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The New Civil War – American Thinker

By Tom Trinko   August 19, 2017

The first “shots” in our new civil war were fired after Charlottesville when many Democratic leaders claimed that they had the right to use physical force against anyone they didn’t like.

While cowardly leftist leaders are trying to portray themselves as fighting Hitler they are really fighting anyone they don’t agree with. Remember that some Democrats said that Rep. Steve Scalise had it coming since he opposed gun control and that Democrats have been silent when left-wing violence was used to prevent Republicans marching in a parade in Portland.

Facing a continued loss of power because their radical agenda is toxic to most Americans, the Democrat leadership — which includes the MSM — have decided that they have the right to physically attack anyone who stands in their way.

Like their Nazi and Communist forefathers, today’s Democrat leaders are comfortable sending swarms of Brownshirts out to beat into submission anyone who stands between them and power.

Under Obama, Democrats renounced the rule of law by declaring that they could choose to not enforce laws they didn’t like and make up laws that Congress never passed. Now they’re saying that they have the right to attack anyone who dares speak out in disagreement.  Rep. Scalise wasn’t a Nazi or white nationalist, nor were the Republicans in Portland, or the speakers that Democrats forcibly prevented from speaking in Berkeley. Yet the Democratic leadership’s condemnation of all of those events has been muted at best.

While the first American Civil War was fought to protect that particularly Democrat institution slavery, the new civil war Democrat elites are starting to wage is about transferring power from the people to the rich white oligarchs, judges, and government bureaucrats.

As then, Republicans stand for freedom and Democrats stand for slavery.

The Democratic elite has issued a call to war by supporting and endorsing violence against people who don’t agree with them.

The left has gone from endorsing Nazis marching in a neighborhood full of Holocaust survivors to endorsing attacks on Nazis wherever they might appear. We all hate Nazis, but as Americans, Republicans believe in freedom of even odious speech, which is why we’re not tearing down the statues of that mass murderer Lenin that exist in America or the statues of Democrat Robert Byrd, who was a senior official in the KKK.

Republicans have uniformly, including President Trump, condemned Nazis and white nationalists. Yet Democrats are attacking us for not being sufficiently “woke.”

The time for pretending that Democrat leadership is patriotic is over.  It’s time to shout from the rooftops that the Democratic leadership is a fascist cabal intent on overthrowing democracy.

It’s unclear how many of those who voted for Hillary support the clear fascist policies of the Democratic party.  We know that those people tend to be low-information voters who get their “news” from the MSM. Hence, they live in a bubble of lies which make Democrat policies look semi-reasonable.

The New Civil War - American Thinker
Even intelligent people fall victim to the Democrat Big Lies. A liberal physicist, for example, was shocked to learn that Osama greenlighted 9/11 because Clinton’s fleeing from Somalia taught Osama that Americans were cowards. He’d never heard that.

Similarly, today many Americans believe that Trump was defending Nazis because the MSM is lying about what he really said.

That’s why we need to be careful and not condemn all Democrats; many of them are honestly unaware of the facts just as the citizens of Nazi Germany didn’t have a clue about how WWII was actually progressing or how the citizens of North Korea thought for decades that though they were starving, they had it better than those poor capitalist South Koreans.

It’s clear that not all of those who voted for Hillary were actually voting for her agenda of taking power from the people and giving it to the elites.

Unlike the average Hillary voter who never heard most of the negative news about her, the Democratic leadership has sinister motives. For decades, they’ve been waging war against America. It started with FDR, a big fan of fascist dictator Mussolini, who began moving this country down the path to socialism with his failed big government policies. Few people remember that those policies didn’t work; it took WWII for the U.S. to recover economically from the Depression.

The next big step was disempowering Americans by giving near absolute power to the unelected Supreme Court. That court overthrew the laws of all 50 states by legalizing abortion for any reason at any time in pregnancy based on a “right to privacy” which is nowhere in the Constitution.

The Supreme Court also created numerous rights for criminals and redefined marriage over the votes of 55,000,000 Americans.

In parallel, the Democrats increased the power of unelected government bureaucrats to the point that they felt empowered to demand that Catholic nuns pay for abortions. To Democrats the 1st Amendment only applies to causes they, the Democrats, support.

Trump’s election was a visceral scream from America saying that we want our power back. That we don’t want to be ruled by pretentious, stupid, elitist fascists like Pelosi and the Clintons, or by RINOs whose first loyalty is to the state, not the people.

The Democratic leadership is now following Mao, who said that political power grows from the barrel of a gun, while Americans are being forced to defend the core American belief that power flows from the people.

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  1. Upon leaving the signing of the founding documents, Benjamin Franklin replied to a woman who asked what form of government we had with, “A republic madam, if you can keep it.” Boy, he wasn’t kidding. The success of our nation’s form of government relies on an informed public, willing to be watchdogs, diligent in their desire for freedom, and willing to work for it. Sadly, today we have a government who has whittled away at those freedoms for decades now, and a public who can’t be bothered to look up from their I-phones, much less get involved in the running of their country. I’ll keep sharing these articles, maybe we can “whittle” away at the laziness our fellow citizens have fallen into. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. Charlottesville is being used as a launch platform for an all out assault on free speech. If this fundamental right is lost we are finished as a nation. Propaganda has and always will be the go to tool for the Marxist. Our enemy hides in the fabric of the Democrat party and i is named Marxism.

  3. I gather that there is not racial, ethnic, or religious litmus test for joining “Oath Keepers” and yet San Francisco media have painted you as White Supremacists and every left wing organization is prepared to descend on Crissy Field, this Saturday to harass and threaten and humiliate your rally participants. The Left controls most of the levers of academia and the electronic media. Good luck and stick to your principles. The more law enforcement and military and former military you have in your organization the more it will buttress your organization against charges of racism.

  4. Trump has turned his back on the 2nd admin,
    Gun Control the tool of Putin, that makes all of the advocates Russian agents

  5. I agree Nancy, most Democrats that i have encountered have absolutely no clue of what is really going on or what side they have chosen. They (Dems) have absolutely no idea what evil has broken their trust and brain washed them. It is our Duty to inform the Democrats as to why and How they are being deceived and what to do about it. Or we loose our Democracy…The Problem is the Fake Media and Soros backed Moveon. Among other problems.!
    The underground media is doing a great job at exposing the Truth but many Democrats only see what is on the Television and the Communist News Network (CNN). We need to build a major News Channel similar to Alex Jones (Info Wars) and publically expose all of the corruption on public/ Cable/Satelite television stations. Either Build a network or help Alex build His network Bigger. It is our Duty to provide the people with Real News. So that they can make an edjucated and informed decision based off of Facts and not just lies. Then after everyone is informed we will need to Divide out the bad guys and arrest all of the Criminal Communists for treason. We Need to imprison and or ban them from our Beloved Country. Make an example out of them. If you screw with America you will loose.We Need To Take Our Country Back .

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