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Draining The Swamp – Part 1

Draining The Swamp - Part 1

The process of Draining the Swamp will be a long one, but step-by-step, it has begun. We cannot lose focus, for the Swamp Creatures are both fixated and devious. They have infested our culture over the course of many decades, but the Draining has begun.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner was sentenced to 21 months jail time for his “sexting” of an underage girl. Hopefully the creep will disappear from public view and live the rest of his life in the dark hole he came out of.

Judge Moore defeated Sen.Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican Senatorial primary. Swamp creature Strange was backed heavily by RINO Republicans and globalists, and was also backed by President Trump, which he indicated was a miscalculation.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bob Corker, (R-Tenn) a globalist, RINO, announced he will not be seeking re-election. No doubt he saw the pasting Sen. Strange suffered in Alabama, and feared he would suffer the same crushing defeat. Good riddance Sen. Corker.

There is some pushback to the NFL “Taking a Knee” protests, which dishonor and disrespect both veterans and patriots, from many quarters.

From Breitbart:

According to the Baltimore Sun, Joey Odoms, an Army combat veteran, who won the anthem-singing job in a competition in 2014, has resigned. His resignation comes only days after over 200 NFL players, and about a dozen Baltimore Ravens, protested the flag and President Trump on Sunday.

Odoms posted a message on Instagram, which summed up his thoughts and reasoning for resigning. As quoted in the Sun, Odoms said that the, “tone/actions of a large number of NFL fans in the midst of our country’s cultural crisis, have convinced me that I do not belong” at M&T Bank Stadium.

Fans around the country are reacting against the protests by burning their teams NFL gear and saying they will no longer go to, or view games. They are “fed up”.

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Sponsors of the NFL are reacting, too.

CARNAGE=> DirecTV Offers Refunds After Customer Service Bombarded With Cancellation Demands Over Anthem Protests

Breaking: Anheuser-Busch to Speak to NFL Over Their Anthem-Military Protests

It Begins. Owner of Historic US Clothing Company Pulls Ads from NFL Games

This is a beginning, but it is only a beginning. The war against the Swamp will be long, but I am seeing signs of a true awakening and pushback. The globalists have gone too far, swerving from their incremental approach, and have made themselves too visible. The people are beginning to strike back.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. It just seems so easy if every one that really loved his country just quit watching, buying tickets and merchandise from NFL for one season, there would be a complete turn around. Ya gotta vote with your feet and your wallet.Problem is armchair sports is as addictive as heroin, to a lot of people.Ya gotta go cold turkey on this one.

    1. Only 7% year to year decrease in NFL viewership?? Should be a decrease of at least 25%. But as you mention & I have stated elsewhere, “IMO over half of US is ADDICTED!!!”
      I am not a huge pro sports fan but occasionally watch televised games. An often guest at my house agrees that NFL actions are DISRESPECTFUL but now no longer visits on Sunday, Monday & Thursday because I now ban any games in my house unless Jerry Jones’ Cowboys are playing.
      I seldom have viewed broadcasts prior to kickoff but have been lately just to see: Previously, hasn’t the anthem been broadcast? Recently I have not seen it and suspect broadcasters are talking or airing commercials to chicken out on showing continued DISRESPECT.

    1. The homepage was down for me and others from different areas earlier today, but is working now. The message was (paraphrasing) “There is no problem with this page, then suggested using the newly provided ‘homepage’ link”.

      was that how it was for you CB?

      1. Thanks guys, Cal I don’t remember the wording, but I got on today with out having to go down any side streets.I was just concerned with all of the talk about google etc. killing sites.

  2. I think that with further review you may find that Odoms did not quit because of the players’ actions but because of the fans booing the players. I believe Odoms stands(or kneels) with the players

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