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Call to Action in support of Patriot Express – Texas and Nationwide

Patriot Express is collecting donated necessities for Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey. Thousands are currently living in shelters. Their only possessions are what they could carry when they left their flooded homes for a boat ride to safety.

Oath Keepers are setting up a safe haven for Patriot Express drivers and trucks north of Houston, Texas. This will be a safe and secure place for drivers to sleep, and with protection for the trucks and cargo to make sure donated water and other supplies are not stolen.

We need volunteers to man this location location to assist in our effort to keep the drivers, trucks, and relief supplies safe.

For more information, please contact:

Alex Oaks:  228-731-1807

Don Holse:  936-328-7915

Billy Simmons:  318-914-2224  or  225-329-9832   Email:

ALERT for all state chapters:
We will have information soon regarding Patriot Express locations across the country. We will be helping with security while the trucks are being loaded with disaster relief supplies.

Call to Action in support of Patriot Express - Texas and Nationwide

Thank you very much to everyone who has donated to help fund Oath Keepers’ relief efforts in Texas.

I you are available to come and help, please call us at the phone numbers above.

If you would like to donate to help us maintain and expand our relief efforts, please donate here.





  1. Am available to haul a pull behind or gooseneck trailers with my 2015 35004×4 from western Colorado . Just need fuel .
    Also trying to sell my 06 Harley RoadGlide to acquire the funds to help. Have a 16′ tall motorcycle /cargo trailer to use to pick up donations enroute.

  2. So proud of you guys, you are doing a great job to help fellow Americans. Some of us patriots could not make it down there but we are gathering donations and praying for you guys that are on the ground in Houston.

  3. Im a retired FLEO, former HPD officer, current AEMT, current LE firearms inst certified. In the middle of a current deploy with ARC for medic aid in Beaumont. I ironically had plans go go to FL later next week. I may do another ARC deploy while in Ocala. Ill be a bit hammered by then (I left home in August) but if you have operators there maybe i can try to help a few days. Keep me posted. God bless and keep your damned head down….

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