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Navarro Cuts Defendants Rights to TWO – Bunkerville Retrial


by Shari Dovale

During the first trial of the Bunkerville defendants, this past March, Judge Gloria Navarro made the specific point to Todd Engel that, in her courtroom, defendants have only three rights.

In happened after Engel, who was representing himself as was his right to do, asked the unforgivable question, “Is it true that [Special Agent In Charge] Dan Love is under criminal investigation?”

The prosecution threw fits, yelling objections. Navarro not only sustained their objections, but stripped Engel of his right to self-representation. Navarro told Engel that he had lost his privilege to self-representation and was no longer allowed to talk in her courtroom.

She went on to say that, “As a defendant, you have only THREE rights.”

She said that he had the right to:

  1. Plead Guilty
  2. Testify on his own behalf
  3. Appeal his conviction

This same judge has banned the US Constitution in her courtroom.

  • These men have been incarcerated for over 18 months.
  • They have been denied bail.
  • They have been denied a speedy trial.
  • They have been denied the right to face their accuser (Dan Love).
  • They have been denied the right to present witnesses in their favor.
  • And so much more.

Navarro has ruled that an affirmative defense is not allowed in the case. That means the defendants cannot claim self defense, defense of others or provocation by the government.

The are not allowed to mention the First Amendment or the Second Amendment.

They are not allowed to portray the BLM, FBI or any other alphabet agency in a negative light. They are are not allowed to show emotion on the stand and say they were afraid of the government.

This is after the Federal Agents were allowed to testify that they were afraid of the protesters, cry on the stand and completely misrepresent the events of April 12, 2014.

And now, they are not allowed to testify in the own defense, on their own behalf.

Eric Parker was removed from the witness stand on Thursday, August 10th. Parker had mentioned the “First Amendment Zone” and alluded to seeing government “snipers”. After objections by prosecutors were sustained, he continued saying he looked “up and to the right.”

That was it. Navarro was afraid that he might tell the jury that he had seen the snipers up on the mesa, since the mesa was up and to the right of where he was standing.

Navarro had Parker removed from the witness stand, denied him his right to testify on his own behalf, and struck his entire testimony from the official record. She then dismissed the jury for the weekend, and left the courtroom.

The jury was left speechless.

Navarro has stripped the defendants down to 2 rights remaining: The right to plead Guilty and the right to appeal their conviction. Everything is based on their guilt, with no mention of innocence until proven guilty.

The bedrock of our judicial system is under attack in this Las Vegas Federal Courtroom. The Constitution is under attack. Judge Gloria Navarro has stated from the Bench that defendants have no rights but the 2 she has dictated.

Navarro Cuts Defendants Rights to TWO - Bunkerville Retrial

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  1. We can only pray that the jury is smart enough to see that the procedures and limitations that the judge is imposing on the defense, is not the way our courts are supposed to function, and all twelve stand together and return a verdict of “not guilty” on all counts.

  2. Isn’t there a way to bring the Constitution into this trial? A citizens arrest against this judge? There must be a way with all all of you constitutionalist minds that read this to know that this women as completely over stepped her bounds as a judge. For crying out loud she is a constitutional law breaker isn’t she? Seems that you present the evidence to some one and have her removed from the bench!!! Where is Dr. Veierra,Cal and the rest?

  3. Anyone notice the Judge was appointed by Obama in 2010 and is a Democrat. Doesn’t take much to figure where her allegions lie.

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