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SHADOW GOVERNMENT Who Rules America? (Full Documentary)

SHADOW GOVERNMENT Who Rules America? (Full Documentary)

Who does rule America? In this video, G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin, Aaron Dykes, Rita Koire, Gerald Celente, Dr. Katherine Albrecht and others discuss who has the real power in America.

If you are not familiar with the Council on Foreign Relations, and its goals, this video exposes them for what they are.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. And who rules those people?! The Tavistock Institute. The “shadow government” is the part of the Committee of 300. Check John Coleman, he did the research.. And it only took him 25 years to chase it all down!

  2. Thank you for your publications. I’m impressed that you are dedicated and relentlessly loyal to the values I hold dear. I’m probably one of the few in my neighborhood. I have no one left except a few close friends including my family that are NOT swayed by the media. You are appreciated.

  3. While the general thesis of this doc is valid, thereare a few “facts” presented that are demostrably false, as well as some premises. It is one thing to post a comment that is wrong or misinformed. But a doc that is researchable and editable, on the OK site, Is worrisome. John Kerry did not win the 2004 presidential election, esp. when all fraud and Sorosification is taken into account. it wasn’t even close.

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