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Tent city allowed to swell in Orange County government center

 | – JULY 28, 2017

Citizen journalists have released shocking video of a large migrant encampment that has formed in the shadows of Orange County, California’s key government buildings, including multiple courthouses, in the city of Santa Ana.

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Activist Legal Latino Heat posted the stunning footage in which the fully operational tent city packed with migrants, drug addicts and their pets sprawls across the Plaza of the Flags situated in the heart of the Santa Ana Civic Center, which serves as the nucleus of government operations for all of Orange County.

“Wow, this is America,” narrates the cameraman. “At least they’ve got security,” he adds, showing the police presence patrolling the camp.

“This is a sanctuary city, ladies and gentlemen… in between the courthouses, we have all these lawyers and everything, and this is how people are living.”

“Why do you want more illegals to come into this country – so they can live like this?” he asks.

Encountering a police officer, he inquires, “Officer, they just live up there?”

“Yeah. It’s bad,” replies the officer.

Location of tent city

The journalist remarks repeatedly about the scent of urine pervading the encampment and surrounding area, which has been formally declared a “public health and safety crisis” by the Santa Ana City Council.

“Officials said that the homeless population in the area swelled beyond 400 earlier this year,” reported the LA Times in September. “They are worried that the Civic Center complex is unsafe for the area’s more than 15,000 government workers, many of whom have complained of feces, urine and trash on the sidewalks, including syringes.”

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  1. The People of Orange County need to force our elected officials to find a better solution. Of course that includes obey or enforcing the laws. Those who are mental disabled need to be housed somewhere they are safe and where other people safe from the. Drug addicts need some housing with rehab, those who are here illegally, need to be helped to go back home

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