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REMINDER: Free Premiere of MAINSTREAM Part 2 “Corrupting Images” this weekend.

A Critical Look at How the Cultural Marxist-Infested Movie Industry

Destroys the Family Unit,

Causes Strife Between Men and Women,

Confuses Children About Their Sexuality,

and Profits off of Violence and Divorce.

“Corrupting Images” also Goes Into Industry and Union Discrimination and How a ‘Control Group’ Has Maintained Power for Over 100 Years Pushing a Global Socialist Agenda.

The world premiere for “Corrupting Images”, the second installment of “MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda” will run from 19 July 2017 until 26 July 2017 at 11 pm Pacific.

World Premiere: MAINSTREAM Part 2 — ‘Corrupting Images’ — a James Jaeger Film

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MAINSTREAM Part 1 — ‘Moving Images’ — a James Jaeger Film

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Donations for production of Part 3 are now being accepted at

An anonymous donor is matching donations up to $10,000 total.

Help us get the word out about the media’s globalist agenda!

The mainstream media certainly won’t do it!




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  1. Very interesting and very Prophetical. To the brothers and sisters that are true believers in Jesus Christ as Lord you will be going home soon. Praise the Lord.c.

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