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‘Run the Rock 2020’ Campaign Counting on Citizenship Malpractice

‘Run the Rock 2020’ Campaign Counting on Citizenship Malpractice
The biggest joke may be if he’s not joking, and if voters would back him primarily because they’re “fans.”

“A campaign committee has formally filed to draft actor and former WWE wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for president,” The Hill reported Monday. “’Run the Rock 2020,’ the name of the official organization, was filed on behalf of Johnson with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Sunday, according to FEC records.”

The performer has joked about running for president on Saturday Night Live and even hinted in a GQ Magazine interview that he might consider it, but there is no indication he has sanctioned this effort filed by a West Virginia man with no known connections to the celebrity.

There’s also no indication on where Johnson stands, constitutionally and politically.  He describes himself as an “Independent,” which makes calculated sense if the goal is to draw as large an audience and alienate as few as possible.  Addressing both the Republican and Democrat conventions in 2000 shows a business eye to playing both ends against the middle, but does not speak to “rock solid” convictions.

Still,  that tells us nothing about what Johnson believes, what he would advance and what he would impose controls over if given the power to do so.

Where does he stand on the right to keep and bear arms? How about on cultural terraforming, which can enable all kinds of citizen disarmament via an electorate that will empower legislators to enact infringements, and ensure court appointments that will uphold them?

What about the oath?

His call for “a commitment to diversity, inclusion, community, open-mindedness” makes  it fair to wonder if he means the same thing by that as Obama meant by “fundamental transformation.”

Conversely, there’s plenty of indication on where Kenton Tilford, the person behind the FEC filing, stands. Per his reported LinkedIn profile, he’s a “progressive” apparatchik, having worked on several Democrat campaigns as well having been a field organizer for Obama for America.

That may not matter, as the campaign is unsanctioned by Johnson and may just be a way for Tilford to gain professional attention as an organizer who can attract publicity. And that’s something the media is more than happy to accommodate him with, as a Google News search for the terms “The Rock” + president  yields innumerable returns, many about the campaign he reigstered.

The wishful thinking on the part of “progressives” (like odious, publicity-seeking Michael Moore) who viscerally hate Donald Trump (and his platform supporters) and would vote for anyone, anything (even a rock!) to replace him is strong. And there’s desperation that the Democrat party can’t come up with an acceptable standard bearer, what with Hillary still making noises on behalf of the establishment, while the younger blood demands a radical that just won’t play outside of the most left-leaning strongholds.

Forgetting all of that – and the real concern – are the numbers of Americans commenting under articles and on social media posts enthusiastically urging Johnson to run.


‘Run the Rock 2020’ Campaign Counting on Citizenship Malpractice
Does he really approve of this?

How could anyone do so without good indications of where the man stands, and importantly, what he understands about the Constitution? Americans willing to hand over near total power based on being fans of a movie star no doubt have opinions, and those opinions are again no doubt utterly uninformed (not to mention in the case of some delusional fans, demonstrably insane).

That spits on the memory of everyone who sacrificed up to “the last full measure of devotion” defending a system of representative government  “established and ordained” for reasons none of them could probably even recite, let alone grasp the significance of.

If The Rock ever does get serious about running for public office, it will be incumbent on him to explain his understanding of limited powers and unalienable rights, and to make known what he hopes to accomplish and where such authority is delegated. Useful idiot “progressives” may be happy ceding control of their lives to a Scorpion King, but some of us hold those we consider leaders worthy of following to higher standards.

The takeaway from all this: It’s not really about Johnson at all – he’s merely incidental to the real issue.  It’s about heirs to the Blessings of Liberty throwing away their birthright, and in doing so betraying ourselves and our Posterity.

Observations by Mr. Adams and Mr. Adams come to mind.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. The guy is a fake. As a WWE wrestler he was absolutely a fake and as an actor being fictitious is also a fake. What’s real about this guy??

    1. Not eligible to be president because he is not a US citizen ? Hmmm, just like that anti American Muslim Kenyan imposter Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah that destroyed this country for 8 painful years……in today’s “environment”, one can never say never…..!

  2. Anyone that votes for this guy needs their head examined. he would turn the US A into a third world country and part of the Islamic NWO. with the citizens totally unarmed and unable to defend them selves from those that would harm them .

  3. NO WAY, DWAYNE. If we were stupid, maybe, but we’re not. So take your campaign and walk it back!

  4. After the news that the GOP is keeping Obamacare those that pay attention are at the point that there is really no difference between a DEM and REPUB in DC. The deep state has DJT tied up in Russiagate and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the meme was generated by either or all of the FBI, CIA, NSA. The country as we knew it is dead. The Constitution is shredded and only total economic collapse or the NORKS will give the US a chance to rise from the ashes. We have been destroyed from within without a shot fired. RIP America.

  5. Dwayne Johnson for President ? ****YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME !**** / If this is all we have to count on to lead this country, we are even in worse shape than I thought we were. Tell you what I will do. I will enter my female Rotweiller, “Roxy” for President and we will see how that works out for the dumbed down voters
    in this country. OMG !

  6. We don’t need another celebrity president. We got that with AHnold. How’d that work out? We all wondered how he could live with Maria Schriver. Well, we found out didn’t we? Not much difference between the two. Then, thanks to Alex Jones, there are ties to much more sinister stuff.I’m sure while he looks really cool, The Rock won’t be any different and if we get him as president, there will be Soros ties just for starters.

  7. Ain’t no doubt: progressive means progressive. Always progressing to more cultural change for the worse and more dependance on government till there are no more resources to tap. We are in deep doo doo and must start and continue digging our way out from under.
    Oh, has anyone noticed the new laws in Texas on guns, knives and clubs?. If you are under 18 years old or off your premises you could step into it deeply, maybe even a felony rap. In the second grade, most of us boys carried pocket knives and often played mumbly peg on the school playground. This will not enhance security, but it will reduce liberty to making of liberty an old and outworn joke.

  8. What a joke! The delusional Liberal Left relied on Hollywood celebrities to promote Hillary and it failed miserably. This scheme will also fail. Americans are sick of Hollywood celebrities. They have made a joke of themselves and the true working class Americans are tired of being preached to by stupid Hollywood actors. Time for a new era in America of true leadership!

  9. I know that probably but a few know nothing of the US Constitution other than a faded relic gone by, but every one taking the oath of office still takes this oath. I mean why even bother no one would mention it or miss it, except for the vast minority in this country. My thoughts are that every citizen should understand it, take an oath to it and abide by it. This would make elections so much simpler, no Democrat and somewhere in the 90 percentile range of the Republicans would be uneligable. to run with out facing treason,. Our electoral process for all intensive purposes is now dead.I ask you is it really worth fighting for when the odds of winning would be slim to none?

  10. Lawrence James
    I am upset and sometimes infuriated at the lack of ethical and even criminal behavior in our national politics. In 2018, I am voting for anyone who supports Donald Trump, and in 2020 I am voting for him and anyone – of whatever party – who supports him. There are many like me who, lacking a national voice, are drowned out by the MSM and the Soros paid criminal hordes, etc. And those who treat globalism as inevitable (are you listening John McCain, etc.?) I may sound naive but I have lived through the best of what America has been and cry inside when I contemplate how our public schools are “educating” nothing about that to our children.

  11. As our American Nostradamus Mike Judge foresaw, the American presidency is ultimately destined to be occupied by a string of celebrity professional wrestlers. This he prophesied in his masterwork, “Idiocracy,” which tells you all you need to know about America’s future.

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