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Cajun Navy and Oath Keepers – Rescues by Boat in Texas and Louisiana

Rescues by boat in flooded communities continue in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

We have current information from Alex Oakes, Oath Keepers South East Regional Assistant Coordinator and Oath Keepers Mississippi Point of Contact.

We will update the information here with changes and additions as they occur.

Alex was on the ground dispatching the Cajun Navy and Oath Keepers rescue boats. The Cajun Navy is NOT pulling out of Texas. They did come under fire during attempted robberies.

There are currently over 300 boats in the water. They are also working Lafayette, LA.

Alex is currently monitoring Cajun Navy Dispatch and will be heading back.

The Texas border is closed on I-10 unless there is a boat is in tow or you’re in a high-water vehicle.

The Cajun Navy is taking every call they possible can and working the list. 911 is overwhelmed.

Houston to Lafayette is under evacuation. Lake Charles is now under voluntary evacuation.

There is a FALSE REPORT that the Cajun Navy is leaving Texas. Actually, they are sending out rescue boats through the night.

The photos are from Lake Charles, LA. That was as close as they could get in their vehicles.

We will post more information as it comes in.

Cajun Navy and Oath Keepers - Rescues by Boat in Texas and Louisiana







  1. NOTE: I contacted Texas VFW Headquarters and they ensured me that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of donations go to assisting the veterans. There are NO ‘administrative fees’, ‘expenses’, etc…

    If you can assist, please do.


    LoneStarHog (Hog)
    Oath Keeper Life Member 140
    VFW Life Member


    With the recent catastrophic events from Hurricane Harvey along the Texas coastal bend we have over 26,000+ VFW & Auxiliary members and their families that have been seriously affected. Many are living without power or have been displaced and are in shelters miles from their homes.

    The Texas VFW Foundation has established and funded a “Disaster Assistance” program to assist the VFW/Auxiliary members in the affected areas. We also have tens of thousands more veterans that are not members of the VFW/Auxiliary that have also suffered and we are committed to assisting them as well.

    Due to the overwhelming destruction in a heavily populated area spanning over 500 miles and the sheer number of veterans affected, those funds will soon be expended. We need your help.

    Any donation you, your family, friends, community, Post or District can make will be needed and used specifically for VFW/Auxiliary members and veterans in the affected area who have been seriously affected. You can make your tax deductible donation at or via mail to Texas VFW Foundation – PO Box 14468 – Austin, Texas 78761 Attn: Disaster Assistance. Your donations are needed and will most definitely be used to help those veterans who need it the most in this time of great need.

    Thank you in advance for your generous donation of any amount and please share this email with those who you know who would like to assist Texas veterans and their families in their time of need.

    Texas VFW Foundation
    PO Box 14468
    Austin, Texas 78761

  2. I can verify that the Cajun Navy is in fact still on the water in and around the Houston area. They are working side my side with other law inforcment, Texas state guard, marine reserve components, as well as the Texas Army National Guard (to which I am a serving captain.)

    1. Are people still needed with boats, I have a small 14 footer, willing to drive down from Arkansas. Retired Army Infantry. 9312179167

      1. Off the record I say yes. They need all the boats they can get. Watch the news…if the levies don’t hold, saddle up.

  3. “They did come under fire during attempted robberies.” 1st I heard but getting catatonic with nothing but news and often misleading info. Did just hear Looting of Liquor Store, Shoe Store and couple other businesses – not surprised after crisis and now stop of rain.

    1. Looters are being prosecuted without prejudice…Houston PD arrested 14 looters last night. I am unaware of any shots fired during.

  4. Great. Thank you.

    This is one of the reasons that Oath Keepers may wish to either include people without backgrounds in law enforcement and military, or work even more cooperatively with other groups of “watchmen” and true patriot militia, etc.

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