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Funds Needed for Florida Everglades Disaster Relief Expansion

Oath Keepers has already spent more than the donations we have received for our hurricane disaster relief operations. We still need donations to support our continuing efforts in Florida. Our Oath Keepers are volunteers, but we still have to pay for any needed relief supplies that are not donated to us, a rental truck to haul goods to people in need, and fuel for the trucks being used in our efforts. And now, we’re expanding into another area that has received little to no help so far.

Today, September 23, we are expanding our disaster relief efforts into the Florida Everglades, where people are still digging out from the hurricane and flood damage. Many rural Floridians are not receiving help from the large agencies or charities. Due to the severe water damage, they are in need of cleaning and personal hygiene supplies. There is always a need for water and food. Apparently, there has been no help for this area from FEMA or the Red Cross. We have been unsuccessful when we asked the “big box” stores for the needed items as donations. (UPDATE: LOWE’S gave us 20% off on mold eradication supplies.)

The money we have raised so far for Florida has already been spent at Sam’s Club on pallet loads rice and beans, plus canned food, diapers, baby supplies, trash bags, paper goods, etc. Much of that went to a relief distribution center at Christian Fellowship Church, located at 16 E 1st St, Frostproof, FL 33843.

We need additional funds to provide support for the people in the hard hit Everglades.




Loading purchases from Sam's Club for a church distribution center in the Florida Keys. Food, paper towels, TP, plastic bags, diapers, pet food, etc. Oath Keepers have also been going out into the rural areas to deliver water, food and necessities. You can help get more food and supplies to people in need by donating here:

Posted by Oath Keepers on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Oath Keepers worked with currently serving sheriff’s deputy Bob Brown of One Nation Under God to distribute water and food at two locations in East Tampa. They brought water, and we brought bags of beans and rice. There were other goods as well, including medical supplies and diapers.


Hurricane Irma food donations to the public!

Posted by Oath Keepers of Lake County Florida on Thursday, September 21, 2017

UPDATE FROM STEWART RHODES: LOWE’S gave us 20% off.  Coach Dave donated $2,500. so we can take mold-killing supplies to the rural poor in the Everglades today.


Oath Keepers and One Nation Under God are going into the Everglades together today. Our focus is to help the people who need it the most. After flooding, mold is a serious problem and must be addressed. Breathing mold quickly becomes a serious health issue. We’re bringing the supplies they need.

Again, we need your help to help the people in Florida who need it the most. Floridians in rural areas, like the Everglades, need our help now, so we’re heading there to do whatever we can on a shoestring budget. Donations, big or small will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

We are only limited by the funds available and we are showing you exactly what we’re doing with your donations. Thank you very much to everyone who has already donated, and everyone who will donate in the future.

With your help, we are making a difference!





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  1. Thank you for helping all those who suffered to the hurricane disaster. You guys are doing way more than you were supposed to and it really brings a tear to my eye… Thank you <3

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