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Houston Update – Volunteers and Donations Needed for Current Operations

Oath Keepers are still providing security at the huge warehouse in Houston, Texas since the need for survival supplies is ongoing. Some of our members have used up their time off and had to go back to work. We have additional volunteers taking their place. However, there is so much more that still needs to be done, and we are short-handed. We also need funds for food and fuel for our members who are volunteering in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

We have been working with the Mayor of Houston and his staff in coordinating our efforts. They, and the people of Houston have been welcoming and gracious.

Houston Update - Volunteers and Donations Needed for Current Operations
Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston, Texas

Our volunteers are needed in the daytime to protect the many workers in the warehouse and the truckers who deliver donated goods to the warehouse. The volunteers from various organizations like the Teamsters, NACC, and church groups unload delivery semi’s, organize the supplies, and then load trucks from local organizations with the donated goods to be delivered to neighborhoods in need.

Houston Update - Volunteers and Donations Needed for Current Operations
Some of the volunteers who are working in the Houston warehouse. Lowe’s donated buckets filled with cleaning supplies.

Oath Keepers have helped to set up a system of neighborhood Block Captains who pick up and deliver food, water, and other relief supplies to their neighbors. When we can, we provide security for them on the return trip. Yes, there is a problem with looting.

Houston Update - Volunteers and Donations Needed for Current Operations
A pallet of supplies, ready to go.

Our Oath Keepers are also needed at night to protect the warehouse, truckers who deliver after dark, the supplies, and their fellow Oath Keepers sleeping inside.

Houston Update - Volunteers and Donations Needed for Current Operations
Night duty at the Houston warehouse.

SKILLSETS NEEDED (from our previous call to action):

We are looking for men with relevant military, police, or security training, such as:

Current serving or retired law enforcement.    We have a crucial need for police officers to act as liaisons to local and federal LEO’s and also because of their many other skillsets which translate directly to nearly everything we are doing here.

Current serving or veteran military, especially infantry or other combat arms, military police, or others with Personal Security Detail, force protection or site security training and experience.

Experienced armed security professionals.    Must be trained, safe, and competent with your weapon and equipment.  And must have a solid understanding of the lawful use of force and the force continuum.

Above all, we want only cool, calm, steady men who will keep a cool head under pressure, and will interact well with many volunteers coming and going – quiet professionals.   You WILL be vetted.  If you have a CHL, please bring it.  Please bring a copy of any training certs you have, or any other pertinent proof of training or status, if at all possible.  Please make it easy for us to vett you and get you assigned to a team.   If you are an Oath Keepers member, please bring your membership card if you have it.   You DO NOT have to be a member to volunteer.  We will take all qualified personnel.  Please see the contact info below.

We can also still use:

Emergency medical personnel:   EMTs, military medics and corpsmen, civilian paramedics, nurses, etc.   However, please understand that our primary mission here at the warehouse is a fixed position defense/protection operation.   If we have enough people, we may be able to send some out on relief missions to affected areas, but please don’t count on that.   You would be needed to support and care for our people, and be prepared to deal with trauma just in case, and also to do some medical checks and first aid on disaster victims if you go out on a mission to affected areas (as our medics .  Please bring whatever gear you have that you would need to work that mission.

Communications experts (HAM General class or above preferred, but a technical class HAM is also useful).    Please bring extra radios if you have them.




Or email:

Any questions, please call or email.

We have been blessed with the honor of protecting and assisting some outstanding first-responders, including directly assisting local volunteer fire-fighters, search and rescue, police officers, sheriff deputies, and also National Guard units from multiple states including Texas and Louisiana (we actually helped protect unarmed National Guard and fire-fighters), and protecting the incredible volunteer medical teams mentioned above, as well as helping the devastated, tired, and wet Texans who live here.  It has been a privilege and an honor to do so, and we intend on being on call and ready to respond whenever they need us, as well as protecting this new relief supply center in Houston.

This is square on with our Community Preparedness Team (CPT) concept –  Americans coming together, lending a hand, is what it is all about.   We would hate to turn them down because we didn’t have enough men.

If you would prefer to mail a check, our mailing address is:

Oath Keepers
5130 S. Fort Apache Rd.
Suite 215
Las Vegas, NV   89148

Today let us remember our fallen from 9-11-2001, including the first responders who lost their lives while running into the buildings at the World Trade Center and up the stairs while others were running out.  Let their example of courage and service inspire us to step up, put our boots on and answer the call when our fellow Americans are in need. 

Never forget.

Houston Update - Volunteers and Donations Needed for Current Operations






  1. We must do our part to assist where we are needed, however, do not forget that Houston and numerous other large cities have been declared “Sanctuary Cities” by the Mayors and politicians that manage them. Sanctuary cities have UN input and that means UN Peacekeepers…..that means UN boots on American soil (remember SCN..Strong Cities Network) …..BEWARE Oath Keepers upper management, there are dangers and their agenda and ultimate goals are to fill the country with refugees and illegals and turn our Sovereign nation into a Globalist Communist cesspool……Lets invest our time and money into getting Representative Mike Rogers bill, HR-193 (American Sovereignty Restoration Act) passed into law and get us OUT of the Globalist Communist United Nations. Our future and our nations future depends on getting it passed if we are to survive.

    1. Vinny, thanks for the reminder. However, it is always a win for us to pitch in and help fellow Americans in time of need, such as this. It is the right thing to do, period, and it is also a win when it comes to hearts and minds. They can see by our actions what we are really about, and that helps to cut through all the propaganda against us by our enemies, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (which the late patriot Mike Vanderboegh dubed the “Southern Preposterous Lie Center”).

      My personal experience from being there, on the ground in Texas is that when people are in the middle of a disaster they don’t care about politics, which party you are in, or race. They care about helping each other. And that is a good thing to do, and a good thing to experience.

      Remember, divide and conquer is one of the oldest strategies in the books. Our response to these hurricanes helps to defeat that strategy.

      We can then talk about the other issues once the storm has passed, and the hard work of relief is done. And when we do, we will be listened to precisely because we stepped up and lent a hand when needed.


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