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MAINSTREAM – Media And the Globalist Agenda – Documentary Film Part Two


How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media

Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda

Progress Report

11 July 2017  


Thanks to your support, we now have completed MAINSTREAM Part 2 – “Corrupting Images.”

We are going to premiere Part 2 on Wednesday, 19 July 2017, starting at 8PM Eastern and running until Sunday, 23 July 2017, at 11PM Eastern.  The URL to screen Part 2 is  If you haven’t yet seen Part 1, you can watch it at that URL at any time.

Hopefully you will enjoy MAINSTREAM Part 2 – “Corrupting Images” and learn more about Hollywood and the motion picture industry.  All of your screen credits are up-to-date and they will be displayed at the end of Part 2 on the premiere date.

We still need to complete Part 3 and eventually Part 4 of this 4-Part Mini Series. So one step at a time.  If you see merit to Part 1 and Part 2 (when released), please help us get Part 3 done by donating at  You can donate now, during or after the premiere.

Remember, an anonymous donor is matching your donations dollar-for-dollar and your donations are cumulative as far as screen credit recognition.

These things said, I DO have to inform you that the production Budget is flat out of money, so no further work can be done unless there are donations.  We do not need a lot to complete this series and you can see where money must be allocated by a review of the Script and the Budget.(2)   

Hopefully you will be able to watch both Parts and/or the Trailers and see why MAINSTREAM is the most extensive documentary ever produced on the Hollywood movies and the New York media to date — and why it needs to be completed.

If you are of means and can afford to donate $500 or more, that will really get things moving.  For a limited time, the producers will consider donations of $500 a double donation and grant an Executive Producer screencredit in the end titles.  Donations above $1,000 will garner a prominent screencredit positioned in the MAIN credits of the documentary series and will be featured on all four Parts.  Details are at the donation URL.     

To give you a small preview of what’s in Part 2, here are a few exerpts:

Excerpt 1 – Pastor Baldwin/Sam Chew

Excerpt 2 – John McManus/Edwin Vieira  

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Excerpt 3 – Stewart Rhodes/G. Edward Griffin

The producers continue to sincerely feel the Mainstream Media is a subject that needs to be confronted.  As you are probably aware, the Trump Administration is battling with the MSM every day.  What’s missing in this battle is a comprehensive understanding of the history and anatomy of the MSM that causes it to act in the foolish and destructive ways it acts.  MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda — the series YOU are helping create — will provide to the American People that understanding.

With your help, MAINSTREAM will be our 8th documentary relating to Constitutional principles.  The 7 previous films were essentially suppressed, ignored or invalidated by the Mainstream Media.  These documentaries — all up on the Net for free — were about the Federal Reserve System, the right to keep and bear arms, third political parties, the original intent of the Founders, the outsourcing of the U.S. manufacturing base, the destruction of the Family Unit.  These are All subjects one would expect the Mainstream Media to champion.  The fact that they didn’t proves that there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with the Mainstream Media.

MAINSTREAM Part 2 – “Corrupting Images” turns up the heat.  The Media Trolls on the Bridge to Liberty will NOT be pleased, however all freedom-loving Americans WILL be pleased.  So remember, if you pray for somebody else to speak out or defend our Liberties — realize YOU are somebody.





1) Because hundreds of people are watching MAINSTREAM and the other 7 documentaries every day, word about the Mainstream Media, the Second Amendment, the Militia System and the U.S. Constitution are getting out.  To facilitate this effort, I hope you will forward this email to your family, friends and associates and encourage them to donate so we can complete Part 3 of MAINSTREAM.  Look at Part 1 which we have so far completed and imagine the rest of the series done and circulating in the public domain driving the Media Trolls in the Swamp wild.

 2) If you look at the Budget that we have been producing MAINSTREAM and the other documentaries on and then review the article entitled — How Much Does a Documentary Cost to Make — I think you will be amazed at the production value we have accomplished per donor-dollar.  This is made possible because all of us involved are producing a labor-of-love that will benefit our country and promote the Constitutional Principles that make it exceptional.