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Are you fed up with the mainstream media?

Are you also concerned about the agendas being pushed at us, and our children, in movies and television shows?

Does it bother you that so many don’t see the globalist propaganda yet?

Do you recognize that our news organizations cover some topics and ignore others? Can you see the bias in their reporting?

Want to know how and why our media and entertainment industries are doing this? And what you can do to expose it?

The answers are in the 4-part documentary:


How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media
Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda

Because of the subject matter of this documentary, the usual sources of movie financing are not available. Personally, I want to see the complete film, and I want to order the DVD when it’s ready for family and friends. I’m on a tight budget, but I just sent a $100 donation. There is a donor who doubles all donations, so this will provide $200 towards the final editing of Part 4.

Please donate to help get the word out that our media is pushing globalist propaganda. If nothing else, please watch Part 3, “Indoctrinating Images”, and share this progress report with like-minded friends.


Progress Report

11 September 2017


I am happy to announce that we have completed MAINSTREAM Part 3 – “Indoctrinating Images” and it is up at the Premiere site at

We have now completed 3 of the 4 Parts of this 4-part mini series on Hollywood movies and the New York networks and how they are promoting the Globalist Agenda. We now only have Part 4 to complete and when it’s done we will release all 4 parts on DVD.

Now that Summer recess is over, I hope you will be able to make some time to watch each of the Parts of MAINSTREAM that have so far been released.  Here they are in one easy table, so if you save this email you can reference them as you watch them:


MAINSTREAM Part 1 – “Moving Images”

MAINSTREAM Part 2 – “Corrupting Images”

MAINSTREAM Part 3 – “Indoctrinating Images”

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

MAINSTREAM Part 4 – “Globalist Images” (not complete)

The most current version of MAINSTREAM, as well as the other seven movies we have produced, can also be found at our Feature Documentaries page at YouTube.

We now only have Part 4 to complete.  We can accomplish this by the end of September with modest donations.  Unfortunately we have again run out of production funds so all post-production has come to a standstill.  I know you are probably sick and tired of these Progress Reports and anxious to see this series done, but if even a small portion of you reading this donate – the series WILL be done.  Wouldn’t it be a waste of time, effort and money if we were to get 75% of the MAINSTREAM series done and then fail to complete the last part, the part that wraps up the entire series and explains How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda?

I hope you agree and will go to and donate what you can.

MAINSTREAM will be an incredible accomplishment when it’s released into the public domain. There has never been a documentary like this because filmmakers and producers in the movie and TV industry are typically scared to make movies that are critical of their Industry.  This is because the Industry is dominated by a very small group of insiders who control the financing and distribution.  These insiders preach tolerance but they do not tolerate anyone who criticizes them or the 100-year mass media oligopoly they have created, a mass media oligopoly that dictates the politics and culture of the nation.  Such critics are labeled “bigots,” “racists,” “xenophobes” and “anti-Semites.”  Look what they are doing every day to Donald Trump because he won’t conform to their politics.  Look what they have done to others, such as Orson Wells, Marlon Brando, Mel Gibson, Gary Oldman and Seth MacFarlane over the years.

Again, few who work in “the Biz” will criticize it or they will “never work again in this town.”  I am probably a perfect example.  I will probably never work again in the Hollywood-based motion picture industry because I have stepped out of line and, with your help, have made the MAINSTREAM series.  I am not looking for sympathy because I may find plenty of work in other film industries around the world.  These other film industries fully understand that the U.S. Mainstream Media is dominated by a discriminating “control group” that brainwashes Americans day in and day out.  These industries will find truth in the MAINSTREAM series and are probably wondering when Americans will wake up.

That said, the key reason it’s important to complete the MAINSTREAM series and get it out on the NET and in DVD — is because, until and unless the issue of the Mainstream Media is fully addressed, no other issues will be able to be fully addressed.

If the mainstream media drives the political and cultural agenda, this means they influence and dominate all subjects concerned with the power of the Sword and the Power of the Purse.  In short, they dominate Second Amendment and Federal Reserve System issues.  This is why we have seen little progress on a revitalization of the State Militia System.  This is why we have seen little progress on rescinding the Federal Reserve Act.  Don’t look now, but the Hollywood studios and New York Networks have indoctrinated the American public into accepting both a centralized military and a centralized monetary system.  These two systems are now leading us down the road to perpetual war and perpetual debt — in other words, the road to serfdom, as F.A. Hayek might say.

If we allow this to go much farther — if we allow the MAINSTREAM MEDIA to continue to dominate the politics and culture of the nation — we will surely end up with a one-world totalitarian government.  And this is exactly what the CONTROL GROUP in the Hollywood studios and the New York Networks wants.

So, I would rather be blackballed as a filmmaker and make these things known than produce politically-correct documentaries that are biased towards the Globalist Agenda — a liberal, anti-Constitutional, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist agenda.

I hope you will consider these things and help get MAINSTREAM Part 4 – “Globalist Images” – done.  We can, and are, delivering an effective blow to the Media Trolls on the Bridge to Liberty so please donate what you can afford, and I will do my job and get the last of this 4-part series done and into release.










  1. All good info for sure but nothing new at all. It a has all been up at the site below for over 5 years and many still do not grasp the obvious here in USA today. Americans are some very slow people to understand much of anything including losing their country and even slower to respond to any of it and do a damn thing ! Pathetic.

    1. Stupidity and denial prevents idiots from listening to the truth or intelligence kind of like some unable to deploy ram after being brainwashed. By to much wrong station…for exsample let authorities know of a harbored bio terrorist camped out next to major oil refinery in calif. And they ignor such a threat..then take your rights kid slander ect..and wonder why it catches on fire later ect..sold out maybe

    1. The videos in this article should be viewed by all, they are well worth your time, but it does all go much deeper.

      PRAVDA/MSM is alive and well here in USA today and simply the propaganda arm of the deep state apparatus that controls all of us. Currently the DEMs control that apparatus and it was put on steroids by Obama and crew. If that is not obvious, you have not been paying attention at all ! This is not simply the left leaning media, it is well past that false paradigm. It is no different at all than what Goebbels did for Hitler or what the old Soviet state circa 1950s/60s/70s did in the USSR. 100% pure propaganda and mind effing the populace as well as the education systems at every level.

      Realize Obama and crew had almost a decade to create all of it, so it will take a while to unwind much of it ! The reason we see many younger people that are mind effed is that when Obama came along they were early twenties, teens or even younger. Now all those people are ten years older and have been completely indoctrinated via PRAVDA/MSM and our phony education systems at every level and for every social purpose.

      The real war now is with the deep state apparatus that is dominated by the DEMs. But let there be no doubt the REPs are also part of it as we see from the RINOs like Ryan, Mcconnell, McCain, Walden and others. They are all part of the corporatocracy that has been created here in USA in the last 30 years. It is all about buying influence in our government and little else. So we see much corruption that follows. Are the RINOs bought and paid for by special interest and will the DEMs go along with anything PRAVDA/MSM creates as a false paradigm and false narrative ?

      None of it is rocket science, just various forms of propaganda, manipulation, lies and distortions. Say it all enough times on the TV or I-phone and it all becomes true, even if it is glaring false !

      There is a simple way to defeat all of it , that is the good news and that is starting to take place as more people realize the underlying fundamentals and dynamics in play !

    2. Hodges has little credibility these days for many reasons. Mostly because he over reacts and extrapolates things well past what is real. He reads in a bit too much and that sinks his own ship. Some of his stuff is just taken out of context, not that it should not be considered perhaps

    1. It is all well past the false paradigm of liberal media or left leaning media. It has all become bigger and grander control mechanisms created by PRAVDA/MSM in conjunction with the deep state apparatus ! They can easily create any illusion and they do 24/7/365 !

      The good news is they are losing their power simply because more people are waking up and realizing their game. They are also slowly realizing they are paying to get effed daily by their own government !

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