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Socialists March Against Socialism?

Socialists March Against Socialism?


In Boston, a group of leftists, some  who were from Socialist organizations, marched against Nazis, as the sign above shows. The counter protest, (of about 40,000),  was in response to a Free Speech Rally sponsored by a group calling itself Boston Free Speech.

  An organizer for Boston Free Speech, the group behind the rally, told that the group is not associated with the white supremacists and wrote in a Facebook post prior to the event that hate groups were not welcome. – (From PJ

So, what were the counter protesting rallying for? Or against? It obviously wasn’t a rally for Free Speech, as the sign indicates. They were telling Nazis to “Shut Up”. They were, it is obvious, standing against Free Speech. As the original rally was supporting Free Speech, the counter rally was doing just the opposite, denying Free Speech.

Who were they denying Free Speech to? Nazis, of course. But what is Nazism? Nazi is an abbreviation of National Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler and the Nazi Party were socialists. Another term used to describe Nazi is fascist. If you call someone a fascist, or a Nazi, you are therefore, calling them a socialist.

Hitler’s Nazis, Mussolini’s Fascists, Lenin’s Marxists, and every other Socialist organization has sought to stifle Free Speech. History has shown this to be true. Hitler didn’t just kill Jews. He killed Communists and anyone who dissented from his Nazi Party rule. Mussolini, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and every socialist/marxist government has done likewise.

From PJ Media:

A left-wing group called United for Justice with Peace (UJP) announced “a rally to Unite Against Hate and Oppression” in a post on its website on August 15. A plethora of far-left groups — including Answer Coalition, Boston Democratic Socialists of America, PSL Boston – Party for Socialism and Liberation, Boston May Day Coalition, Boston Socialist Party, and Our Revolution Cambridge — endorsed the counter-protest.

The leftists and socialists who participated in the counter protest, obviously have no clue that Nazism and Fascism are socialism. They also haven’t a clue that their attempts to stifle Free Speech is a tactic used by Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and all socialist/Marxist leaders to eliminate dissent. Or maybe they do have a clue, and willingly employ Nazi/Marxist tools to stifle dissent. I think the latter is the truth.

I find it humorous that socialists are marching in opposition to socialism, however, though they hide their hate of Free Speech, and anyone who dissents from their viewpoint, behind a phony, virtue signaling call for “diversity and tolerance”, while being intolerant themselves.

I think they are beginning to see the absurdity of the Nazi/fascist name calling, though, as they have begun to shift their name calling to White Supremacist, or White Nationalist. Whatever. They lack the ability to debate, so resort to name calling. It’s all very childish.


Shorty Dawkins