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Why Libertarianism Is So Dangerous

Why Libertarianism Is So Dangerous

I found this interesting video put out by the

Make sure you watch it all the way through. The ending will surprise you.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I agree with this message. THAT is why those corrupt and treasonous people serving within our government did away with the Militia of the several states and brought in governmental professional law enforcement (who should be the actual Militia instead of doing the bidding of others). That is WHY we have a standing military so that those who got power, prestige, money from war KEEP US IN WARS against what our LEGITIMATE government requires – yes, it IS in writing.

    They had the assistance of the rest of the world “leaders” because America under the US Constitution was, and still is, a threat to their power. Why? Because when their people could see what was going on within our nation they wanted it also. That means getting rid of their “government” and replacing it. So, instead America with the US Constitution, had/has to be destroyed BECAUSE she is/was the biggest threat.

    So when outside attacks did nothing they spent decades working against our nation, our people and we are witnessing the culmination of that now. The ONLY way we can save our nation is to KEEP our Oaths, that is why they were created. So that individuals, where ever they served/worked would still be individuals with power, so that the choice to act is always with the people and there are guidelines under which we must act to keep OUR actions LAWFUL.

  2. The only danger I have found in “True Libertarianism” to this point is, at some point when an individual over practices his/ her own brand of “Libertarianism” without moral restraint, they often inhibit the Liberty of another person.

    Here’s an example; We would all love to have a 1000yd range as close to home as possible, but setting it up on Main Street USA is just not morally feasible. You may inadvertently inhibit some else’s Liberty, permanently.

  3. Laughable, this is one gigantic strawman. I’ve not seen many libertarians advocating for zero government, in fact my large libertarian book collection contains nothing that advocates no state whatsoever, almost (if not) all of them call for the government to protect individual’s rights. Garbage. This guy is talking about anarcho-capitalism, which is completely different than traditional libertarian(minarchist, like Ron Paul who’s movement helped spark the fire that led to groups like the oathkeepers) viewpoints.

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