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World War II Veteran Assaulted While Defending Flag at His Home

by BOB PRICE   24 Jul 2017   Kaufman, TX

A World War II veteran suffered an injury while defending his home’s American flag from assailants who pushed him to the ground.

Howard Banks heard a noise outside his home and went out to investigate. Banks is legally blind. With his limited vision, he observed someone taking down the American flag flying outside his Kaufman, Texas, home, CBSDFW reported. The incident occurred on July 11, shortly before his 92nd birthday.

Because of prior acts of vandalism, Banks decided to defend his flag. Previous vandals shredded his American and Marine Corps colors.

“They could see me. I couldn’t see them,” Banks told the CBS affiliate. “I turned and looked in the other direction, and about then – ‘wham!’ They knocked me down.”

The attacker quickly fled as neighbors came to his aid. His efforts thwarted the attack on his flag, but a “God Bless All Police” sign had been thrown to the ground.

“It’s the one thing I can cling to. Yet at my capacity, there’s not much I can do. But I can honor our flag,” he told the reporter.

Banks received multiple bumps and bruises from the assault. Assaulting the elderly is a felony in Texas. “I am durable. I can take it,” he said.

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Photo: CBSDFW Video Screenshot

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  1. When are we traveling to Kaufman ,TX to deal with this outrage? If there was ever a cause to support this is it. TX Oathkeepers are you on the way? This veteran, one of our most honored veterans deserves our support and protection so this never happens again. I really hope that real Texans will prevail and find and “counsel” these misguided individuals in a way they will understand and remember the rest of their miserable lives. A WWII veteran is rare individual who deserves support and protection…Let’s Roll…

    1. Amen to that! When are we traveling to Kaufman, TX to deal with this outrage? IMMEDIATELY. I am just now seeing this, but my very next step will be to issue a call to action for all our members in Texas to do just that. Stay tuned …

      they praised the veteran as an American hero who joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18 to fight in the war against Japan. He survived battles in Iwo Jima and other Pacific Theater locations.

      An Iwo Jima veteran to boot. That makes my blood boil. This website, and the mission of this org, is dedicated to the memory of a Marine who fought on Iwo Jima (my Father-in-Law, John Adams). See our right hand side bar, about half way down the page, for the site dedication, just below the abbreviated list of orders we will not obey.

      The word “hero” is thrown around all too much in modern America, but it damn well fits any man who fought on Iwo Jima. We WILL place a color guard on this hero’s lawn, and if needed, I will go to Texas and do it myself. – Stewart

  2. The horror of that one event in Texas is becoming a common event across the once-sovereign USA. Expect events of this type to become increasingly common in our “new-improved” diverse and multicultural USA.

    1. Don’t be shocked to learn that is was a white communist or “anarchist” who desecrated his flags. You can’t blame that on racial or cultural diversity. It’s the fault of the communists within who teach all American youth, of all races, to hate their own nation and its flag.

  3. To the extent we can take our eyes off the bouncing ball of the national and global spot-lights to train our focus on “local”, outrageous events like these will be fewer and far between. The best remedy to this sort of thing is strong County OK Chapters, CPT and Neighborhood Watch.

    1. Agreed. Speaking of which, a local Dallas are Oath Keeper Afghanistan combat vet is reaching out to Mr. Banks to offer our protection. I will let you all know if we get a green light on that. We consider it our duty and an honor to stand up an honor guard at this veterans home, watching over his flags and over him, if he wants it. He gave all way back on Iwo, losing his eyesight to a flare in combat at the age of 20. The least we can do is put in some time to protect him and ensure his peace now, at this advanced age of 92. And God help any bastard who tries to desecrate his flags while we are there. Let’s hope he says “yes.”

      1. Thanks Stewart and TX Oathkeepers ! I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of this great, patriotic organization. If we are allowed to serve I will be packing my bags for a trip to the Republic. Thanks to USMC vets for providing an honor flight, all expenses paid so this American treasure can travel to D.C. to be near the memorials built for great men like him. As a Gulf War I combat vet, I was fortunate to have the privilege of accompanying my late father, Korean War vet on an honor flight last year before he passed. The trip of my life. Let’s make sure D.C. vets know Mr. Banks is traveling there. Thank you again Stewart for your rapid response and for letting us know how e can help. I will keep my thoughts on these low lifes to myself…I have too much respect for this organization to air them here. Let’s Roll !

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