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North versus South When You are Homesteading

North versus South When You are Homesteading

North versus South When You are Homesteading

There are huge differences for homesteading between North and South. Most people would recognize there are differences, but the magnitude of those differences can be overwhelming.

In this three-video series, Danny, at Deep South Homestead, in southern Mississippi, talks with Julie, of Dirtpatcheaven, from the high mountain desert area of Idaho, about the many differences in practices throughout Spring, Summer and Fall.


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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Shorty. I mean no disrespect, but OK’ers is where I came to get the news. You guys used to have plenty of it. but you waited until you had as many of the facts as possible, and I appreciated that. Now it seems like most of the articles are about farming,and that is fine. But what is really going on? I know that many of the writers and staff are no longer here.( I don’t know why) I am not looking for sensationalism, but are things going well in the Republic now? Sorry, just wondering. Happy 4th.

    1. Charlie,

      I have been posting articles on homesteading, because homesteading is being prepared and as self-sufficient as possible. It is a logical extension of CPT. Being able to raise, slaughter and preserve animals, and growing crops, is an extension of prepping. What happens when your stored food runs out? It will, eventually. What then?
      As for how the Republic is going: Just look at the National debt, not the Stock Market for your answer. The Stock Market is being propped up to give the appearance of prosperity. Retail is crashing. Hundreds, if not thousands of stores are being closed. Real unemployment is very high. The figures put out by the Government do not include those long-term unemployed who have used up their benefits. Public schools are turning out dumbed-down, indoctrinated snowflakes. The cities with the highest per student costs have the poorest test results. Thank God more parents are homeschooling their children.
      Shall I go On? Or do you get the picture?


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