, at least in Ohio as things are at the present (and with only a handful of Facebook and Twitter followers). But you never know, and you never know how quickly things can change, especially now that the media has noticed and is helping them appear to be more than they are.

And watch for similar efforts emerging where you live. When they do, start pulling threads to gather intel on who they are, and on their alliances, capabilities and strength.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. Once again….thosePeople who THINK they are doing the right thing when they prattle on about gun safety and background check (irrational and illogical goals) but,all they are doing is preaching to the honest.taxpaying,voting public…….the citizens who do NOT do the crime or the shooting. In reality, the shooters are those “citizens” who disregard the law and get their weapons illegally. They laugh at those “do gooders” and continue to ply their trade.

  2. Not to discount the possible future funding of this ballot initiative’s supporters, It is The NATIONAL Council of Jewish Women is the group with 16 million, not the local Cleveland chapter of NCJF and certainly not the misguided group Ohioans for Gun Safety. It looks like NCJF spends about 1 million a year on all of it’s efforts nationwide, some of which, no doubt, will filter down to the ballot initiative. But I doubt it will be a significant amount.

    I have no doubt that this group will catch the attention and money of Bloomberg and the Moms at some point, if not already, but to imply they already have 16 million at their disposal is not at all accurate.

    1. @cashman966 – was wondering if you’d made a typo in the abbreviation NCJF, but then you made it twice. Intentionally? I wondered what the “F” might stand for and realized it could be what a certain conservative broadcaster (no pun intended, at first): “feminazis”, or maybe the more usual: “fembi*****”. Either way, it’s appropriate.

  3. Gov John Kasich: He favors gun control, Common Core, a pathway to citizenship for illegals, and same-sex marriage. This hypocrite globalist is a serial scripture twister who picks and chooses Bible verses to promote his liberal political agenda. Kasich seethes with condescension at Christian conservatives who disagree with him while claiming the biblical high ground. Recall while in Congress he voted for the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (HR 4092), also known as the Assault Weapons Ban, on April 21, 1994. Green foaming vomit comes to mind.

    Sorry if you live in Ohio.

  4. clueless snowflakes don’t understan background checks are ALREADY REQUIRED for LEGAL gun ownership. now perhaps they should go after the ILLEGAL guns owned by criminals. oh oops yea THOSE aren’t registered in ANY database well some might be in the STOLEN GUN registry.

  5. We also need a group called Americans against auto violence!! (AAAV) will help solve the needless deaths caused by driving autos every day. Just initiate background checks for ALL who intend to buy an auto!!

  6. Let’s see, Valentino uses statistics to prove gun violence is not a product of gun SALES.
    Groner, on the other hand, makes crap up and expects people to accept it because he has the letters Dr in front of his name. Typical leftist approach.

    When are we going to outlaw DOCTORS!?!?
    They kill thousands annually through misdiagnoses, inadequate treatment, and outright malpractice!!
    Maybe we should all form an alliance to require registration of any doctor responsible for wrongful death. Get them out of the office and back on the street!

  7. California has been requiring background checks for years and it has not slowed down gun purchases and this group is not going to stop these young blacks from killing one another in their State.

  8. New Mexico had to deal with New Mexico for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action during the 2016 legislative season. These groups are funded by Bloomberg in order to get any and all legislation to diminish our second amendment rights. They literally bus people to the state capital to cry and repeat false statistics. Be prepared to stand against them!

  9. Hello, I contacted state officials a few years ago, and I in my email received a reply from a lady representing the office of the governor, saying that they are looking to make sure everyone that buys a gun gets a back ground check , and that they fairly get reviewed. When I asked who would do the reviewing she did not answer, so I asked her again, and she stated that they take “gun safety” seriously. This was when john kasich was governor. After that I managed to visit a Pro Gun show, and inside and outside, were people obtaining signatures to support “gun safety”, they were posing as second amendment and pro gun, but they were not, listening to their propaganda, none of them owned a gun, they were lying to the people, but still people were signing. Some were passing as christians, and there were others stating they were running for senate, but never saw their names in the voting booths. My take is that they are people trying to gain name and fame to be endorsed by a party, and turn against all those who signed. I have seen here in Columbus how from a monthly gun show, it has turned to be twice a year, and has to be on state grounds. I caught a female running for senate, and when I met her she flinched like a demon, she was lying to second ammendment, pro gun supporters, to get signatures to rid of guns, advertising gun safety again, she did not own a gun either.

  10. Holding a framed picture of his son Kenny, Kevin James told the story of how his child was struck down about seven years ago as an innocent victim of gun violence.

    Kenny was shot and killed late Oct. 14, 2010. He would have been turning 30 this year.

    “That in essence was the worst day of my life,” James of Cleveland said.

    James was speaking during the campaign announcement of Ohioans for Gun Safety, a new grassroots organization aiming to bring “common sense background checks” for gun safety to Ohio.

    “It is too easy to get a gun,” James said. “We need to get these guns away from people who are intent on doing harm.”
    Listen to the Buckeye Forum podcast

    Kenny’s killer had prior convictions in Ohio and other states, James said.

    “If a background check was done, my son more than likely would still be alive today,” James said.

    People have been working more than a year to launch Ohioans for Gun Safety, said David Eggert, a founding member of Ohioans for Gun Safety.

    “We don’t have a sentence, we don’t have a paragraph,” Eggert said. “We don’t have anything written yet. We have a goal, common sense background checks for gun safety in Ohio.”

    Join the conversation at and connect with us on Twitter @OhioPoliticsNow

    Ohioans for Gun Safety is going forward as a ballot initiative, and more than $31,000 has been raised for the organization through nearly 50 house parties in the last few months, Eggert said.

    “Gun violence is not a political issue,” said Anne Wallace, a psychologist from Cincinnati. “At heart, it’s a health and a safety issue.”

    Dr. Jonathan Groner, trauma medical director and a surgeon at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, supports Ohioans for Gun Safety.

    “There are too many guns around,” Groner said.

    A conversation about gun violence needs to start happening around the state, he said.

    “I used to be fairly lucky in the pediatric world that this was not an everyday or every week thing,” Groner said. “Now it pretty much is.”

    Gun owners including Neil Moore are in favor of Ohioans for Gun Safety.

    “Common sense gun safety is as basic as it gets,” Moore, a veteran of the United States Navy, said.

    Jim Irvine, board president of Buckeye Firearms, is curious what Ohioans for Gun Safety means by “common sense.”

    To Buckeye Firearms, common sense is doing what will cause the least amount of deaths involving innocent human life, Irvine said.

    He also said the majority of gun-related deaths cited by organizations like Ohioans for Gun Safety are suicides.

    “What we have is a mental-health problem,” Irvine said.


  11. People have been working more than a year to launch Ohioans for Gun Safety, said David Eggert, a founding member of Ohioans for Gun Safety.

  12. Ohioans for Gun Safety Launches Campaign
    Thursday, September 7th, 2017

    Growing number of Ohioans have joined Ohioans for Gun Safety

    COLUMBUS – Today, a grassroots coalition of Ohioans dedicated to bringing common sense background checks for gun safety, known as Ohioans for Gun Safety, hosted a press conference to announce the start of their campaign.

    Ohioans for Gun Safety has been working together across the state by fostering conversations and hosting meetings to address the growing gun violence in our state. A growing number of Ohioans have joined the movement because they are concerned about increasing gun violence and want to bring a common sense solution to Ohio. They are called Groundbreakers.

    Here are what some supporters had to say today at the press conference:

    David Eggert, Clevelander, founding member of Ohioans for Gun Safety: “We are here today united by a common goal – to bring background checks for gun safety to Ohio. We don’t have a paragraph of ballot language written, or a grand scheme for making a law. We want to be inclusive, and bring in as many groups and organizations to be partners in our effort to reduce gun violence and make Ohio safer.

    Kevin James, Cleveland-area resident who lost a son to gun violence: “I lost my son seven years ago to gun violence that could have been prevented by a simple background check. Until someone you know has been killed in an act of senseless gun violence, you can’t know the pain and suffering that could have been avoided. We need to bring common sense background checks for gun safety to Ohio. It will save lives.”

    Dr. Jonathan Groner, Columbus pediatric trauma surgeon: “As a Central Ohio trauma surgeon, I see firsthand the effects of gun violence. It is preventable, and we need to do something to stop innocent lives from being taken – even little kids, my patients – by guns.”

    Neil Moore, Cincinnatian, gun owner, Second Amendment and Ohioans for Gun Safety supporter: “I’m a former member of the NRA and I served in the U.S. Navy. I believe in personal responsibility. But there are some people, with a history of violent crime, or other criminal behavior, who should never own a gun. That’s what we are talking about today – common sense background checks to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”

    Anne Wallace, Cincinnatian, psychologist and member of Ohioans for Gun Safety: “About a year ago, I started to seek out ways to be involved with reducing gun violence in our state. That’s how I found Ohioans for Gun Safety, and encourage everyone who shares our concern to become involved, even in the smallest of ways. We all can work together to save lives and make our state safer.”

  13. There comes a time when patriots will have to fight to keep their natural rights. First they come for your guns and now, across the country, many leftist extremists are coming for your speech. What will be the result of a rights free country and are you willing to stand up and unite to ensure it never materializes? What’s worse: living on your knees groveling or dying on your feet fighting the tyranny many want you to accept?

  14. So would not the NRA be point to defend against this group? I agree with keeping up with this but the NRA is better equipped and better funded to wage this battle.

  15. Have these morons seen what gun control has done to Chicago ? Or North Korea ? A gun has
    never killed anybody, but those who disrespect life have. Free people need weapons for self defense, its the thugs in government we have to watch.

  16. The “do gooder” bleeding hearts are still ill informed traitors to the constitution. I have no more use for them than I do for BLM or other SJW. Ship all of them to Europe or Africa where they can try to enforce their fascistic understanding of freedom on some other poor slob.

  17. I just cannot understand why Jewish groups are in favor of gun control. Are they the same Jews who went around telling fellow Jews “Don’t do anything to made the Nazis angry”?

    Are you kidding me? They are murdering millions of you. Don’t make them angry? What are they going to do if they are angry? Kill the Jews three times instead of just once? With just a handful of guns, mostly pistols the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto managed to stand off, what, a German division? Just think what they could have done if all were armed with real weapons. I wish someone could explain that mindset to me because no matter how hard I try I cannot understand their thinking.

  18. If we were to follow the bleeding heart mindset, isn’t targeting gun owners or those who want a gun” profiling”?

  19. Ever notice how leftists always use the tired, redundant old word, “common sense”, when they endeavor to persuade the public that there is a need for still another gun law? And that term, “gun safety”? I always thought the term referred to safe gun handling. It has nothing to do with “gun control”. But the anti gun morons use “common sense” and “gun safety” to persuade seemingly rational people that it really ain’t “gun control”, but something else. Whatchawannabet that most of these Ohio morons, who want to make the rules for the rest of us, live in comfortable, relatively crime-free suburban neighborhoods where they never fear for their lives or live in crime-ridden big city neighborhoods like many other Americans. And what about Bloomberg? He never steps out his door without several armed bodyguards to protect him. Why doesn’t he donate his millions to worthy causes that truly benefit others rather than squandering his wealth on antigun causes?

  20. In all the so-called pro-2nd groups, with all their so-called patriots, I see a few tired arguments repeated ad nauseam. Instead of repeating the law as the Founders wrote it, the pretend 2nd amendment community seems to know nothing more than taking a wrong turn.
    On the other hand, the organizations and the people of groups like Bloomberg’s Everytown uses every possible trick in the book. They lie with impunity. They file lawsuits. They leave no stone unturned.
    Here we sit with the law completely on our side, and we refuse to use it. As far as I know, the Constitution has not been amended, and Article 1, Section 8 that correlates with state statutes is not only dismissed, but in speaking to many in the pro-2nd (LOL!) community, it is disparaged, and despised.
    Who wins this fight?
    I many not see the end, nor you, but our children will suffer our blatant stupidity.

  21. I will just never understand how anyone can think that taking guns away from law abiding citizens will do anything to stop gun crimes. NEWSFLASH!!! Criminals are the people that should not have guns, but a law does not stop them from having guns. For the most part people that commit gun crimes are not allowed to own or possess a gun in the first place, so they are already breaking the law and they know this, so another law won’t change anything. Go after criminals and not law abiding citizens, if a prohibited person is caught with a gun that’s who needs to go to jail.

  22. They should have talks with the gang bangers about giving all their guns, if they really want to make any difference ! I wonder how that would turn out ?

  23. While I might feel for the man and his loss, my “feelings” would not cause me to give up basic civil or constitutional rights.

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