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Hurricane IRMA UPDATE GEORGIA SC/NC NEED To Follow Florida’s lead!

Hurricane IRMA UPDATE GEORGIA SC/NC NEED To Follow Florida's lead!

Many computer models indicate Irma will turn North and possibly run up the east coast of Florida, wreaking havoc, as the eye will be just offshore. If it travels this course, Georgia and South Carolina will be hard hit. Landfall will come in either Georgia or South Carolina. There is still a possibility Irma will travel right up the middle of Florida, however, so be ready, just in case.

This is a very large hurricane, in terms of radius. so anywhere within 150-200 miles of the eye will be severely impacted by hurricane force winds, or tropical storm force winds, with the attendant rain, possibly as much as 6″.

In Florida, bottled water and batteries are flying off the store shelves, and gasoline is getting harder to come by, as folks are getting stocked up.

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