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Judicial Watch Sends Legal Notice on Behalf of Election Integrity Project CA

Santa Clarita, CA. August 4, 2017

The Election Integrity Project California, Inc. has joined Judicial Watch, Inc., a non-partisan organization in Washington, D.C., in sending a National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”) Section 8 notice of violation letter to California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla. You may see Judicial Watch’s letter to the Secretary of State here .

The letter is sent on behalf of the Election Integrity Project California, Inc., as well as 21 individual registered California voters. The letter noted that 11 California counties have more registered voters than voting-age citizens: Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%), Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%), Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%). The letter also noted that Los Angeles County officials “informed us that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”
Under Section 8 of the NVRA, states are required to make a reasonable effort to remove the names of ineligible voters from official lists due to “the death of the registrant” or “a change in the residence of the registrant,” and requires states to ensure noncitizens are not registered to vote. The letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said that there is “strong circumstantial evidence that California municipalities are not conducting reasonable voter registration list maintenance as mandated under the NVRA.”

Judicial Watch is a nationally renowned government watchdog organization that has had prior success in litigating NVRA lawsuits in Ohio and Indiana. In 2014, they entered into a settlement agreement in Ohio forcing them to remove voters who were no longer eligible to vote. In April, Judicial Watch sent notice-of-violation letters threatening to sue 11 other states having counties in which the number of registered voters exceeds the number of voting-age citizens.
Now, Judicial Watch is taking their fight to California. We at Election Integrity Project California are thrilled that through this process with Judicial Watch we can begin to honor the efforts of thousands of volunteers who believe in the electoral system established by America’s founders and who have volunteered with us to restore the integrity of elections in California.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton commented that “California’s voting rolls are an absolute mess that undermines the very idea of clean elections. It is urgent that California take reasonable steps to clean up its rolls. We will sue if state officials fail to act.”

The Secretary of State now has 90 days to ensure that they are maintaining voter rolls in accordance with section 8 of the NVRA. We at the Election Integrity Project California are proud to be part of this project to ensure that citizens of California can again be confident in the integrity of the voter rolls.

Please contact Judicial Watch with questions with questions about the letter.

Please contact the Election Integrity Project California if you would like to get involved.

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Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked tirelessly for almost 7 years with the goal of restoring fair and honest elections!


 Judicial Watch Sends Legal Notice on Behalf of Election Integrity Project CA
Linda Paine
President and Co-founder
Election Integrity Project






  1. Thank You Judicial Watch; I believe and still believe to this day that our state election including the past Presidential election was rigged in favor of HC without a doubt as well as some ballet measure issues. I don’t believe the elections in California a fair and honest but rigged by Sacramento to favor their agenda period.

    1. I agree and second you on your comment. Many others whom I have spoken to also agree with your statement about the California election. As soon as it was time for California to start showing the votes, all electoral votes were cast for HRC right at 9:00 pm. Never had a chance. Things are going to get worse if changes are not made and the sheeple do not wake up before the next election. Unfortunately, there are too many freeloaders on the California EBT train, so they vote Left. People say then move from California, well my wife and I would if we could find replacement jobs in, let’s say Idaho or Texas. Right now we have to hunker down and see what is going to happen in the next election 2018. God Help Us!

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