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Eric Parker Ripped from Witness Stand – Bunkerville Retrial


By Shari Dovale   August 10, 2017

The Retrial of Defendants Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler, and Ricky Lovelein took a decided twist today in a Las Vegas Federal courtroom.

Eric Parker Ripped from Witness Stand - Bunkerville Retrial
Cliven Bundy walks by a first amendment area set up by the BLM near Bunkerville, Nev.

The defense had already been shot down by Judge Gloria Navarro. Yesterday, the day was spent previewing the defense witness testimony and Navarro refused to allow their witnesses to take the stand. She called the testimony “Not Relevant”.

She has made it clear that there is no such thing as self defense against the government, or that of defending anyone else against the government. Law enforcement cannot be considered to use “excessive” force in this case. She believes that if any of this is brought to the jury, they may acquit for “jury nullification”. Navarro seems to have a pathological fear of jury nullification.

It was left to Parker to take the stand in his own defense.

Eric Parker Ripped from Witness Stand - Bunkerville Retrial
BLM Snipers above the wash in Bunkerville


Within 10 minutes of taking the stand, AUSA Myhre began his objections. Between Parker mentioning the “First Amendment Zone” that was set up several miles away from the wash and his saying that he “looked up to the right” (where the BLM snipers were located), Myhre nearly went into conniptions.

After long side bars, Navarro finally removed Eric Parker from the witness stand. She came back to the bench and, without explanation, told him to step down. He will not be allowed to continue defending himself, there will be no cross examination and no jury questions.

Parker was so stunned that it took him a minute to get back to the defense table where he became very emotional at the thought of not being allowed to fight for his very life.”The jury was also stunned and shocked. When Judge Navarro released them so abruptly, they all sat there for several moments, with at least a few jurors having their mouths hanging open.

Judge Gloria Navarro made several points earlier, outside of the jury’s hearing. Self Defense is not allowed. Defense of another is equally not a valid defense. Provocation by the government is not a defense. All of these are irrelevant and only go to jury nullification.

Navarro has said that a group of protesters that advance on the government are aggressors and the law is clear that the government agents and law enforcement can defend themselves using deadly force.

Based on the statements, rulings and opinions of Judge Navarro, Martin Luther King, during his march from Selma to Montgomery, could have legally been shot by the government, and his crowd of supporters, as well.


Breaking News: bunkerville retrial

Posted by Redoubt News on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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  1. I heard a great Patriot say that “I’d give my life for this Country but I wouldn’t cross the road for the government” and story about the railroading of these men is another reason he was so right !

  2. Complaint filed today 8/11/17 (online).

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  3. If judge “bizarro” angers or insults the jury, she might wind up with that jury nullification she seems to be so afraid of. That would be so ironic.

  4. It looks as if we need to quickly create a Rebel Alliance against this Empire before they complete the Death Star. Petitions, Courts, Protests…. They are all nice to haves, but when the Empire feels they are not going to win a battle, they toss the traditional rules aside and start making up their own rules to make defense impossible for anyone but the Empire.

  5. Meanwhile, those on the rogue left can assemble in Charlottesville Virginia, and elsewhere, can attack law abiding rally attendees with no recourse from law enforcement. Where are the LEOs that took an oath to uphold our laws and constitution? Because LEOs fear for their job more than doing the right thing: their job.

    But if your are the Bundy family, with law abiding citizens standing by to assist and protect you, then you get 68 years in jail, you get a kangaroo court out of the days of the inquisition. And there is no consequence for the criminals behind the governments agenda to destroy our constitutional republic.

  6. I hope and pray for a jury nullification. I want to see that judge rendered ineffectual. Jury nullification is the citizens right to overthrow a overstepping arrogant activists justice.

  7. The oath that is taken is not an oath in the eyes of many, it is only a formality to get the position for which they seek. And for those it’s their way of fundamentally changing America. As obvious they could care less about the Constitution…… from time to time the ……well, a true patriot knows the rest !

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