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Jury Questions Threaten to Derail Prosecution in Bunkerville Retrial

by Shari Dovale   

The jurors in the Bunkerville Retrial have been allowed the option to question each witness in the case. They are availing themselves of this option more and more each day.

It is interesting because they have not been directly instructed as to what they can, and cannot, ask the witnesses. This is a direct contradiction of how Judge Gloria Navarro has treated the defense.

The defense attorneys have been instructed they are not to bring up BLM activities, or any possibility of misconduct on their part. Dan Love is not to be mentioned in the courtroom, as he is “not relevant”.

The defense cannot discuss the videos of Margaret Houston being thrown to the ground or Ammon Bundy being tasered. The defense cannot discuss the ‘First Amendment Area” the government attempted to force people into. No mention of Dave Bundy’s arrest or subsequent treatment.

There is to be no mention of Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins statements, including folks from Utah are a bunch of “inbred bastards” and if we are coming to Clark County NV to support Cliven Bundy we all “better have funeral plans”.

There is to be no mention of the BLM destroying Cliven Bundy’s water tanks, and no videos of the massive military-style compound the BLM set up for this operation. There is to be no mention of Federal Cattle Rustling.

The jurors have not heard these instructions. However, they appear to be paying attention and they seem to understand that they are not being given the full story.

Their questions have questioned the truthfulness of some prosecution witnesses, as well as wanting to know who was in charge of this whole operation. And, they have asked about the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of the second amendment.

Some of the jurors questions indicated they did not believe Sgt Shannon Serena’s account of “Officers being held at gunpoint.” Additionally, they didn’t seem too impressed with Ranger Alexandra Burke, or her constant tears.

Judge Navarro seems to be understanding the jury’s disbelief because she keeps jumping in to “clarify” testimony and questions for the jury’s benefit. In actuality, it seems that she is just trying to lead them down the prosecution’s path

Navarro does not stop assisting AUSA Myhre, and their latest attempt seems to be finding a way to manipulate the defense into turning over their closing statements to the government for review before they are given. They are going to call it sanctions for bad behavior in court.

Navarro does not want it mentioned that bad behavior is being shown by the prosecutors, including their comments to a witness, in front of the jury that stated, “People with guns got what they wanted!”

What will Myhre and Navarro attempt to slip past this jury tomorrow?

From Redoubt News

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