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Oath Keepers need your help to support our rescue teams in Texas!

Oath Keepers volunteers have been on the ground in Texas since Wednesday, based in Livingston which is just north of the flooding. More members and other patriots are on their way. We sincerely appreciate the donations we have received so far, but expenses are mounting. This is our most expensive operation to date. Beyond the increasing scarcity and cost of fuel for vehicles and boats, we need equipment, food and other supplies both for our members and for the families we rescue.

We need volunteers, per our CALL TO ACTION.

If you can’t volunteer, please help support those who can. You can DONATE to help us continue and expand our operations in Texas.

Our Oath Keepers teams are in the field offering direct assistance to people stranded in flooded areas.

We are also providing security for the Cajun Navy due to criminal threats/attacks against them while they are out on rescues.

There are still many more who need our help to escape their flooded homes and reach a shelter.

We picked up food for over 12,000 meals, plus water,  for a shelter at an American Legion Post in Crosby, Texas. This donation was made possible by an Oath Keeper and another patriot, both Navy veterans, who found out about the Post’s pending food shortage. Thank you again! The story of their volunteer efforts is HERE.

While our Oath Keepers team was at the American Legion shelter, they found out about a young boy with severe asthma. His family was robbed before they reached the shelter, and the boy’s nebulizer and medication were stolen. One of our team went to a pharmacy and was allowed to replace the equipment and medication due to the emergency situation. This is just one example of Texans in need.

Please help us spread the word that the situation in Texas is still ongoing and will be for some time. Many who thought they could stay in their homes are now asking for help. We can all do something, and re-posting or sharing this information is invaluable!

Thank you for your support and your prayers for all affected by this disaster.



Oath Keepers need your help to support our rescue teams in Texas!
American Legion shelter, Crosby, Texas


Oath Keepers need your help to support our rescue teams in Texas!
Delivering food and water to the American Legion shelter.


PHOTO CREDIT: Mississippi Oath Keepers








  1. For the second day, I’m trying to donate but it isn’t working. When I put in the information, it says my username is already registered, please login. But when I login, it says it doesn’t recognize my username or password. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  2. If anyone is heading down from the central NC area(Rowan County), I have a 1kw generator you can take with you. Reply here, I’ll keep checking.

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