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We’re Not Going To War With Russia! Calm Down!

We're Not Going To War With Russia! Calm Down!

There are people who live in fear that we will go to war with Russia. I for one am doubtful. I think it is just fear porn. The economy is being steadily driven down, by the Elite, (we know that), but wars can be unpredictable, and the Elite would take a big chance starting a major war. Why take the chance of a full-on nuclear war? They don’t want to destroy everything. After all, they plan on living, too. Small wars have worked well for them, so why change the way they do things? In the following video, Zach, from An American Homestead, tells his viewers to chill out, and stay calm. Rather than spend time and energy worrying about the Russians, he encourages his viewers to concentrate on preps, and on developing useful skills.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I agree, with a slight adjustment: central bank, yes, but specifically maintaining the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. We buy cheap goods from overseas with dollars (many of which are created by tapping on a keyboard at the Eccles building) and they are forced to buy oil with those dollars (or treasuries, US goods, US real estate, etc).

    As far as free trade, Trump is pretty clueless. I mean he had to look long and hard to find that clown peter navarro to agree with his mercantilist trade policies. Question: why do two people exchange goods on an open market? Answer: because BOTH parties feel they will be better off after the deal. Yes, it is true that, in the short run, some workers may be hurt. But if you made that argument strictly for the last 300 years, we’d be driving around on gravel roads with horse and buggy and our grocery stores would probably look like Cubas. Even if you disagree with all of that, do you really think Washington bureaucrats are going to determine a better trade deal than the actual owners of the businesses selling those goods? Makes no sense.

  2. If you look at Revelation 9-18 you will see that one third of the human race will die at this time. What is even more interesting is that it starts from the river Euphrates.Where did all of these things start from since 9-11? Bushes banker war, Iraq, Iran, Syria and who is sided with Syria and Iran? And we (not me , but the US) are sided on the other side. So if you take all of this,shake it up and roll the dice we (America) could very well see our selves in the middle of a genuine nuclear WWIII. And Don’t forget the kings of the rising of the sun, N.Korea, China, India etc. Well I am not trying to be a fear monger, but I do believe the Bible. Now how all of this plays out, I am not sure, but the pieces on the chess board from the way I see it, are all laid out.I hope I am wrong.

  3. Oh Ya, If I am right and this is the time of God’s judgement on all of or if He leaves a remnant to care for real refuges. like European , African etc. Jews and Christians. And my family is turned to dust in our beds. I will fear not for the Lord is my Shepard and He can be yours too. Just repent of your sins, (we are all sinners) turn to Him and call upon His name and you will be present with the Lord.

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