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MIND CONTROL: Social Engineering In The 20th Century

MIND CONTROL: Social Engineering In The 20th Century

I found this very interesting video about “Social Engineering” aka Mind Control. Most people think of Mind Control as creating a veritable zombie who will do as his “controller” bids. That exists, but the main thrust is to control a population without the population realizing they are being controlled.

Since the inception of television, what is presented on the “tube” is referred to as “programming”. Besides the “educational system”, aka the Indoctrination System, where young minds are molded to be obedient and productive for the Elite, the TV is perhaps the most insidious of the Mind Control elements being used to control the general population.

If you want to throw off the shackles of control, then begin by shutting off your TV. I haven’t had a TV in over 15 years. I don’t need it, and don’t want it. Once you begin to see how TV is a tool of Mind Control, you cannot unsee it. It is pervasive in its influence in all areas of life.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Shorty, I have a slightly different take on this. It may interest you to know that I have been separated from the panacea Programming “Tool” also. For me, it has come in spurts when I was working 20 hours a day for a few months in a row. When you come back to the TV, you realize how little you missed it. It should also be of note that the computer you submitted this article on, is in fact, a “Programming Tool.”

    As luck would have it, there was a local news story this morning, which was broadcast on, you guessed it, the TV. I had just gotten up and watched the news, as I do often to find out what happened while I was asleep. After all, it’s a “Tool,” right? There was a story about teenage suicide. It seems that the psychologists have determined with statistical analysis that teen phone use is equitable to the huge rise in teen suicide. I know, right? Can’t you just hear the needle scratch the vinyl?

    You know, as do I, that this generation has been taught to “Think with their Feelings.” They all must “Like” everything their friends “like” on Facebook to be accepted. They must visit a school councilor the very second someone is treated unfairly 2,000 miles from themselves, even though they have no social/cultural investment in that person. I believe that’s the “Everyone’s a victim” schema the TV and Government promotes. They are not only taught to not fight the bully, but that there is zero tolerance if they do. Most important, is the fact that we have allowed the government to attempt to remove the parental role in making mentally stable children.

    Here’s but one of a million examples; currently in the school system if your kid is bullied, you are not to teach your child that they can be superior. Now this does not necessarily have to be physically superior. You are supposedly not to teach them to be mentally superior as well. You are not to teach your kid to play to their strengths and ignore the bully, or to make them look inferior. Well of course they have become impressionable to the “Programming Tools.” They are “Reinforcing” what they are being taught on a daily basis.

    At the end of the day, these “programming tools” are just that, “Tools.” They are inanimate, just like the gun that never committed a murder. If they are regarded with the respect they deserve, they can be useful venues for fact finding and even creation.

    Where am I now? My father in his infinite wisdom, bought a ROKU TV for me. He couldn’t grasp me watching that cruddy old CRT 32″ junker that the sound card expired on about 5 years ago. I bought into it based solely on the energy savings alone. If the SHTF I will be using the minimal amount of energy to get some sort of “verification” that bad crap is happening. Get this, the first thing that happened, I watched a streaming video or two, then went right to the Prepper, Special Ops, Gun type applications and “Red Nation Rising Radio.” This was 3 weeks ago. Within the first week, it hit me, this thing could be used to bring medical services right into people’s homes. If coupled with a fielding program, much like field repair mechanics, it would get real cheap, real quick. Can you imagine my surprise, when Trump suggested just that yesterday, for the Veterans?

    Shorty, it’s not the “tools” that are the problem, it is the cultural shift we have allowed to pervade throughout our society. In my (not necessarily humble) opinion, our salvation lies with the Restoration of our Constitution that has been subverted, perverted, diverted, and sometimes just outright disregarded. People tend to forget that it wasn’t just a physical war during the Revolution, there was a whole lot of civil dissidence the precluded the battles. The battles were resultant of “Need to Protect” the citizenry. Personally, I believe it’s time to re-declare Independence, which would start with a new “Continental Congress.” We need to just start rebuilding society, as if there were no un Constitutional dictates, and let the chips fall where they may. It’s a tall order to fill because Independent minded folk don’t clump as well as the mother clumper collective. That said, it’s the only way overcome these challenges, and these “Programming Tools” are our salvation if used correctly.

    1. Greg K

      It is true that they are “tools” and, as such, are inanimate objects, and it is the people using the tools who are bad. To my mind, “programming tools” are not needed. Simple truth is what is needed. I don’t need to manipulate anyone, which is what those “tools” are for.


      1. Shorty,

        You’re right, there are people perverting the use of these tools. Here’s the rub, how are going to get the truth to the audience that needs to be targeted the most? They are in fact glued to their phones, internet and TV. You have a great product and plan. It will behoove you to shy away from the very venues that “Facilitate” your message. No need to manipulate anyone, just deliver the truth. Even better, deliver the truth juxtaposed to their reality now. We should be infecting the schools, and corporations as well…I’m a machinist, so I get the “Dangerous tool” thing. It just deserves the same care and respect as other tools, such as your gun.


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