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“Everything You’ve Been Taught About Success in Life is Wrong” – John Taylor Gatto

"Everything You've Been Taught About Success in Life is Wrong" - John Taylor Gatto

What is success? What have we been taught to think is success, and is it really success? How can you be successful? What is a life worth living? Does schooling (as differentiated from education) prepare us for a worthwhile life? What is education? Does education come from schooling?

John Taylor Gatto dares to raise the question: What if everything you’ve been taught about success in life is wrong?

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Mid-life career change. Teacher college portion of a mid-west university. A joke. My opinion… it was more of a job creator for PhD-bearing bureaucrats. Did the substitute teaching gig for three-years while seeking a full-time position.

    Interacting with the full-time teachers at the many schools in the several school districts I did substitute teaching for I noted a bias against a blue-collar working-class bloke who had not followed the typical high school-college-teaching path. Another strike against me was having served in the military.

    That catch-all term “political correctness” was applicable to the majority of teachers at those schools. I did not meet any teachers I would consider as being part of the “warrior class.” It is hard to describe the folks I met engaged in the teaching process. Consider this… I was constantly called to substitute for missing teachers, especially the teachers who had “troublesome” kids in their class. When I entered the class those “bad kids” expressed their delight at my presence and those kids behaved for me. There is a “lesson” in that that I shall leave for you to interpret as you will.

    After three years with no luck as obtaining full-time work AND tiring of the way youth are taught and the BS piled upon them AND the lack of sharing life realities with those kids I knew I could no longer be involved with what I considered to be an indoctrination system designed to create droids to be used by the USA ruling class tyrants.

    Before I go… one district I taught in consisted of the town with the state’s highest income level according to the US Census Bureau. Fifteen-miles away was a poor working-poor class town. The differences between the schools was immense. The poor kids were herded akin to cattle and were forced to OBEY and be placid and KNOW THEIR PLACE!!! The rich kids were treated with respect and were being groomed to be the future elite class. Guess which school district provides the most folks entering the military?

    Disgusting. The USA K-12 indoctrination system is a huge scam. Thus the reason why the rich folks send their spawn to academies or the proper private schools with some of the upper-classes living in areas where cost-of-living keeps the riff-raff out and the local K-12 public schools grooms the students to enter the upper socioeconomic levels… as was the case with the schools in that rich folk’s town.

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