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Bunkerville Retrial – Innocence is Irrelevant


Judge’s rulings impose the rule that evidence of guilt is relevant, evidence of innocence is irrelevant

by Staff Writer

Those who have been watching the court rulings in the Bunkerville (“Bundy”) retrial have been scratching their heads at some of the rulings of Judge Gloria Navarro in the case.  The Judge appears to consider any evidence of guilt to be relevant while considering any mitigating evidence or evidence of circumstances to be irrelevant.

Examples of this ‘rule’ in play are numerous.  When a BLM agent named Alexandra Burke took the stand for the prosecution, she was allowed to sob wildly and say that she saw a man with a black hat with a white emblem [defendant Eric Parker] standing and pointing a rifle directly at her from over the concrete barrier of the northbound bridge of I-15.  No photos or video substantiate Burke’s claim, and most observers believe Burke was lying and probably following instructions to lie from prosecutors.   Dozens if not hundreds of sources were taking pictures and video of the area at the time, and there were Nevada Highway Patrolmen on that very bridge at the time (with two rolling dash-cams of the bridge).  The troopers who surely would have made an arrest if they saw or heard that Parker was shouldering and pointing his weapon directly at BLM agents to the left.

The known pictures and videos of Officer Burke show her smiling and looking confident during the April 2014 event; not sobbing uncontrollably. (However, defendants were not allowed to introduce these pictures.) And when Eric Parker testified that he looked “up and to the right” on the bridge (not down and to the left where Officer Burke was), Judge Navarro immediately stopped Parker’s testimony and ordered him off the witness stand.  Later, Judge Navarro ordered Parker’s entire testimony stricken from the record.

Similarly, defendants have been denied any opportunity to inform jurors of the circumstances and background behind their actions on April 12, 2014.  Judge Navarro has held that any evidence that the defendants saw militarized BLM agents pointing weapons at unarmed women and children is deemed irrelevant.  Evidence that the government had multiple aircraft above and numerous snipers positioned on nearby mesas has also been deemed irrelevant (despite the fact that government witnesses were allowed to falsely say Parker, Drexler and others held “the high ground”).

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  1. This whole trial sounds like a circus, and the judge sounds like she is missing quite a few screws.Maybe she should be shut down with Big Ben for a good over hall. It seems to me from keeping up on all of the stories here, that if the jurors haven’t been bribed or threatened in any way, the jurors would nullify this mess and have a stern rebuke written up for this women’s superior. Or we have entered the Twilight Zone. Now that could be a real factor with the things we have been seeing the past several years.

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