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Ron Paul – Oppose Fascism of the Right and the Left

Ron Paul - Oppose Fascism of the Right and the Left

This article comes from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

by Ron Paul

Following the recent clashes between the alt-right and the group antifa, some libertarians have debated which group they should support. The answer is simple: neither. The alt-right and its leftist opponents are two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

The alt-right elevates racial identity over individual identity. The obsession with race leads them to support massive government interference in the economy in order to benefit members of the favored race. They also favor massive welfare and entitlement spending, as long as it functions as a racial spoils system. Some prominent alt-right leaders even support abortion as a way of limiting the minority population. No one who sincerely supports individual liberty, property rights, or the right to life can have any sympathy for this type of racial collectivism.

Antifa, like all Marxists, elevates class identity over individual identity. Antifa supporters believe government must run the economy because otherwise workers will be exploited by greedy capitalists. This faith in central planning ignores economic reality, as well as the reality that in a free market employers and workers voluntarily work together for their mutual benefit. It is only when government intervenes in the economy that crony capitalists have the opportunity to exploit workers, consumers, and taxpayers. Sadly, many on the left confuse the results of the “mixed economy” with free markets.

Ironically, the failure of the Keynesian model of economic authoritarianism, promoted by establishment economists like Paul Krugman, is responsible for the rise of the alt-right and antifa. Despite a recent (and likely short-lived) upturn in some sectors of the economy, many Americans continue to struggle with unemployment and a Federal Reserve-caused eroding standard of living. History shows that economic hardship causes many to follow demagogues offering easy solutions and convenient scapegoats.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This is were it will become important for everyone to learn ideology. Fascism, whether from the left or the right, knows no dignity for human life.

  2. This: “Antifa, like all Marxists, elevates class identity over individual identity. Antifa supporters believe government must run the economy because otherwise workers will be exploited by greedy capitalists.” Is completely false and misleading.

    If you’re anti-Antifa, then it’s best to “know your enemy”. Seriously, I’m not going to promote them, but I’ve met a couple and know several supporters. They’re not Marxists. They wouldn’t know a Marxist if you had one hold a sign.

    Here’s what I’ve learned: The commonality is in their believe that the government is less and less representative of the will of the people. They see the electoral college as some kind of political tool to keep power in the hands of a minority (just as they probably would have seen how we used to keep political party primaries within the political party rather than up for a public vote.). Although I’m not professor, I do have a political science degree, and the electoral college was specifically designed to maintain power among educated land-owners in certain regions, avoiding the “tyranny of the majority” fear, where the general public might actually act irrationally. So, yes, it was taking power from the general populous. (also why they don’t actually HAVE to vote with the general vote)

    Anyway, they also believe that large corporations and wealthy individuals leverage their wealth, across borders, to maintain control of the USA and increase their own wealth, to the detriment of our ideals of self determination.

    So far, with those items, I don’t think they’re wrong, do you?

    Another common belief is that some opinions are inherently evil and need to be shut-down hard. Preaching a Nazi agenda is seen as equal to calling for a genocide. (it’s actually illegal in Germany). So, punching a Nazi in the face is seen as “OK”.

    Well, I’d like to do that, but I wouldn’t. 🙂

    The idea they have is that to attack without restraint will make people think very very carefully before they go join some kind of nazi march or white power march or really any kind of march.

    So, if you have 100 people that want to march down the street and promote some kind of Nazi agenda, if they know Antifa is going to be there, you’re not going to have people who are like, “dude, I know you don’t know much about what being a Nazi means, but we’re cool, so come on down and march with us. Yeah, bring the family and friends.”.

    That is a tactic, not a political position. Legally, they know it’s totally out of bounds. They know they might get arrested, and it will be totally justified. They punch a nazi, and get caught, they’re not going to deny it – but they’ll wear a mask to avoid it.

    Anyway, it’s not my thing, but I actually do like to know the facts before making an opinion. I like Ron Paul a lot, but this totally false and made up BS about what antifa is was pretty annoying. Anyone who thinks they’re some kind of ideology or class-based whatever…. total BS. Mostly just a collection of mildly educated punk kids who feel empowered by fighting people they all blame for their problems. There might be marxists and socialists and whatever mixed in with them, but that’s not my experience.

    I hope this will help someone.

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