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This Is Why We Prepare: Terrorists Publish Plan To Strike A Critical Part Of America’s Infrastructure

This Is Why We Prepare: Terrorists Publish Plan To Strike A Critical Part Of America’s Infrastructure

This article comes from SHTFPlan,com

by Mac Slavo

ISIS’ strategy for fighting the West has certainly brought terrorism into the 21st century. Their battlefield is shifting away from the real world and into social media, where they can indoctrinate people living in the West, and convince them to carry out terror attacks in their name. And rather than being sophisticated attacks that cause mass casualties, ISIS promotes multiple smaller attacks that can be spread out throughout a targeted country. It’s easier to cause these kinds of incidents, and a lot harder for authorities to foil them.

It’s a strategy that is as simple as it is brilliant. They can wreak havoc on the societies that oppose them with little cost, and without lifting a finger.

It’s such an effective strategy that it’s now being picked up by other terror groups like Al-Qaeda. Ibrahim al-Asiri, who is the group’s chief bomb maker, recently published a document in a magazine (it should be noted that the idea of a terrorist group having a slick magazine is also borrowed from ISIS) that shows any would-be lone wolf terrorist how to inflict mayhem on a critical component of America’s infrastructure.

Trains are of particular significance to this plan, especially freight trains that carry a range of key consumer products.

“In America, trains are considered to be among the most important means of transportation within the country,” the article states. “What becomes apparent is that it is too difficult to protect these means of transportation. And here is where we find its vulnerability—means of transportation today are considered to be a weak point which we must focus on.”

The al Qaeda leader urges potential terrorists to focus on three key areas: The trains themselves, the routes they follow, and stations they might stop at.

Due to the difficulty in policing and monitoring these areas, they are viewed as a prime target to cause the most mayhem. An attack would not only disrupt the U.S. economy, but foster panic in the American population and drain many resources, according to the blueprint.

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  1. ISIS – created by and still supported by the CIA. What reason would ISIS have to publish what they intend to do? What reason would ISIS have to create fear? Is this not most effective for those who serve within our governments and are working to destroy it from within?

    1. Good thinking Cal. Don’t ever stop thinking for yourself. I for one find value and wisdom in your writings.
      Far too many have chosen to simply hop onto someone else’s wagon, instead of doing their own thinking.
      One thing though, unless I’m mistaken the evidence suggests that the creation, funding, arming, and control of ISIS, was/is a joint operation involving the CIA, the British MI-6, and the Israeli Mossad.
      Sound logic, IMO. Cui bono?

  2. I prepare constantly and train my family along with loved ones, but they are of the mind set it will not happen. I am working on that…….

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