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ABA’s Fake Piety Overrides Due Process in ‘Hate Crime’ Gun Ban Resolution

ABA's Fake Piety Overrides Due Process in ‘Hate Crime’ Gun Ban Resolution
So much for stated ABA “principles.” You can’t tell it by their actions.

The ABA’s House of Delegates approved a resolution recommending disarming American citizens based on accusations of “hate crimes” and being a threat, the American Bar Association announced Tuesday. Despite due process concerns raised by some who still view the Constitution as an impediment to total and arbitrary “progressive” rule, Resolution 118B passed by one vote.

While the resolution calls for “documented evidence,” that’s an arbitrary term and has no bearing on the quality of the evidence or of its admissibility. What is to be “verifiable” is a “procedure to ensure surrender of guns and ammunition pursuant to a restraining order” and a means to report resulting restraining orders to state and federal authorities to preclude the accused from buying guns and ammunition.

“Gun violence restraining orders are a modest common-sense reform to address at least one piece” Estelle Rogers, a “progressive” (naturally) member of the Civil Rights and Social Justice (!) faction declared, adding the other requisite gun-grabber narrative talking points that “the right to keep and bear arms isn’t absolute.”

Connecticut Bar Association President and gun infringement activist Monte Frank then made the obligatory reference to Newtown as a reason to support the measure, ignoring the inconvenient truth that his state’s restraining order edict would not have applied to the lawful owner of the reportedly stolen guns.

Joined in opposition by the Law Student Division, Vermont attorney Peter Langrock tried to steer things back to the Constitution, warning “such orders raise First Amendment concerns because they could target people based on speech, including statements on social media. Langrock also said the ex parte orders raise 14th Amendment due process concerns, and gun seizures based on such orders raise Fourth Amendment concerns.”

What’s clear is there is a dominant faction of “progressive” lawyers within the ABA leadership – officers of the court – for whom the Constitution is something to be twisted, subverted and ignored as suits their agenda. Recalling that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, is it any wonder that “innocent until proven guilty” has been reversed, and that demands are being made to deny fundamental natural rights of citizens not even charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one?

ABA's Fake Piety Overrides Due Process in ‘Hate Crime’ Gun Ban Resolution
Because “haters” have no rights…?

We’ve already seen from recent events that those the lying cultural Marxists smear as “Nazis and fascists” are blocked from speaking under the outrageous and tyrannical insistence that “Hate speech is not free speech.” So much for respecting the right of free speech. And now, unsurprisingly, so much for respecting the right to keep and bear arms. If that’s the case, if America is to be a land of rights for the politically favored, why not go all out?  Do “Nazis” and “fascists” really deserve search and seizure protections, or protections against self-incrimination, or jury trials, or immunity from cruel and unusual punishment?

That’s where all this is heading, you know.

OK, but what do we do about “haters”?

What, you mean real ones, or the ones accused of being haters by the Marxists, folks like gun owners, Republicans, immigration reduction advocates, pro-lifers, Christians, Oath Keepers…? Constitutionalists…?

How about if someone commits a crime you investigate and if warranted, charge them, try them by a jury of their peers, and if they’re convicted, sentence them appropriately? Who but the mob and its leaders – those bent on tearing down the Republic and replacing it with Killing Fields – does that seem unreasonable to?

Still, this is just one branch of the ABA making these noises, some may say. And none of this has force of law. Why maker big deal of it?

“Guilty until proven innocent” is now being endorsed by many prominent in the leadership of the influential (and demonstrably anti-gun) ABA. That means it will be noticed, considered and when convenient and exploitable, promulgated and advanced by radicalized law professors and students, attorneys, judges and politicians, not to mention by “social justice warriors,” their media cheerleaders, and the calculating minds behind the so-called “deep state.”

So take this as the shape of things to come unless and until those with a different vision of America can stem and reverse an emboldened collectivist tide. And be prepared to be called a “hater” and worse.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. I am a hater.

    I hate the TRAITORS, DOMESTIC ENEMIES, and those who are *terrorists that serve within our governments at all levels. I admit it openly. I want them all, ALL – no matter what position they occupy or did occupy when serving within our governments – arrested, charged, prosecuted for all the crimes they have committed including the felony or two, plus Perjury that comes with breaking the LAWFULLY REQUIRED Oath whatever office they served within, be it civil or military. Those that enforce color of law when they are bound to the US Constitution, and those also bound to their own state’s Constitution need to pay for their crimes against our nation UNLESS they recant, study for real the US Constitution and enforce it FIRST above the orders of superiors and the duty of the position they occupy as they are LAWFULLY required to do.

    Here is my suggestion, lets make the rest of this month (August) US and state Constitution week, that when those who are Oathbound to the Constitution(s) – and that is everyone who is elected, hired, contracted, etc that serves in any capacity within our governments – break the Oath they are required to take and keep they get charged with the crime committed, arrested, and then prosecuted. This means ALL governmental positions. The requirement for this/these actions will be the act of Oath breaking MUST be witnessed by at least two people and/or on video so that all can see it happen.

    This would do many good things for our nation,
    — teach those that serve within our governments the US Constitution,
    — teach those who do NOT serve the US Constitution and their own state’s Constitution,
    — see that as the supreme LAW that it is it will be enforced as is required of it,
    — start removing those who do not belong in governmental servic,e
    — Get each state’s Militia started training so that they can do the duties constitutionally assigned to them, so forbidden to others to do at any time,
    — be educational for our dumbed down children so that they can start seeing what it does when followed and enforced,
    — (wow, just realized this is the biggest reason why this won’t happen) would change our money to be backed by gold and silver as is constitutionally required
    — would start removing governmental agencies to the proper place where they belong (lots of federal agencies can only LAWFULLY exist if they are a state agency),
    — would stop the “police state”
    — would stop the military from attacking anyone who doesn’t really attack us – no lies, no false flags which are treason, terrorism, murder, etc, etc, etc, etc)
    — get rid of NSA, SMART meters, technocracy, Free Trade, unlawful elections – change our elections from party run to constitutionally run,
    — Etc

    This means that ALL Oath takers must read the US Constitution and at least understand where it covers their own duty and the Bill of Rights so that they know what is LAWFULLY and contractually forbidden to them to use against the American people. Maybe design a US Constitutional “cheat sheet” that could be posted here and elsewhere. Maybe someone in each state could create one for their state Constitution.

    I know, I know, but how about we vote on this and other throw their ideas out here.

    1. Yep I agree, which will probably put me on some “enemies list”.
      What most people don’t seem to get is these and many other lawyers see the Constitution as irrelevant. Also, they know that the citizens must be disarmed if the progressives are to establish their dictatorship.

  2. Remrmber, Mr. Codrea, that the Supreme Court this year in a unanimous 8-0 decision and earlier in a 2011 decision by an 8-1 margin that the First Amendment protects offensive speech. And nearly a decade ago, the Supremes stated that the Second Amendment protects at least some individual right to own guns. So therefore, there is no reaspn to fear a total gun ban or government censorship of hate speech

    1. After watching Obama & Co flaunt their violations of rules, regulations and laws for more than eight years now (since it continues despite Obama allegedly being gone), I don’t think we can count on the left/liberal/communist mob following a Supreme Court finding.

    1. An American National Citizen is not a U.S. citizen . And a People is not a person. A ‘RIGHT’ of a PEOPLE is not the same as the privileges of a person. #9148

  3. 485 U.S. 46
    Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell (No. 86-1278)
    Argued: December 2, 1987
    Decided: February 24, 1988

    CHIEF JUSTICE REHNQUIST delivered the opinion of the Court.
    Excerpt from that opinion:
    “… [T]he freedom to speak one’s mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty — and thus a good unto itself — but also is essential to the common quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole.”

    Granted, Hustler v Falwell was concerned with, what Falwell considered, offensive speech (by the liberals of today’s definition it would qualify as “Hate Speech”), and actually was on its face offensive, however the court decided in an 8-0 opinion that Larry Flint dba Hustler Magazine had the freedom under the 1st Amendment to “speak his mind” even if that entailed engaging in offensive speech (hate speech).

    In today’s world there are those who demonstrably feel that any speech that contradicts their opinion(s) is automatically “hate speech”, and that the full weight of government, at all levels, should come to bear against anyone who dares to contradict them.

  4. This country will only survive , when those that use the Constitution as toilet paper, are removed from their ‘ upright’ positions….till then many will suffer. The ‘Bill of Rights’ is just a bunch of words and numbers printed on toilet paper, till it is used , by those that suffer , in the way that the Founders envisioned….imho…Semper Fi

    1. And sadly, every day it seems more like it’s going to take another civil war to remove the anti-Americans.

      You can’t reason with the unreasonable, and you can’t make the lawless follow laws.

    2. Excellent truths Dan. This is becoming pure, in ur face, fascism!!! What’s the name of the gestapo agent that murdered Lavoy??? This is where the rubber meets the road!!!

  5. It’s time to bring back common law juries and take back our courts, we’ve allowed Judges and Lawyers to control the people’s laws for too long, We The People want our CONSTITUTION back, which is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, enough is enough.

  6. We DO NOT TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT Who are they going to put in these FEMA camps. Homeland Security buying millions of bullets .Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini all had these internal army style guys(You know the brown shirt guys) here we have DHS now. Why should we trust them. bullets_n_2688402.html The NDAA is aimed at us. A lot in there is directly against the Constitution. Our government needs to held in to account by WE THE PEOPLE. At all levels. The bill of rights is just that ,a bill of rights .These are not up to the GOVERNMENT to bestow on you .YOU HAVE THEM !! All armed forces members and elected officials took a oath the Constitution not a politician..At some point the citizens could/will come to a tipping point. 3% of the population fought off the British in the first revolutionary war , 3% now is over 10,000,000. Larger than the world’s top six armies put together. And we are most the armed group of civic minded people the world has ever known. These citizens are not a color or a religion they are a frame of mind, we know them as American Patriots and there are more us than ALL of them. AND we are getting pissed off now.
    Molon labe.

  7. I am a HATER! What makes me a hater? I am a Christian, veteran, white American male who believes in the Constitution and old American values of Faith, Family, & Freedom. I am anti-immigration, period. According to the “progressives” (in opposite day speak, that is REgressives), all that makes me a hater. Pathetic, isn’t it? Words are not doing us any good because all our words are being drowned out by the fascists. Please quit calling them leftists or progressives, or any other fake name. They are the true fascists, using EXACTLY the same methods and tactics the Nazis did in 1930s Germany. I personally believe a war is coming to our country whether we want one or not. The only questions are, when will it start, how long will it last, and who will ultimately win?

  8. I find it all patently absurd. These ABA people are offering no real thoughts towards any form of governance but rather continue a messaging policy of flawed narratives along with the other fantasies to buttress their own insecurities. The trouble is, the entire debate of law has become rather toxic because progressives have become radical leftists whose idea of unity is the suppression of dissent. Has it not gone unnoticed that those who do not join in the madness are burned at the political stake as heretics for not mouthing middle ages ideological underpinnings?

    My point is that being highly motivated, educated and intelligent are tangibles that really matter. If anything, what these wizards of smart seem to fail to understand is that society has created people with backgrounds in software, engineering, physicists, analysts in various fields, people who have operated their lives on a day to day paradigm of solutions, many with unique skill sets and have truly functional IQ’s can create quality weapons. Technology today offers the ability to technically machine or print components to complete a working weapon. Bureaucrats, policy wonks and political opportunists cannot restrict this type of thinking or technology as it has become far too prevalent in our daily lives.

    When people of the ABA, politicians, media and the education complex withdraw from reality having their lives guarded and secure from the everyday problems of most Americans, they seem to end up misjudging the history of societies. Even if their quixotic efforts try to shape or restrict law, culture and technology, last November millions of Americans decided that this culture of scatterbrained idealism can no longer take responsibility for their own lives. The numbers are growing regardless of the fourth estates energies……

  9. Amazing the # of commie front groups in this country….. national lawyers guild is another.
    Also, since Christopher Columbus Langdall was appointed Dean of Harvard Law School, it’s likewise amazing how many pinkos have been in that position. The sliminess spilled over into every strata of our system of justice.

  10. Lawyers are fast becoming the enemy of patriots and loyal Americans. Yes, they want to destroy our Constitution and our rights.
    From now on, try to make sure that if you vote, you DON’T vote for a lawyer.

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