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Gatekeepers Controlling Narrative Ensure Truth Suppressed from General Population

Gatekeepers Controlling Narrative Ensure Truth Suppressed from General Population
Fake news, lies and smears are what the public hears about Oath Keepers from the media. And limited means of correcting the record are increasingly and intentionally being blocked.

As part of keeping up with current news reports about topics relevant to my interests, I subscribe to Google Alerts. Every day I get emails based on key words I designate to allow me to see what’s being reported in Google-recognized media.

You can see from the feature illustration above what the general public is being led to believe about Oath Keepers. It’s like the Southern Poverty Law Center narrative on steroids.

Patriots who revere the Constitution are called “anti-government.” An association with bylaws featured prominently in the website header that are available for anyone to see for themselves is called a “militia.” That those bylaws disqualify from membership any “person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates the overthrow of the government of the United States or the violation of the Constitution thereof,” and any “person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color,” is never mentioned. All most Americans will ever hear about Oath Keepers is that they are right wing extremists, domestic terrorists and haters on par with Nazis and the Klan.

Correcting that record is also suppressed.  The Google News feed does not include articles originated by Oath Keepers, limiting what does appear to … well, see for yourself. That’s also a recurring problem I have with articles I publish in other venues that do make the news feed – only to be removed later by deliberate intervention, something I’ve documented time and again after noticing exclusive stories being “disappeared.”

Relying on the so-called “mainstream media” to give a fair shake has proven futile. Too many liberty advocates have been burned too many times by opening up to supposedly objective reporters, only to find out later they’ve been presented out of context and used to advance a negative narrative.

That basically leaves two ways to get our side of the story out: Rely on supporters to share links (which is generally only done by a handful with very limited contacts, and even then not usually consistently), or spread the word in the only affordable way we can, via so-called “social media.”

Gatekeepers Controlling Narrative Ensure Truth Suppressed from General Population
But if you use the word favorably, no problem…

Do that though, and there’s an army of “progressive” snitches reporting posts they don’t like to moderators in order to get them removed. Author Matt Bracken found that out recently when he committed the “grave offense” of using the word “tranny” in a Facebook post about convicted traitor Bradley Manning, and received a seven-day suspension and the threat of permanent expulsion to boot (even though there’s a “Tranny Girls” group with over 5,000 members).

It’s no secret that Facebook “routinely suppress[es] conservative news,” and  that Twitter kicks off non-“progressive” accounts it finds objectionable. Under the guise of combating “hate speech,” Twitter “suspend[ed] alt-right accounts.”

Similarly, You Tube has been wholesale “demonetizing” videos, taking away the means for those producing content they don’t agree with to be paid for what in many cases are their livelihoods. And we recently saw an employee of parent company Google was fired for the heresy of daring to criticize the corporate social justice warrior orthodoxy.

Meanwhile, per The Daily Caller, “PayPal banned Jihad Watch and the American Freedom Defense Initiative from receiving online donations using their platform because of the site’s “activities” after being designated as “hate sites” by left-wing groups. “ That, reportedly, was after those sites were smeared by a George Soros-funded group.

But think about that – businesses can economically refuse to do business with those whom they disagree, unless of course if you’re a Christian baker and there’s a gay wedding cake to be baked. Beyond that is the sentiment that if your speech is disapproved, you have no right to it.  If you’re deemed a “hater,” what other rights would they say you shouldn’t have? Why should we recognize someone Antifa calls a “Nazi’s” right to keep and bear arms? Why should someone condemned by college Marxists as a “fascist” be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, or against self-incrimination, or from cruel and unusual punishments?

That’s what those presuming to be the authorities for what constitutes free speech are effectively saying.

And if I can refuse to sell you services, what about goods? Starve, Nazi! And you don’t deserve a place to live or medical treatment…


What about setting up alternatives?

Gab is trying. And true to form, because many in the so-called “alt-right” have gone over to it, the network is being smeared as a haven for racists. To drive that point home, Google just dropped it from the Play Store.

Gatekeepers Controlling Narrative Ensure Truth Suppressed from General Population
True dat.

Expect similar suppression against any competitor that might arise and that doesn’t toe the “approved thought” line. Corporate advertisers, being for the most part spineless, lying weasels in it for the buck, are quick to bolt at the first sign of controversy. The ability to pay expenses, to profit and to compete has been effectively blocked.

So what do we do?  After all, we’re talking about private companies here, right? True, they’re essentially monopolies, and any other “robber baron” would be busted on antitrust “laws,” but the impulse to sic the Feds on them needs to be balanced against Constitutional constraints.

What are they? How do you balance  that against the right of free association? Does entering into commerce make a difference? Should it?

And what can we do to get our message out beyond a niche readership that is being squeezed into a sealed echo chamber? Because as things stand now, the gatekeepers of approved thought might not be able to stop the signal, but they sure are doing everything they can to block it.


If you believe in the mission of Oath Keepers, to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, please consider making a donation to support our work.  You can donate HERE.


David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. I suggest becoming ‘pro-active’ and having a series of OK operated ‘free speech” rally’s right smack in front of the HQ of each of these subversive MSM entities, -one, two, three at a time across the country with 4X8 STORYBOARDS prominently displayed with THE TRUTH on them ( in LARGE PRINT suitable to be seen in a video) , about ‘who’ and ‘what’ the OK really ARE, and WHY it was founded; to uphold our constitution –and why we’re ONLY anti-CORRUPT Government -and NOT ‘anti- HONEST Government’ . That point must be pressed home. To any & all who would look and read our storyboards. Of course, on them as well must be the truth about MSM manipulating the news they receive -AND their minds. If we don’t fight back with words -like these slimeballs are so good at,..that the public is so used to seeing every night ‘on the news’ ,.. I’m afraid it will escalate to much harder little round objects flying in all directions later on…

  2. You can’t win. No way. Think about it, Constitutional law abiding people are demonized, dismissed and in some cases locked up for something that years ago people would have laughed just to mention it. When people that claim to own the “law” get away with murder, slander and whatever else they want and yet you get thrown in jail for something the Constitution says is perfectly lawful you are under a tyrants whims. Now the question is how long are you going to act like these tyrants have the right to do what they are going to continue to do? Think things are going to get better? How many corrupt politicians has our current AG locked up or even charged? How many did they say they would lock up before they were elected? The more things pretend to change the more they have remained the same or in this case, much worse. Poor people of this country have no say anymore. The corrupt pass laws to keep there schemes going and the people are to busy worrying about their lack of money and trying to keep some decent standard of life they don’t have the time or faith to think they can do anything about it.
    Satan would be proud of our leaders.
    Only one thing will stop this ball of s*** from destroying our nation and it is mentioned by the founders.
    I pray God He intervines before it starts.

    1. Christ’s Revelation to John tells us that in the end times only those with the “mark of the beast” will be able to buy and sell or do any kind of business. Is there any question that Satan is accelerating his agenda because he knows his time is short?

    2. I think a lot of this is going to change. Granted the media polls and distortions tend to give a warped sense of reality and that these empty headed soldiers are gaining all of the media air. The real question is when those people who have background in SW, physicists, engineering, leadership abilities and have functional IQ’s who are behind the scenes begin to manipulate their followers to the next level. Being highly motivated is one thing, but being highly educated with leadership abilities, technical skillsets, logistical experience do matter. Just how long before these subversives will go beyond deceit with their collective visions and actually sacrifice their soldiers of diversity and multiculturalism to produce martyrs will be the turning point. Those who have their lives guarded and secure from everyday problems will not be able to escape the monster of their own creation and the question then becomes whether progressives, Democrats and media will continue to support their cause. We had other cultural clashes but the big difference is that the media and political class never pushed it to define who we are until now. With the exacerbated legacy of the last eight years along with amoral corrupt Marxists social constructionists, the voting public will not be able to waver in their complacencies this time and will go beyond demanding.

    3. George Washington was great at losing, but won in the end. Also, God helps those who help themselves. Pray and act!

    4. “Constitutional law abiding people are demonized, dismissed and in some cases locked up for something that years ago people would have laughed just to mention it. When people that claim to own the “law” get away with murder, slander and whatever else they want and yet you get thrown in jail for something the Constitution says is perfectly lawful you are under a tyrants whims.”

      True, Now think, WHO implements the tyrants whims? In the USA all who serve within government – including miltiary and LE – are REQUIRED to take and KEEP the Oath to support and defend the US Constitution. They are NOT to support and defend any person of any rank, nor are the to support and defend any office. They are REQUIRED to support and defend the documents, those documents – US Constitution, state Constitutions. Why? Because those documents RARELY change, and are what we built our nation on. Why? BECAUSE the Oath makes every single individual personally responsible for their actions while serving (and, at times, after).

      When one says that this nation was built on the concept of individual rights, it was also built on the concept of individual responsiblity for ones own actions, THAT is why the Oath, so that iindividual responsibility carries over into government.

      So that individual responsibility had to be torn down to make everyone go “with the group” right or wrong. So we have a military that not only does NOT read the document to which they are bound, they also do NOT follow or support and defend it. So what is going on today IS their fault, our fault.

      That individual responsibility had to be torn down to make everyone go “with the group” right or wrong. So we have a law enforcement that not only does NOT read the document to which they are bound, they also do NOT follow or support and defend it. So what is going on today IS their fault, our fault.

      Oathkeepers has been doing the duty to teach those who serve in the enforcement and first response world the Oath and its meaning; but only the individual can take the LAWFUL and required responsibility for it.

      Understand that the responsibility also goes to the rest who serve within government, but they are not the first line of destruction sent out against the American people and other nations.

      Until there is an OFFICIAL and LAWFUL declaration of WAR by those that serve within the Congress, NO US SOLDIER WHO GOES TO FIGHT IN OTHER LANDS are keeping their Oath; instead they are working – as planned – against our own nation and legitimate government. There was once a joke that want around long ago, “What if there was a war and no one came”. Don’t come to unlawful wars of aggression, it is NOT our country and its people you are “defending”.

      There can NEVER be a LAWFUL order to break and enter – with no LAWFUL warrant issued – into any Americans home ever. Your Oath requires that YOU NOT DO THOSE THINGS. The list here is very long, and IF you were really KEEPING your Oath, were defending inside our nation, that could never happen. Nor coud the TSA be everywhere, the NSA spying, etc.

      No one who serves within our government was given the authority to go beyond what the US Constitution assigns to the different branches and nmed offices within a branch. THAT is why the “power” is NOT given to a person, but a person is ALLOWED to use it for as long as they keep the contract they serve under.

      You’ve heard it from me before, IT IS up to you, to me, to keep our Oaths if we are to keep our nation. “Just following orders” and “just doing the job” is what goes on in other nations, here we are all personally responsible for our actions.

    5. So you have given up and will let the control freaks do as they please, Hey ? Here is what you do not fully grasp and all here certainly should to defeat them !

      PRAVDA/MSM can create any false narrative or false paradigm they deem necessary. They are in fact the propaganda arm of the DEM controlled deep state apparatus that was formed under BHO for almost a decade. They control or are present in every government agency as well as all spook agencies. So all of it together forms the shadow government in conjunction with the corporatocracy they created as well. Obviously PRAVDA/MSM is also part of that corporatocracy. This is what Trump is up against, a true conspiracy that is well entrenched within our government as a rogue sort of government within. These are the control mechanisms of the elites who have undermined and manipulated our system as they see fit. The only way to defeat them is to fully understand who and what they are and that is finally happening. Most Americans have not fully understood what they are up against and that has allowed them to maintain power and control. Trump identified some of them for what they are when he called out fake news or PRAVDA/MSM. Also most Americans do NOT realize we are in a war for this nation and society ! These links will give much more clarity for those that are not quite up to speed with what has taken place and still in motion here in USA today. None of this is anything new a tall, these control mechanisms all go back years not months or weeks !

  3. Have you talked to Fox news? Fox news is generally fair in their broadcasts. They might be willing to do a shorty documentary about us and what we stand for.

    1. Contact Sean Hannity; he is definitely in favor of liberty and freedom, which seems doubtful about some of Fox News’ people.

  4. I have heard commentary from 100 different directions, and have arrived at the following conclusion. Prepare yourself and your equipment, civil war is imminent. Barack Soetoro Sobarkah planned, financed and implemented this political, social and racial nightmare perfectly. Take a moment, look at it closely and there can not possibly be any other conclusion. It has simply gone an inch too far. Stand ready to defend our Independent, Sovereign, Constitutional Republic….

  5. One of the biggest things we have on our side is God. “they” are flapping and flipping like fish out of water. Kinda like there swamp is draining. Hold to the truth and don’t let them touch it.

  6. What’s , going , on now , is very dangerous’ ; Both parties are controlled , by the same interest ; George Soros’ has paid off both parties ; Notice , that Obamacare , is still the law, of the land ; Didn’t the Republican’s promise to repeal Obamacare ? When , they voted in 2015 and now the Rinos’ are now talking about impeachment . Democrat’s are suggesting assassination of President Donald Trump and both parties are not taking serious’ the gravity , of terring down the Confederate monument’s . The Historical significance ,that , they played in our history . The talk , of civil war ; Don’t , you sense , that their are domestic enemies’ a float and the MSM , is complicit ? And how convoluted reality is ? Everything , seems’ too be spending out, of control ? And disinformation , about terms , is being pushed too the extreme ? I say Patriot’s put on , your seat belt’s , everything , is questionable and, so, is The Southern Property Law Center !!!

  7. I post your articles, and when I think appropriate, I send the article to every member of my state legislature.
    There is a question that I have about this. If we were to bring the truth to the majority of people, how many people do you think you would move to our side of the argument?
    I watched my father talking about the issues of this nation when I was a child. As he became older, he was a bit of a celebrity in Brooklyn, NY. However, for as far thinking as he was, he was ridiculed by most, and he made little difference. I’ve taken up that mantle by writing articles, speaking to people, and challenging legislators to debate, no takers as of yet. I see our schools, media, and representatives promoting nothing but lies to move to a point of an overbearing, and thuggish government.
    So my question to David, and Oath Keepers in general is how long do you think this can go on before we are withered down to a group of society no more than outcasts, and in all likely hood, hunted down and eliminated?

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