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Keep Your Eye On Hurricane Irma

Keep Your Eye On Hurricane Irma

As Texas is surviving the floods and devastation from Hurricane Harvey, a new hurricane is threatening Florida and the Atlantic coast from Florida to North Carolina. Below are two videos showing two computer models of the projected path of hurricane Irma. It is still too early to predict with high accuracy its path, but both models have it aiming for either a Florida landfall, or skirting the coast of Florida and making landfall in South Carolina.It is also projected to be a Category 4 hurricane, with its rainfall bands extending to a radius of 140 miles from the eye. If it doesn’t weaken, or turn to the east, this could be a very major storm.

Everyone living in those areas needs to pay attention, as the landfall is expected to be made by 9-11. Get your preps in order, and those in low-lying areas should make plans to evacuate, but most importantly, to get prepared, and pay attention to Hurricane Irma.

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  1. last year i was in South Carolina and we were mandated to evacuate if we were within 200 miles of the coast, we were and we decided to leave mainly because tornados were predicted besides the hurricane so 5 adult and 4 children got into 2 vehicles took some food, water and clothes …and got out of dodge… we really did not have to leave since the storm was minor but it could have been terrible… i suggested we head west so we ended up in Tennessee… after we left to return to South Carolina that Fire near Dollywood happened. Driving to Tennessee was not a problem other than it was at night and we were driving through the Smokies with several Tractor Trailer Trucks… but going back to South Carolina… it was heavy heavy traffic all the way… 300,000 people evacuated… take some food, water, clothes and important documents and be safe.

  2. We live in the area that Harvey just passed through. It dropped almost 50 ” of rain but by some miracle we did not flood. Countless people did flood and the local river flooding (Brazos) is still happening. The nightmare of clean up and repair has not even started yet. The people in the path of Irma need to prepare. God Bless !

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