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Bunkerville Retrial Update – Monday, 8-14-17


Bunkerville retrial court update, Monday morning August 14. The speakers are John Lamb and Andrea Parker, wife of defendant Eric Parker.

This is in front of the Federal Courthouse, Las Vegas, Nevada,  the Bunkerville “retrial” of Eric Parker, Scott Drexler, Steven Stewart and Ricky Lovelain. All witnesses for the defense have been disallowed. Eric Parker’s testimony was terminated by the judge after just a few minutes on Thursday.

The prosecution has filed a motion for sanctions against Bunkerville defendants Parker, Drexler, Stewart and their attorneys, dated Sunday, August 13.

Please, help us get information on this trial out. Post articles. Share articles. The mainstream media is ignoring this trial! Besides serious concerns for the men on trial, this could set a legal precedent of defendants not being allowed to defend themselves!


Trial update

Posted by Redoubt News on Monday, August 14, 2017







  1. What they are saying is there is no agreement by the government to serve the truth. If this is not overturned by government means, then the government is nothing less than an enemy of the people. Trump has the power and the duty to stop this. I hope he will, because unless the jury nullifies, he is the only hope we have to avoid an eventual civil war. At some point people will not look to the government for a settlement – they will revolt.

  2. I find it deeply troubling as to how “deaf and blind” to this american judicial tragedy the Trump administration is. I do believe that this mockery of justice has been brought to their attention and they’re just looking the other way. Roger Stone started a petition, thousands of letters calling attention to the vile injustice taking place in these cases have been sent. Sessions congratulates Navarro on the handling of this case!!
    What are the choices?

  3. My observation is they are putting them in duress. I am not sure if there is a term called “political duress” We have already seen an “ideological splitting” from the circumstances in Charlotsville. We are witnessing a further ideological split in this case.

  4. You will have to stave off creating further splits under different ideological flags. Get behind your president Trump for one.

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